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Chapter Twenty-Four

“When will my daughter wake?”

“We don’t know sir, soon hopefully”

“The baby…Is he ok?”

“He’s premature, he seems strong, but we can’t guarantee anything right now”

“Dad, sit down and let the doctor work”

My eyes flutter open as I see my Dad and Toby in the room with the doctor from before I passed out.

“Dad…” I groan.

“Kat!” Toby calls out before rushing to my side.

“The baby…” I whimper.

“He’s in the NICU right now, they are taking care of him.” Toby assures me.

“How are you feeling Miss Smoak?” The doctor asks.

“I hurt all over” I groan

“We had to give you a c-section to get him out, you’ll be sore for a while. I’ll set you up some pain medications” the doctor nods and walks out.

“Tell me someone is with my baby” I cry.

“Bobby, Lucy and Jasmine are up there” Toby nods.

“You scared me baby girl” Dad says coming to my side taking my hand in his.

“I can’t lose him Daddy” I whimper.

“You won’t, he’s strong” Dad says.

“Super cute too, even if he is early” Toby smiles.

“I want to see him”

“Soon” Dad answers.

“There’s a lot of people out there waiting to hear how you are Kat, I’ll be right back little sis” Toby kisses my head and leaves the room.

“You’ve done so well Katrina. I’m so sorry I left you all. I’m so sorry about what you’ve been through because of me and my actions. I can never take it back, but I will never leave you again. I promise to be here from now on, no matter what…Plus Connor threatened to kill me himself if I betrayed you all again. Good kid that Connor” Dad chuckles.

“He won’t need to kill you I’ll do it myself. He’s great” I smirk and hiss when I try to sit up and feel the painful pull on my stomach.

“Be careful, love” He says helping me sit up.

“I come baring people who refused to sit in the waiting room any longer” Toby comes into the room with a crowd of people as I giggle.

Connor, Mason, Travis, Lila, Nathan, Lucy and Bailey all piled in.

“Thank god you’re ok!” Lucy cried as she hugged me.

“Careful Lucy, she’s sore” Dad warns as she releases me a little.

“The baby? Any updates?” Bailey asks.

“He’s stable for now” Toby answers.

“Will you stop scaring us all Kat” Connor walks up to me and kisses my head.

“I’m sorry” I sigh.

“Kat…Do you want to see a picture of him?” Toby smiles as he gets a text.

“What?! Yes!” I cry out as he sits beside me and gives me the phone as I notice Jasmine had sent him the image of my baby boy.

He was so tiny with wires over his body. I cried, he was beautiful, but too early, I was so scared.

“Can I see?” Connor asks as I pass the phone.

“Well shit… That’s a Kingsley boy alright” Mason smiles as he peers over his brothers shoulder.

“Do you think so?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, he’s got Oliver’s nose right there” Connor smiles.

I end up sobbing, my baby boy was here and if they were right, Oliver was his dad, that was so much better than Luke. But I still missed him.

“Have you thought of a name?” Lila asks.

“She’s not been awake long Lila” Travis laughs.

“Oh come on, all soon to be parents have a list of names they like before the baby is born” Lila rolls her eyes.

“Ollie…Ollie Benjamin Smoak” I answer with a smile at the photo.

“Perfect” Connor smiles at me.

“Hello! We come baring a gift!” Jasmine walks in as Bobby follows with a nurse behind him pushing a box with my baby in it as I cry.

“Oh my god!” I cry with happiness as the nurse smiles.

“This little one needs some mummy bonding time. I’ll put him on your chest, just be careful of the wires” the nurse says as I nod.

“Oh Kat, he’s beautiful” Lila gushes.

“Hi baby boy” I whisper as the nurse places him on my chest.

“We’ll give you some time together. Come on kids!” Travis kisses my head as they all take turns to say goodbye.

My Dad, however, doesn’t move and sits right beside me.

“Can’t get rid of me now cupcake” He smirks as he calls me the nickname he used to when I was little.

Day by day Ollie was getting stronger and my pains were beginning to subside.

Dad still hadn’t left my side as he tried to make up for the past, but he was beginning to get on my nerves as he was stuck to me like glue.

“Toby, I swear if he stays here with us one more day, I am going to kill him” I groan as he had popped to grab some food from the canteen.

“At least he’s making up for lost time” Toby shrugs.

“He’s done it now he can go home” I roll my eyes as I pick up baby Ollie carefully.

“Oh come on Kat” Toby groans.

“It’s been eight weeks! He can go home and spend time with you guys” I smirk.

“You’ll be home soon anyway the doctor gave Ollie the all clear didn’t he?” Toby smiles. He was right, Ollie had been looked at and he was becoming a strong and healthy baby boy as he put on weight day by day.

