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Chapter Twenty-Five

“So, what’s this about?” Dad asks in the kitchen as Toby follows me.

“Toby go back in the lounge” I order.

“No” He stands there and refuses to move.

“Fine. Dad, I’m going to give you one chance for the truth, do you understand?”

“The truth…What are you on about?”

“What have you got Connor doing for you?” I ask.

“I don’t know…what are you talking about?” Dad says as I eye Travis, he looks angry.

“Jacob, just tell us the truth” Travis shouts.

“Kat…What did he do?” Toby growls.

“Dad…Last chance” I snap.

“Connor isn’t doing anything he doesn’t want to do.” Dad snaps back.
“Really?! Why is he working for The Motors then? He has his own gang! Tell Toby why Connor is away from home, doing everything he’s told. Tell him!” I shout.

“Katrina enough” Dad growls.

“Dad what have you done?!” Toby snaps walking towards him, his face red with anger.

“I don’t have to take this shit” Dad says as he walks around the bar and goes to go past me as I grab him by the collar and slam him against the wall.

“You bet on me again! Now Connor is cleaning up your mess!” I growl as I hear Toby gasp. Nathan and Bobby walk out at this very moment as Nathan storms up to dad and slams his fist into his face.

“Nathan! Enough!” Travis stops Nathan from nearly killing our father.

“Tell us everything” Toby orders as I begin to explain all I knew as Dad was on the floor groaning.

“Dad what have you done…How could you do it again?!” Nathan shouts.

“Your sister was supposed to win…” he groans.

“Yeah and how did that work with Benji?” Bobby snaps.

“You’re going to fix this. You’re going to get me and Connor out of this” I add.

“There’s no way to do that” Dad groans.

“Find one!” I shout.

“Get out our house” Bobby snarls.

“What? Bobby you can’t do that, this isn’t your house…It’s Kat’s” Dad says cockily.

“Fine. Get the fuck out of OUR house. I want you out and I want Connor home and safe. You pay your own debt, work it out. But if I don’t get Connor back and you don’t deal with this, I’ll kill you myself” I snarl as I grab him by the collar as he stands, and I push him towards the door.

“Kat don’t do this. I’m your dad, you love me” He begs.

“My dad died years ago. MY DAD is standing in the kitchen. My dad is Travis. You are not my Dad. You are my biological father, but you are not my dad” I say as the others are peering out from the lounge.

“You don’t mean that. Travis is NOT your dad!” He shouts at me as he comes right in front of my face.

I can hear Ollie crying in the lounge and I want to go to him.

“Get out my house!” I shout.

He smacks my face hard as I fall to the ground.

The boys rush to him as the beat him down as Travis grabs me out of the way as Nathan smashes in his face.

“Travis call Connor and get him home. He’s not working for the Motors for this asshole anymore! We’ll give them HIM” Nathan growls as Travis checks my face and nods.

“Tie him up.” Bobby says as Toby grabs a few cable ties from the garage and stops our father from going anywhere.

I rub my face where he slapped me as I go into the lounge and take Ollie from Jasmine as she looks at me with concern.

“Hush little boy, it’s ok” I coo as I rock Ollie in my arms as tears begin to fall.

“Kat…I didn’t know what he had done…” Lila says.

“He’ll pay for it this time” I sigh.

“Katrina! I am your father! Let me go!” He shouts from the stairs.

“Girls, I’m going to need your help” I sigh.
“Anything Kat” Lucy answers.

“Look after Ollie while I deal with The Motors and my Dad” I answer.

“Of course, but you better not be going alone” Jasmine answers.

“I’m sure the boys will be coming too. Although, I’m going to ask Mason to stay with you guys, just in case”

“I don’t like this…” Lila murmurs.

“Neither do I but my dad decided to toy with my life again and I’m done with it. It ends now” I answer as Ollie finally calms down.

“I can’t get hold of Connor” Travis walks in with the boys in tow.

“Shit…Someone take Ollie for me” I say as Lucy grabs him carefully from me as I make my way out from the lounge.

“Kat let me go, I’m sorry, I’ll fix it, I swear” Dad begs.

“Where is Connor? Where can I find The Motors?” I ask.

“I don’t know where they sent him today. You are not going to their gang house!” he answers.

I stand and unlock the draw with my gun as I make sure it’s loaded.

