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Chapter Twenty-Six

For the next few days we kept our heads low and got on with life as we had before, waiting for the police to turn up to tell us that our father was once again dead…

“Baby…come back to bed” Connor groans as I get dressed.

“No, don’t you have a meeting with the boys today anyway?” I smirk as Connor grabs me by the hips and drags me to him as I straddle his legs.

“They can wait” He growls lustfully before kissing me.

“Connor…I need to go, I said I would meet up with Bailey before she went to work, plus I need to sort out inventory” I moan as he kisses down my neck.

“It…Can…Wait” he kisses further down as he grabs my breast in his hand as I moan against him, grinding against his erection.

“Kat! I need your help…Oh…Oops” Lucy barges into my room as she blushes and then smirks at the position I’m in with Connor.

“Are you just going to stand and watch or what Lucy?” I smirk.

“Don’t tempt me” Lucy laughs.

“I don’t think Bobby would like that” I say as I get off of Connor’s lap as he groans in frustration but makes no move to hide his hard-on under the cover as Lucy looks at him wide-eyed.

“I…Uh…” Lucy murmurs.

“Connor, baby, cover up” I laugh chucking a pillow at his crotch.

“What do you need Lucy?” I ask.

“I think…I think…” She stammers but her eyes keep going back to Connor.

“Connor, do you mind leaving me and Lucy for a moment please?” I frown.

“Sure…” he nods and gets up, chucking on some loose jogging bottoms before closing the door behind him.

“Sit and tell me what’s going on” I pat the bed as Lucy sits next to me.

“I think Bobby’s…I think he’s cheating on me” She sobs as she hugs into my side.

“You what?! How? Why? What makes you think that?” I ask in shock, there was no way my own brother was cheating on Lucy.

“Here” She passes me her phone as I see a message from Bailey, there’s a photo of Bobby pressing a girl up against a wall and I recognised her.

“God damn it! She gets fucking everywhere!” I growl as Lucy looks up at me confused.

“Who? You know her?” She asks.

“It’s fucking Jenny from the office, the one that Mason hooked up with…”

“You don’t think she’s up to something do you?” Lucy’s voice wobbles.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to go kill my brother and then find out what’s going on with this bitch. Can you go hang with Bailey for a while, I said I’d meet up with her before work, but this needs dealing with right now and I don’t want you on your own” I sigh, kissing her head.

“Ok” She nods.

“I’ll sort this Lucy, I promise” I sigh as we walk out the room and go downstairs.

“Everything ok?” Connor asks as I see him and Mason at the table.

“What are you doing here?” I growl at Mason.

“Just came for breakfast with my brother” He shrugs.

“Lucy, send me that photo” I say as she nods and sends it to me.

“What photo?” Connor asks.

“How’s Jenny doing Mason?” I ask.


“You two still dating?”

“What’s this about Kat?” Mason sighs as he puts down his fork.

“Lucy, go see Bailey” I say, and she nods.

“Text me” She whispers, and I nod, hugging her quickly as she runs off.

“Who has Ollie?” I ask.

“Lila and Travis took him so you could have a little break today. But why are you asking about Jenny Kat?” Connor answers.

“Because of this” I show them my phone as Mason stands, knocking his chair in anger.

“Your brother is dead” He growls.

“You touch my brother and you’ll deal with me. Why the fuck is Jenny at the club? Why the fuck is she playing with my brother? What is she playing at?” I snap.

“We’ll find out what’s going on. But I think we need to find Bobby. Mason you need to tell me everything you know about this bitch” Connor holds my hand.

“She’s just a regular girl…She works for me…I have no idea why she’s at the club, nor how she knows about it, I haven’t told her a thing!” Mason sighs and sits once more with his head in his hands.

Kat to Bobby: Where are you? K x

Bobby: The club why? I thought you were in today…What’s up? X

Kat: Can you come home?

Bobby: I’m busy Kat…Sorry, I’ll see you later x

“God damn it, can I take your car Connor?” I ask as he slides me his keys.

“Don’t do anything stupid, I’ll find out what I can about Jenny” Connor kisses me lightly.

“Mason, you ok?” I ask.

“I’m sorry Kat…If she wrecks things with Lucy and Bobby, I’m sorry, she gets in your head…I should have seen it…” He sighs.

“We’ll deal with it.” I sigh and hug him as he wraps his arms around me tightly.

“I miss this” He sighs.

“That’s my girl Mason” Connor growls.

“Connor” I warn glaring at him.

“He can’t go touching what isn’t his!” Connor growls threateningly towards his brother.

“You don’t have a problem with me hugging Lucy… Why Mason?” I snap.

“She’s a girl!” Connor shouts.

“I’ve still slept with her!” I shout back.

“You are MINE! Lucy doesn’t pose a threat, HE does” Connor snaps coming towards me.

“Connor! Enough!” Mason snaps getting between us.

“You don’t own me Connor. I can hug a friend” I say as my hand shakes with nerves.

“You two aren’t even friend!” Connor exclaims.

“We are” I answer.

“Fuck this. Deal with Jenny yourself. Kat, if I find out my brother even touches you…”

“Then you’ll what Connor!”

“Then you’ll regret it”

“Are you threatening her?!” Mason steps forward, his size over powering Connor, Mason was physical whereas Connor would use weapons and mind against his opponents.