“Yeah, he says he wants him here at least one more week and if he’s still ok after that then he can come home as long as Travis is on hand”

“That’s fantastic Kat” Toby grins.

“I come baring snacks!” Dad walks in with a pile of food as I groan.

“Dad will you just go home, I am eating enough, you don’t need to keep feeding me!” I laugh.

“You need to eat you’ve got to feed the baby too” He says placing the food on the table.

“Dad…I can feed myself. Now go home!” I order as he sighs.

“I said I wouldn’t leave you again”

“There’s not leaving me like you did before and then there is sticking to my side like glue. You’re swamping me, dad, I already said I forgive you. Now go spend some time with your boys. Me and Ollie will be home next week” I sigh giving him a hug.

“Ok…I get it, I just wanted to make sure my girl and make sure my grandchild is healthy” Dad sighs.

“I know dad, but you have more family than just me. I need time with Ollie myself, I haven’t had a moments peace with him” I smile.

“Ok, I’ll head home today, spend some time with the boys” He nods as Toby rolls his eyes.

“Great…” He groans and I burst out laughing.

“Go play nicely with dad won’t you Toby” I wink.

“Nathan is going to love it” He smirks. Nathan was still angry with our father.

“Kaaatttt” I hear a voice call as someone enters the room.

“Bailey!” I smile as she hugs me and coos over Ollie in his bed.

“Hey baby-mumma, how’s Ollie doing?” She asks.

“He’s doing well, getting bigger by the day, we should be home by next week” I smile.

“That’s great Kat. Nathan is driving us around the bend” She laughs.

“Oh really? You’ve been spending time with him a lot then” I smirk.

“Yeah…Uh…He asked me out yesterday” She smiles.

“So you decided girls weren’t for you then” I laugh.

“Yeah…Sorry Kat” She murmurs.

“Don’t apologise for wanting to confirm your sexuality, I’m not going to hold it against you. I will say this though, you’re a great kisser” I wink, and she laughs blushing.


“So, has anyone seen Connor?” I ask as everyone goes quiet.

“Kat he disappeared again” Toby sighs and my smile drops.

“I’m going to kill him” I sigh.

“You know it’s difficult, he runs a gang Kat” Dad sighs.

“Yeah, great…He promised me he wouldn’t just disappear anymore.” I roll my eyes.

“He’ll come back he always does” Bailey says.

“Why do I always go for the bad boys?” I groan.

“Because they are smoking hot. How are things with you and Mason?” Bailey winks.

“We’re talking, it’s not the same anymore but it’s a step in the right direction. You know he’s dating Jenny now right?” I answer.

“That slut…Really…I hope he knows she’s sleeping with half the office” Bailey laughs as I look at her in shock.

“You’re joking”


“He’s a big boy, he can deal with it himself” Toby groans, he still didn’t like Mason for everything that had happened.

“He should know what he’s dealing with at least Toby” I reply.

“I’ll talk to him” Dad sighs, he and the Kingsley boys had gotten really close, he talked to both of them all the time.

“Good, now go home and take Toby with you” I smirk.

“That’s charming little sister” Toby laughs but kisses my head as Dad hugs me and leaves with my brother.

“Thank god” I breathe as Bailey laughs.

“Took him long enough to leave didn’t it”

“Eight fucking weeks…” I roll my eyes, picking up Ollie and hugging him to my chest as he feeds from my breast while I sit on the bed.

“So…How are things between you and Connor?” She asks.

“Honestly…I don’t know. I’m so confused right now with him. He kisses me like he’s running out of air and then he disappears. He says he loves me and yet we shouldn’t be together, so I don’t know how to feel Bailey” I sigh.

“He runs a pretty mean gang Kat, maybe he’s just trying to keep you safe. Plus what with Mason and the baby being Oliver’s, maybe he’s worried about things going wrong too”

“I’m fed up with people trying to keep me safe and running off to do so. If he wants to do that he should do it by staying here with me!” I cry which makes Ollie scream as I rock him, trying to quieten him.

“I know Kat, I know. He’ll come back. Why don’t you send him a photo of the little one, maybe that will draw him back, I saw the way he looked at him, his eyes lit up” Bailey says

“It might work…” I say as I manage to settle Ollie back to the breast once more.

“Putting a bit of breast in the picture might help too” Bailey smirks as I get my phone and take a picture.

“Something has to work” I sigh as I send the image to Connor with a message ‘Little Ollie misses you and so do I, he’s grown so much. Come home Kat xx’.

“So, how’s work?” I ask.

“So busy, people can’t stop talking about you though, they all want to see the baby born of Smoke” She smiles.

“Has Mason been fighting?” I ask.

“He’s come in a few times, won every match so far, as usual. Nathan’s been fighting too, he’s so good up there and it makes me weak at the knees watching him. He’s also been teaching me a few moves” She says excitedly.