“Toby shut the lounge door” I say as he nods and closes it so little Mason can’t see anything.

“You’re going to shoot your own father?!” Dad cries out.

“Where is Connor? Where is their gang house?” I growl pointing it at his head.

“Katrina…Please…” He begs.

“The last man that begged me died…You made a bet with my life again, you’ll pay, now where the fuck is Connor!” I hit him with the butt of the gun as he spits out blood.

“The old bike shop! They are in the old bike shop!” He shouts.

“Travis, call Mason and get him here, I want him with the girls and the kids while we go with dad to finish this” I say, and he nods.

Not long after Mason stormed into the house as he saw my dad on the floor, bleeding.

“My brother better be alive” He growls punching my dad again.

“Mason, don’t, we need him alive” I say grabbing his hand to stop him.

“You’re staying here Kat I won’t let you risk your life” He says.

“No. You are staying here and protecting my family. I’m going to go sort out my father’s shit with Toby, Nathan and Travis” I state.

“Then go get Connor’s guys to help.” Mason sighs.

“That’s actually not a bad idea” I nod.

I go into the lounge and kiss Ollie’s head.

“Be a good boy baby” I say as the girls hug me.

“You two boys better keep them safe” I add looking at Bobby and Mason.

“No one will touch them” Mason nods.

“Make sure you come home Kat” Bobby sighs and hugs me tight.

“We’ll be back, with Connor too” I add as I wave and the others hug goodbye too before we leave, chucking my dad in Nathan’s trunk.

I guide Nathan to The Kings gang house as I jump out and knock quickly.

“Woah…Smoke, what you doing here?” One asks.

“I need your help. My dad managed to get Connor into some shit with The Motors, I need back up just in case.” I said as he nods.

“Boys! We’re going on a trip! Ready up! Load up!” He shouts.

“What’s going on Craig?” Another comes up to him as I explain the situation to them both.

“Let’s go get the boss back” Craig says as a group of ten guys are loaded with guns and getting into cars as we head towards The Motor’s gang house.

“Stay in your cars, I’ll go in first on my own” I say through the walkie talkies Craig had given us.

“This feels like a bad idea” Toby whispers.

“It’s the only thing we have” I sigh as I get out the car, putting the walkie on my belt and my gun under my jacket.

I bash on the old door, although most of the place look abandoned the door was clean and you could tell people went inside daily as it was clean.

“Who the fuck are you?” A huge man covered in tattoos opens the door as I notice the gun on his belt.

“I’m looking for Connor from The Kings gang” I say.

“What the fuck would you want with him?” he booms.
“He’s paying a debt…I need to sort out that that stops right now” I say as he smirks.

“Oh really doll face. Now why would you do that?” He lets me into the room and shuts the door behind us.

“Because my father is Jacob and Connor is paying off my father’s debt. Now, can I see your boss?” I ask.

“You’re Smoke?” He looks at me in shock.

“Yeah, now where is your boss?” I growl as he laughs and leads me to an office upstairs.

“Yo! Daniel! We got Jacob’s daughter here for you!” The guys knocks and opens the door.

“Well, what a surprise…What can I do for you beautiful?” Daniel says. He a skinny runt of a guy in a smart suit and I can’t help but smirk, he doesn’t look like he would be head of a gang.

“You’re not the head of The Motors…” I laugh.

“What makes you think that doll face?” The guy behind me says.

“Because…you are” I turn to the tattooed guy as he smirks.
“Clever girl.” He winks as Daniel moves from his seat.

“So, firstly, where is Connor? And who the fuck are you?” I ask.

“He’s downstairs in the basement doing some work for me and I’m Tony doll face” He smirks.

“Well Tony, I’m here to make a deal. My father keeps using me as winnings on a bet and I’ve just about had enough. I want Connor out of here and my dad to pay for his own debt. Now I ask, what can I give you to give me back Connor and for you to no longer want me” I fold my arms.

“That is interesting. I’ve heard a lot about you…You’re an amazing fighter, ruthless killer and absolutely gorgeous. You are a prize to be had and you’re right in front of me” He smirks.

“Cut the crap, I have a child now so I can’t risk this shit. Now I have my father in the fucking trunk of my brother’s car. You’re welcome to him he can pay off his own fucking debt.” I growl as he just laughs at me.