“Don’t touch what’s mine” Connor says before storming out of the house as I just stare at his retreating figure.

“What the fuck…” I murmur.

“Katina…I’m sorry…” Mason sighs.

“Forget it…I need to find my brother. I’ll deal with Connor later” I shake my head sighing.

“I’ll come with you”

“No, people can’t see you in the club in your normal get up.”

“Then wait and I’ll go get changed” He smirks.

“You’ve got five minutes” I snap as he rushes off to his car where he kept an extra set of gear for the club just in case.

Not long after Mason was driving us to the club.

I rushed out of the car as Mason stuck to me as I searched for Bobby.

“Bobby!” I shout as I find him in the back office with HER.

“Kat! What are you doing here so early?” He stammers as I see Jenny smirking.

“What are YOU doing here Jenny?” I growl as I notice how close she is to Bobby, she’s almost on his lap as Mason steps forward with his hood over his face she would never know who it was. I put my hand out to stop him as he nods at me and stays beside me.

“How…How do you two know each other?” Bobby gulps.

“That’s Jenny, Mason’s girl” I say and his eyes dart to Mason under the hood.

“Not for much longer, I’m ending it tonight baby, I promise” Jenny says in Bobby’s ear.

“He has a girlfriend Jenny, get the fuck off my brother right now” I step towards them, rage filling me.

“Kat…I didn’t mean to…I swear…I love Lucy…” Bobby stammers.

“I’ll deal with you in a moment brother. Jenny get off my brother NOW!” I shout as she just laughs and kisses Bobby as he tries to push her off but she’s like a cat with her claws stuck in him.

“Fine, you want to play like that” I snap as I step forward and grab her by the hair as I drag her off of him.

“King make sure my brother doesn’t leave, take him to the other office” I order, and he nods, taking Bobby with him.

“Kat! I’m sorry!” Bobby shouts as Mason shoves him out and closes the door behind.

“Get off of me you bitch!” She shouts as she claws at me, her nails cutting my arm as I kick her hard in the ribs as she tumbles to the floor.

I lift her up and pin her against the wall.

“What do you want with Bobby?” I growl.

“Nothing” She laughs.

“What the fuck are you playing at? First Mason and now Bobby…What do you want?” I snap.

“Let me go, Mason and Bobby were perfectly capable of saying no, but they didn’t” She smirks.

“You come near any of my family or friends again and I’ll tear you apart” I growl.

“Do you want me Kat? We could have some fun instead, just me and you, we’d be perfect together” she says lifting a finger to caress my face as I step back.

“Is that how you get them, use your feminine ways to distract them before pouncing, I might like girls but I can see a fake bitch in front of me” I snap as her face turns to anger and she slaps me hard, raking her nails across my face before darting out the door.

I rush out to follow her, but she’s already made it out of the club and into her car as she races off with a wave.

“Kat?” Payton looks at me in shock as she sees my face, blood seeping from the cuts.

“If she comes back…Will you let me know as soon as possible Payton?” I ask.

“Of course. She barred?” She ask.

“No, but just let me know as soon as possible ok?” I ask.
“No problem boss” She smiles as I walk away into the second office.

“Shit! Your face Kat!” Mason rushes to me and checks my wounds.

“You’ll stay the fuck away from Jenny from now on Bobby…Understood?” I growl.

“I…Kat…I” He stammers as I glare at him.

“What?” I growl.

“I slept with her…She said she’s pregnant…” Bobby says, and I burst into laughter.

“You did what?!” I cry out and storm up to him, punch him hard in the face as he falls to the ground.

“Lucy and I had been arguing a lot lately, I came to the club to calm down…Then she found me and…we…I didn’t mean to. I love Lucy, I wanted to marry her…” Bobby sobs on the ground.

“If you weren’t my brother I would have beaten you to an inch of your life…You better hope Jenny is lying about being pregnant by you. In fact, if it was only the other day there is no way she would have found that out this early…” I growl as Mason is tense beside me.

“Ah shit” Mason says.

“So YOU could be a daddy, congrats Mason” I say sarcastically as he glares at me.

“I don’t want her. Why the fuck would she try it on with Bobby though? It doesn’t make any sense”

“She kept asking about the club…How much it took each day, how much we earnt between four of us…” Bobby said on the ground as he lifted himself up while staying away from me.

“Gold digging bitch” I smirk.

“It makes sense, she was always asking for me to get her things saying she couldn’t wait for us to get married and have kids so we could have the world…She kept pushing to become partners in the office…That didn’t work so she was trying the next thing, a new target” Mason nods.

“But she got caught…Silly girl is playing with fire and with fire comes Smoke” I smirk.

“There’s the fighter” Mason smirks at me.

“Bobby what do you plan on saying to Lucy?” I turn to him as he steps away from me.

“I’ll tell her the truth I swear I won’t go near Jenny again. I’m so sorry Kat, I never meant to hurt her!” Bobby cries.

“It’s not me you should be apologising to. Bobby, the next time you hurt Lucy, I won’t stop punching, brother or not” I growl as he nods.

“Where is she?”

“I’ll take you to her, trust me, you’ll need me” I say as he nods solemnly as he and Mason follow behind as we get in Mason’s car and drive to the café where Lucy and Bailey were.

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