“I bet he is” I wink as she giggles.

“Will you come back to the ring?”

“Oh yeah, once I’ve trained up a bit again and little Ollie is stable, maybe in a year, but I will come to the club sometimes, Lila said she would baby sit and so did Jasmine” I smile.

“I can’t wait to see you fight” Bailey smiles.

“Talking of fights…Won’t you be late for work” I point to the clock as her eyes widen.

“Oh shit! Message me Kat! Take care of yourselves!” She kissed my cheek and runs out as I giggle.

Finally I had peace and quiet with my baby boy as I cuddled up with him on the bed.

I hum the lullaby my mother would hum to me and my brothers when we were small as Ollie fell asleep in my arms. He was adorable, he was definitely a Kingsley, he had his daddy’s nose and their bright blue eyes.

Connor: He’s beautiful like his mother. Do not tease me Katrina. I will be home soon, I promise. I miss you all. But please, find someone else to love, do not wait for me. I cannot give you the life you need. Take care Smokey Baby x

Kat to Connor: I should be able to choose what life I want to live. I want a life where I have someone I love, and my little boy needs someone to love him too. What life do you think I need? I need someone to love me as I do them. Be there for me and my child and be a family. I don’t ask for much, just come home. Kat x

Connor: I can’t Kat, I have a gang to take care of, it’s too dangerous, I won’t risk your life or Ollie’s. Move on Katrina. There are better people out there to lean on x

Kat to Connor: Could you really watch me kiss another? To love another… I’ve been at risk of danger for years. It’s not going to stop now. Stop making choices for me!

Connor: I don’t have a choice Kat!

Kat: Why?

Connor: I can’t say…Just move on…Find love elsewhere but know that I would die for you, no matter what. Call on me if you need me.

I take my phone and call him.

“Kat…What are you doing?” He breathes down the phone.

“You said call me if you need me. I need you Connor, so much” I sigh.

“Kat…Please don’t do this, you know that’s not what I meant” He replies.

“Then why? Why can’t we be together?!” I cry.

“Because…Because I’m working off to pay your fathers debts!” He says as I’m sat in shock.


“I am working off his debt with The Motors so he can stay home and have nothing to do with them any longer.”

“I’m going to kill him…What do they have you doing?” I ask.

“It doesn’t matter Kat”

“Connor Kingsley! What are they making you do?!” I say sternly.

“Everything, killing, torturing, drug running, whatever they see fit” He huffs.

“For how long?”

“Five years” He answers.

“What was my father’s debt?!”

“He made a bet…Again” Connor grumbles.

“What were the stakes?”

“The fight between you and King…He bet you would win. If you won, he would have been free. If not he stayed, and they would one day get you…” Connor answers.

“He did it again!” I shout, my anger almost woke my baby.

“Kat calm down. If I don’t do this they will come after you. I won’t have them take you like Luke did!”

“And I won’t have you paying off my father’s bets!” I growl.

“Katrina, I would die for you”

“I don’t want you to die for me. I want you here by my side Connor” I cry.

“I’ll be home soon, and we’ll talk, but please, don’t do anything stupid. I love you Kat” He says.

“I love you too. Be safe Connor, come home to us” I say as he hangs up.

I was going to kill my father the boys will go crazy at him when I tell them.

I sat there crying as Ollie slept against me, I couldn’t believe my own father had used me in a bet again.

I decided to make a call.

“Hey Kat, how are you? Is everything ok?”

“Travis, we have a major problem” I sigh.

“Are you and Ollie ok?!” He exclaims.

“Yes, yes we are fine. It’s about dad”

“I’m at the house with him now…What is it? Should I get him?” He asks.
“No! Don’t! Connor and me, we talked…He’s working for The Motors right now…”

“Why would he do that? He’s head of The Kings…”

“Dad made another bet…”

“You what?! What did he bet Katrina?”

“He bet on the Smoke and King fight, he bet that if I won he would be released from them, he would owe them nothing. But they said if he lost he would still owe them, and they would get me…Connor found out and now he’s got to work for them doing literally anything, so they don’t come after me. Connor is paying my father’s debt! He’s trying to keep me safe because my father decided to bet with my life again!” I cry once more.

“I’m going to kill him” Travis growls.

“We have to get Connor out of this. They’ll get him killed!” I cry, knowing that The Motors were a bigger and stronger gang than his own.

“We’ll figure something out, I promise Kat. I need to deal with your father”

“Not without me. You don’t start without me” I utter.

“Fine. But we need to sort this soon.”

“We will. I just want to be home Travis, I can’t stand being on my own, I thought I wanted to be on my own with Ollie, but I can’t do this alone, I’m scared Travis” I cry.