“That just won’t do…Now if you were to work for me, I could cut down the time…Do everything I tell you…for…a year… or Connor carries on his five years AND I take your father”

“That’s not an option either” I snap.

I bring out my gun and aim at them.

“Put the gun down little girl” He growls.

“Take my father, you can do what the fuck you want with him, but you leave me, my family and friends alone” I snap.

“You haven’t got the guts kid” He laughs as I aim at his son Daniel and shoot him in the leg.

“Oh really? Try me”

“Little bitch!” He shouts as I seem him go for his own gun, but I shoot his arm and then into his chest as he wheezes.

“Get in here now!” I call through the walkies as I hear the boys burst into the building, shots firing throughout.

“You should have listened and made a deal” I say before shooting both guys in the head as I open the door, shots are going off everywhere as I creep down the hall.

“Come on Connor…Where are you?” I murmur as I head downstairs.

“Smoke move!” Craig shouts as I get to the bottom of the stairs and nearly get shot.

“Shit!” I duck as I rush over to where he and his guys are dodging bullets.

“What the fuck did you do?” Craig says.

“I shot their leader and son in the head…” I murmur.

“Smoke! Shit girl!” He laughs and continues shooting.

Then there’s a whistle and the shooting stops.

“Enough! The boss and his kid are dead! Stand down!” I hear someone shout.

“Is that…” I peer around the wall as I see Connor in the middle of The Motors gang.

“Come out with your hands up!” Connor shouts.

“Stay here” I tell Craig and he nods.

I put my hands up and come out from behind the wall.

“Connor” I whimper as his eyes widen.

“Jesus Christ! Kat! What the fuck!” He runs up to me and encases me in his arms.

“I needed to get you home” I cry.

“God damn it, and nearly getting killed was your answer! Did you shoot them?” He asks.

“Yeah…” I nod.

“God damn it Kat, do you know how these gangs work?” He asks.

“No, why?” I ask.

“The strongest become leader, you killed their strongest, which makes you the new leader of The Motors” He groans.

“What?!” I cry out.

“I told you not to do anything stupid! This counts!” He says.

“Connor who is the girl?” One of the guys booms up towards us, his gun pointing up at me.

“Smoke, nice to meet you too asshole” I growl.

“Stand down.” Connor snaps as he puts down his gun.

“This can’t be who shot the boss” The guy says snidely.

“Why not?” I glare at him.

“You’re just a little girl, just a baby maker” He laughs.

“Keep talking to her like that and I’ll shoot you myself” Connor growls.

“Enough! Your boss is dead, and I killed him. Therefore I’m in charge. Now Connor take the boys and go home, you’re done here. Get my dad out of the trunk and dump him inside before you go.” I order.

“I’m not leaving you here with these guys” Connor replies.

“How many of you are there?” I ask.

“Twelve right now” Connor answers.

“Get them all in the basement” I order as he looks at me confused.

“NOW Connor. If you stay you do what I say!” I snap.

“Fine.” He snaps and walks off as I turn back towards Craig and his men.

“Get my father out the trunk and bring him in. Do you have any fuel tanks?” I ask.

“Yeah a couple, why?” Craig asks.

“Because I’m burning this place to the ground. No gang no need for a leader” I answer as he looks at me in shock.

“You’re as crazy as they say” He laughs but nods and gets on with it.

“They’re all down there. What are you planning?” Connor caresses my face.

“Here you go boss lady” Craig drags my father in as he cries out.

“Toss him in with the guys downstairs. Is there anything important downstairs in the basement?” I ask.

“Just drugs, cash and a pit they torture in.” Connor answers.

“Anyone in the pit?”

“Yeah, but the guys a creep, kiddie killer” He says as I smirk.

“Put my dad down with him” order as Craig nods and chucks my father down into the basement as I hear the gang guys beating the shit out of him.

“Fuel?” I nod to Craig.

“What the fuck Kat?!” Connor exclaims.

“Craig, take Connor outside” I order.

“She’s not your boss. Remember that Craig” Connor growls.

“Sorry boss lady no can do” Craig shrugs and takes his men out the building towards my brothers that are still in the car.

“What are you doing Kat?” Connor asks.

“Ending it. No gang, no debt issue” I shrug as I begin pouring the fuel on the floor in front of the entrance just after I picked up a lighter I had found nearby.

“You’re going to kill them all! You shouldn’t be doing this! What about your dad?!” He holds my arms.

“My dad died. He’s not my dad anymore” I say without emotion as I shrug Connor off and finish pouring the fuel as it begins to trickle down the stairs.

“What the fuck is that?” One of the men say as they get to the bottom of the stairs.

“Better go Connor” I say as I light the lighter and drop it onto the fuel as I grab his arm and run out the building.

“Go! Now!” Connor shouts to his guys as Craig’s eyes light up with amusement as he sees the flames build and he winks at me.

“She’s a King alright” He laughs and gets into his car as they squeal off. Connor drags me into my brothers car as Nathan races off.

“What the fuck did you do?! Where’s dad?” Toby shouts at me.

“She fucking killed them all” Connor grumbles.

“What?!” Nathan shouts as he takes his eyes off the road for a second and nearly loses it as I shriek, and he gains back control.

“Focus on driving Nathan!” I shout angrily.

“You killed Dad?” Toby asks.

“No…The fire will” I answer.

“Katrina! Did you set those men on fire!?” Toby shouts at me.

“Thirteen more to add to the list” I sigh, leaning my head back.

“This is not what I had in mind Katrina! You weren’t supposed to turn up, kill the leader and his son, then burn the place to the ground! I would have found a way out!” Connor says angrily.

“What’s done is done.” I shrug.

“God damn it Kat! You’re not a murderer!” Nathan hits his wheel in anger.

“I guess Luke taught me a few things a little too well” I sigh.

“No more. You’re done.” Connor says.

“I’m done, unless my family is at risk” I point out.

“I can’t believe you just killed a whole gang…” Toby murmurs.

“You’re fucking crazy Kat…” Connor looks at me and I can see amusement in his eyes.

“You like it!” I point at him as he smirks.

“You just killed my opposition in one swoop…We’ve been against them for years…” He laughs.

“This isn’t funny dude” Toby grumbles as I just start laughing with Connor as he holds my hand tightly.

“You know half those men are killers right? Most are convicts, for things with women and children” Connor points out.

“You’re not serious…” Nathan says.

“Yeah…” Connor nods.

“I’m not happy you killed, but I AM glad it was that sort of gang… Except for dad…Shit Kat…You killed Dad” Nathan sighs as we pull up to the house, even Connor’s gang was with us as we pulled up, obviously waiting for orders from their boss.

“I’m sorry guys…” The tears begin to fall as the reality sets in.

“I need a fucking drink” Toby slams the door and heads indoors.

“He’ll get over it…” Nathan says as we get out and he hugs me tight.

“Will he? I just killed our dad…”

“He wasn’t the man we loved and knew before…he was risking your life Kat he was just as bad as them. He deserves it” Nathan kisses my head and goes indoors.

“Hey boss! So, is this pretty little thing joining us? She’s a badass!” Craig wanders up with a smirk.

“No she fucking isn’t. She’s done. She’s going back to her normal life and sticking to what she does best fighting and being with her loved ones” Connor growls as I laugh.

“Aww but come on! She’d make a great addition” Craig begs.

“NO! Now go home and clean up. I don’t want this back on us” He growls as Craig and the guys nod in submission.

“See you later Smoke!” Craig waves and winks as I giggle and wave them off.

“He likes you” Connor snarls.

“Are you jealous Connor?” I smirk as he puts his arms around me tightly.

“Fuck yes” He growls before taking my lips in his as my arms wrap around his neck as he lifts me and holds me against the car as my legs wrap around his waist.

“Not on my fucking car!” Nathan shouts from the doorway as I laugh, releasing Connor and flipping him off.

“We should go in” I laugh.

“Wait…Just one thing…” Connor smirks.


“I know you hate being owned and I don’t know how to word this any better, but know I don’t own you…But will you be mine?” Connor smiles.

“I wondered if you’d ever ask. Yes Connor…I’m yours” I smirk as he kisses me again hard as he picks me back up and wraps my legs back around him as he carries me into the house and slamming the door behind him.

He carries me up the stairs quickly before locking us in my room.

“You made Ollie cry” I groan as I hear my baby scream at the loud sounds.