“I’ll talk with your doctor, see if we can get you home this week instead, I’ll move in for a while if I need to. I’ll get Lucy to come over and be with you” He says

“Thank you” I cry.

“Don’t cry Kat, please sweetheart, everything will be ok”

“Thank you Travis” I say as he says goodbye and promises not to say anything without me and will ring Lucy and the doctor.

A few hours later I was pacing my room as Ollie was sound asleep in his cot when the door opens when both Travis and Lucy walk in.

“Travis!” I exclaim as I walk up to him and hug him tight.

“Do you want to come home?” He smiles.

“You got us permission to come home?!” I smile.

“Yes, but I’m moving in for a while, to keep an eye on you guys.”

“One issue…” I sigh

“What?” Lucy says from the cot where she’s cooing over Ollie.

“My father’s at home too…”

“What’s that got to do with it? I thought you two were ok now…” She raises a brow.

“Things have changed…”

“What did he do this time?” Lucy groans as she walks up to me and takes my hand.

“He used me for a bet again…And now Connor has taken over the debt…” I answer and her eyes widen.

“What?!” She shouts and wakes Ollie as he screams out and I run to him, picking him up and rocking him.

“Nice one Lucy” I groan as he now won’t stop screaming.
“My, my, what’s with all that noise?” The doctor comes in with a smirk with a wad of paperwork.

“Someone decided to shout” I roll my eyes as Lucy looks sheepish.

“Well, Travis here has promised me to look after you both so here are your discharge papers, if you can sign them and then you guys can go home” He smiles as I hold Ollie in one arm, taking the pen to sign the papers.

“Thank you Doc, for everything” I smile as he nods and takes the papers with him.

“Take care of them Travis” He chuckles as he leaves, saying goodbye to us all.

“Can we go home now?” I smile.

“Yes, but what do we do about your father and Connor?” Lucy says as she helps grab my things together and puts them into my bag.

“We’ll see if he will admit it himself…If not, I want him out” I say and Travis nods.

“Your brothers are going to be angry”

“Nathan might kill him” Lucy mumbles.

“He’ll have to get in line” I say kissing Ollie’s head and wiping his tears away.

I notice Travis looking at me with a funny look in his eye.

“What?” I smirk.

“You look like your mother, you’re a natural with him Kat” He smiles.

“I just hope I raise him right. I’m scared, I have no idea what I’m doing” I sigh.

“You’re doing amazing so far Kat, no parent really knows what they are doing, we all wing it” Travis laughs.

“Some better than others” Lucy adds.

“Yes, that’s true. But you can learn from others, mistakes and become a better parent”

“Are the others expecting me home?” I smirk as we walk out the hospital as I sigh with relief at the fresh air, I had barely been out of the hospital in weeks.

“No, we thought we would surprise them” Lucy smiles

I put Ollie into his car seat as I sat next to him on the way home, just gazing at his cuteness as I peek at Lucy taking photos of us.

“Lucy!” I laugh.

“I want to catch every moment, and the best photos are always the ones that are done without people knowing” She smirks.

“I look awful Lucy” I laugh.
“No you don’t you look gorgeous as always” She smiles.

Soon enough we are home but I’m excited and worried at the same time.

“Here we are baby boy, we’re home” I smile as I lift him out his seat.

“Let’s go surprise them shall we. Everyone is here by the looks of things” Travis smiles as I see all the cars.

He opens the front door and lets us in.

“Travis is that you?” Lila calls out as she comes out the lounge, when she spots me and Ollie she squeals in delight.

“Shh!” I put a finger to my lips, giggling quietly as she’s bouncing foot to foot.

“Is it Travis?” I hear Toby call out from the lounge.

“Oh it’s Travis alright” I say as I walk in to the lounge as everyone is sat on the sofas.

“Kat!” Bobby laughs as he bounds over the sofas and hugs us.

“Be careful of Ollie!” I warn as he kisses my cheek.

“Aunty Kat! Baby Ollie!” Mason giggles as he hugs my leg tight.

“What? How?” Jasmine smiles as I notice Lucy taking photos again.

“Did you miss me Kat?” Dad smirks from the sofa.

“Not at all” I frown.

“Give me my nephew!” Nathan calls out as he takes Ollie from my arms and pecks my cheek.

“Aaannnndddd there goes my child” I roll my eyes.

“How are you home so early?” Toby asks.

“Travis spoke to the doctor. He’s got to move in for a little while to keep an eye on us, but he allowed us home as Ollie is doing so well” I smile.

“Oh this is amazing!” Jasmine smiles as she stands to coo over Ollie over Nathan’s shoulder.

“Jacob, can we talk a moment, Kat and I need a word” Travis says as my dad nods and leaves the room.

“What’s going on?” Toby asks. I shake my head and leave the room.

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