“I’m sorry, but I need you” He growls lustfully as I smirk. He strips me quickly as we climb onto the bed.

“Fuck Connor” I moan as he enters me quickly.

We kiss passionately as we writhe around in the sheets. Lust and love mixed as one as we fuck on the bed with raw and passionate emotion.

“God damn baby” He breathes as we lay back exhausted.

“Katrina! Get your ass downstairs now!” Toby shouts from the stairs as I groan.

“Duty calls” I laugh as I kiss Connor hard and grab my clothes, getting dressed once more as he watches me from the bed.

“How did I end up with the sexiest woman ever?” Connor smirks.

“Katrina!” Toby shouts again.

“I’m coming!” I shout back.

“That’s just what you said a few minutes ago” Connor winks before getting dressed.

“You’re such an idiot” I laugh as he kisses me before I walk out the room.

“What the fuck were you doing…Oh…” Toby says as his eyes dart to Connor behind me and then my neck.

“Connor did you fucking give me a hickey?!” I growl as he chuckles.

“Sorry baby” He laughs as we make our way downstairs.

I put my gun down on the side and walk into the lounge where everyone just begins to stare.

“Nice of you to join us brother” Mason raises a brow before glaring at the hickey on my neck.

“Hi baby boy” I take Ollie off of Lila as I notice Lucy smirking at me.

“Don’t even start Lucy” I smirk as she holds her hands up.

“We’re coming live today from Macey’s Bike shop where a fire has erupted. Fire fighters are currently fighting the fire and believe that this may have been of gang related origins due to evidence found in the building upstairs where the fire has not yet reached. Eight men have been found so far but none were alive. Oh wait! It looks like they might be bringing out another!” The news is on tv as we all go silent.

“It looks like we have a survivor!” The reporter calls out as I look to Connor wide-eyed.

“Oh shit” I snap.

“Aunty said a bad word!” Little Mason shouts.

“Hey Mason, how about we go play upstairs” Lucy takes his hand and leads him out the room.

I watch the screen as the reporter zooms in on the body.

“We’ve just had a report that this is the only known survivor of this incident, officials will be working on who this is and how this happened.”

“How the fuck? Of all the guys to survive!” I shout.

“He escapes death again…” Travis grumbles.

“My dad’s a fucking escape artist. Now what? He won’t forgive me easily for this” I groan.

“We will deal with it” Connor sighs and pulls me close to him as he just watches me feed Ollie.

“Dude quit ogling my sister feeding her baby” Nathan growls.

“Now why would I do that? She’s beautiful, I can ogle her, she’s my girlfriend” Connor smirks and kisses me.

“Guys watch” Jasmine hushes us as we watch the screen once more.

“Quick update on the survivor we are afraid to report that the man in question has died from smoke inhalation. He did, sources report, say one word, daughter. Police are looking into who these men were and the cause of the incident. However it is believe that an accelerant was used and so it is likely to be a case of gang related arson. If anyone saw anything regarding this incident then they are asked to ring this number”

“He’s dead…” Bobby sighs.

“What happens when his dental records show he’s a man that was already pronounced dead?” Jasmine asks.

“I never thought of that” Toby grumbles.

“We get our stories straight. We were all home at the time, Kat and Ollie just returned home from hospital, so we were celebrating. We believed he was dead, and so will all be shocked to find he wasn’t.” Travis says.

“I’ll make sure my boys keep their heads down too. Play it safe. However, I need your gun Kat. If they find it they will trace it back to you and I can’t have that” Connor says as I nod.

“Gun is…shit…where the fuck did I put it?” I swear thinking back.

“You LOST your gun?!” Mason shouts.

“Shit!” I shout as I stand up quickly, keeping Ollie in my arm as I search around.

“Aunty Kat! Look what I found!” Little Mason shouts as he’s waving around my gun.

“Mason, put that down baby boy. Do not press any buttons” I tell him as he just looks at it.

“Oh my god! Baby boy! Put that down!” Jasmine cries out as she finds us on the landing up-stairs.

“Mason, put it down” I say calmly.

“I don’t want to! I want to play with toy gun!” He screams stomping his foot.

“Mason! Where did you go buddy? Oh no!” Lucy races out and stops as she notices the gun.

“Mason that’s not a toy buddy” I tell him.

“Bang! Bang!” He shouts as I flinch as his aim is near me.

“What the hell? Mason!” Toby rushes up the stairs.

“Daddy I found a toy gun!” Mason chuckles.

“It’s not a toy! Mason please give me it, it’s real and very dangerous” Toby moves closer.

“No! My toy!” He screams and moves back.

“Kat take Ollie downstairs” Jasmine says as I look at them in panic.

“This is my fault…Mason please give daddy your gun” I cry.

“Aunty Kat no cry!” Mason waves his hand towards me and his finger inches further to the trigger.

“Mason I’ll stop crying if you put the gun down for me baby” I answer.

“No! My TOY!” He shouts as his finger hits the trigger and the gun sends him flying as it shoots.

The bullet hits my arm as I’m sent flying with Ollie in my arms as we fall down the stairs. I try to protect Ollie with my arms around him, using my body as a barrier.

“Kat! Mason put it down!” Toby shouts as I hear scrambling upstairs.

“Katrina!” Travis, Connor and King rush to my side.

“Ollie” I sob as Travis takes him from my arms.

“He’s not crying Travis, why isn’t he crying?” I sob as Connor holds gauze to my arm as he and King move me carefully to assess my own damage.

“Kat?!” Toby rushes down the stairs as he has the gun in hand as I hear Mason crying up on the landing.

“I…I…I thought it was a toy.” Mason cries.

“TRAVIS what the fuck is happening with my son!” I shout.

Then a sudden scream as I sigh in relief.

“That’s it, good boy. He’s got a scrape on his head, think it got bumped a bit, he was a little dazed which is why he wasn’t screaming” Travis says as he steps up to us.

“Lila take Ollie” I say through the wheezing from my chest.

“Kat? What hurts baby?” Connor asks.

“My chest…My arm, obviously” I say snidely.

Travis begins to look over my wounds.

“The bullet grazed you, I can stitch this up. I think you’ve broken a few ribs, but other than that it’s bruising” Travis sighs in relief as he and the boys help move me into a chair so Travis can get to my wound clearly.

“Toby!” I cry out.

“What Kat?” He asks.

“I’m sorry, I should have kept track on the gun, I should have put it in the draw again…I’m so sorry Mason got hold of it” I cry.

“It’s ok Kat, I’m just glad it didn’t turn out worse…I’m not happy about it though Kat” He grumbles, kissing my head before going off to see little Mason and Jasmine who were bundled up together.

“Connor get rid of the fucking gun” I hiss as I’m being stitched up.

“I will when I know you’re all stitched up”

“NOW Connor” I growl as he chuckles.

“Yes Ma’am” He salutes.

“You’re whipped” Mason laughs at his brother.

“You’re just jealous dude” Connor says playfully before kissing me hard on the lips.

“Shut up” Mason growls.

“I’ll be back soon baby” Connor kisses me again and then leaves quickly.

“I can feel the jealousy from here” Lila winks as she cradles Ollie in her arms who is crying.

“Lila is he ok?” I whimper.

“He’s fine Kat, you protected him on the way down” She smiles.

“If I hadn’t have left the gun somewhere it wouldn’t have happened.” I sigh.

“Kat…Mason said he found it in the draw…He was looking for crayons” Jasmine walks in with him in her arms as he’s sniffling.

“I didn’t put it in the draw…” I frown.

“Uh…No…I did…” Bobby speaks up and we turn to him.

“What? Where did you find it? Why didn’t you lock it?” I exclaim.

“I found it on the side by the draw, so I put it inside, then I got distracted…” Bobby sighs.

“You’re both idiots” King laughs.

“Shut it King” I snarl.

“No more weapons in this house. We cannot risk this happening ever again” Travis orders.

“I agree. I should have put it in the draw and locked it myself…Instead I got caught up with Connor and then must have put it down as I came in here. No more guns” I sigh.

“Maybe if you weren’t so busy fucking my brother” King snaps.

“Enough…If you want to have at it arguing over Kat’s love then do so when the kids are not around. But I will not have you blame Kat for your own stupidity when you fucked this up!” Toby snaps.
“Daddy said a bad word” Mason mumbles in his mother’s arms and that causes a few of us to chuckle.

“You’re all set Kat. Rest up with your ribs, I don’t think they are broken, just bruised, no lifting anything too heavy for a few days just in case.”

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