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Chapter Twenty-Seven

“Kat!” Lucy and Bailey shout excitedly, before frowning when they see Bobby walking beside me like a lost puppy.

“Sit” I push him into the chair.

I leave Bobby and Lucy together as I tell Bailey to come with me and Mason a moment up at the counter to order some drinks as we explain what had happened.

“That gold-digging bitch. Those look like they hurt” She points to the red-raw scratches on my face.

“I’ve had worse.” I shrug.

“She’ll soon realise she won’t get anything from any of us, she might try it on with a few more guys though, maybe even the girls. I’m going to get word out to some people I know, people with money and hopefully we can get her out of here” Mason grumbles.

“What the fuck Bobby! How could you?!” Lucy shouts as I wander over, telling the others to stay put.

“Lucy” I put a hand on her shoulder as she cries and chucks a glass of water at his face.

“Baby I’m so sorry, please forgive me, I’ll do anything” Bobby wipes the water from his face as he gets on his knees beside her.

“You kissed and slept with another woman Bobby I can’t just forgive like that” She cries.

“Now you know how I felt…” I sigh as she glares at me as I smirk and hold my hands up in surrender which makes her laugh.

“That’s not funny Kat” She whimpers and sits back down.

“Bobby fuck off a minute” I say as he nods and walks to the others.

“I know, but I do know Bobby loves you… He’s stupid and thick as shit sometimes but he wouldn’t ever want to hurt you.” I say in her ear as she hugs me.

“But he did, he cheated on me”

“You were both arguing, both angry and I know as well as you do, we always make mistakes when we’re angry, Bobby was drunk and made a bad decision. He’s a softy, you know he would never do this if he was thinking rationally” I tilt her head to face me.

“I don’t know if I can trust him again” She whimpers.

“You can and you will, with time, take your time, start again, go slow. Lucy I love you and I would never push you to do anything that I didn’t think was right. He loves you he made a mistake and he’s paying for it. Take things slow. However, if he hurts you again I told him I would finish what I started on his face today and I wouldn’t give a shit about him being my brother” I smirk as she giggles.

“God I love you Kat” She laughs and hugs me tight as I signal for the others to come back over.

“Lucy?” Bobby says as she releases me, and I move so he can sit beside her as I sit next to Mason and Bailey.

“You have a lot of making up to do Bobby Smoak” Lucy says sternly.
“You still love me?” He whimpers.

“Yes, but we should go slow for a while, I need to trust you again” She answers as I smile at her.

“I’ll do anything” He smiles and kisses her sweetly.

“Now if only you had forgiven ME like that” Mason grumbles under his breath as I smack his arm with a smirk.

“Still with your brother right now big guy” I sigh remembering I had to sort that out too.

“When he finishes sulking like a brat” He laughs.

“What happened with you and Connor?” Bailey asks as she sips on her milkshake.

“He got into a mood because I hugged Mason” I rolled my eyes as Bailey scoffed.

“Anyone knows that you and Mason are still friends, even if you two were on and off again with it” She laughs.

“My brother claimed her as his” Mason grumbles.

“Ouch…Not another one” Bailey replied.

“Yep, he knows how much I hate being claimed as ‘MINE’”

“He’ll see what he’s done wrong and come running” Lucy says as her hand is entwined with Bobby’s as he can’t meet my eyes.

“Bobby for god sake stop acting like you’re scared of me” I snap as his eyes meet mine.

“You do scare me…” He says as I laugh.

“Grow a pair big brother” I giggle as he smiles a little.

“We ok Kat?” He asks.

“As long as you don’t hurt Lucy, we’re fine Bobby” I hold out my pinkie finger and he hooks it as we used to do with a grin.

“Thanks Kat and I really am sorry guys” He says.

“Kat…” Bailey says as she nods towards something outside.

“I told you he’d come back” Mason says as I get up from my seat and go to go out to see Connor who is leaning against his car but stop when I notice a certain woman get out his car.

“God damn it” I growl as we all end up getting up from our seats and going outside.

“Katrina!” Connor shouts angrily as we get outside.

“What the hell are you doing with that bitch?” I snap.

“Did you cheat on me with my brother? Did you kiss him today?!” He shouts.

“You can’t be serious right now… Did SHE tell you that?” I nod to Jenny smirking next to him, her hand on his arm.

Mason is tense beside me, his hood still up as I felt his need to speak up.

“Don’t do it King” I said as he backs off a little.

“Kat didn’t touch Mason she was sorting out the mess this bitch made with me” Bobby growls.

“Connor if you think that I would cheat on you, then why the fuck are you even here when there is clearly some gold-digging bitch attached to your arm” I snarl.

“Gold-digging? I’m not looking to make money Kat how could you say such a thing? I just wish you would stop getting involved with people who want to be with me, it’s like…it’s like you’re… jealous” Jenny says in a sad voice, pretending to be innocent.

“Jealous…Of you! Don’t make me laugh”

“You’re still with Mason why would you go for Bobby then?” I ask.

“Mason and I are having…Difficulties. When I met Bobby I didn’t plan to sleep with him, it just happened…We had a connection” Jenny says.

“There was no connection. Just a huge drunken mistake” Bobby snaps beside me as Lucy is curled in his arms.

“So you don’t want a business partnership with Mason or to get a piece of the club then?” I smirk.

“I just wanted to help, that’s all” She batts her eyelashes at Connor as he’s glaring at me.

“You believe this shit?” I ask Connor.

“Kat’s always hated me she knew I had a connection with Mason from the start. She’s using everyone to get what SHE wants. She’s jumped from person to person to get what she needs. She’s using you and your brother against each other Connor” She murmurs quietly but I caught it.

“Now who’s the jealous one. Did I get the man you wanted Jenny? The one you threw yourself at while at work and he didn’t return the favour. I’m not the one using men when they’re at their weakest. If you have a problem with me, come get me, if not get the fuck away from me and my family” I say as I step towards her as she whimpers behind Connor.

“Enough Katrina” Connor snaps as Jenny puts her hand in his.

“You can’t be serious…” My eyes begin tearing up.

Jenny is standing behind him and he can’t see how she looks behind him as she smirks evilly at me.

But what she doesn’t notice is Lucy taking a photo and sending it to Connor’s phone.

“Connor, can we go” She murmurs as Connor’s phone lights up and he looks at it briefly as his eyes glare at it.

“Sure we can babe, you’re safe with me” He says as I see his phone is on camera and he’s angling it up towards her to see her reaction as she looks at me with victory.

“Connor baby…Please” I fake beg.

“No…We’re done Kat” He winks at me and sigh in relief.

Jenny looks so pleased with herself as he turns, and her face drops in an instant as if she’s so upset at what had happened as he back her up to the car as if he’s about to kiss her.

“Nice try sweetheart” He laughs as he shoves off of her as she looks in shock.

“What?!” She screams.

“Gold-digging bitch” Bailey snaps.

“You can’t be choosing HER!” She cries out.

Connor walks up to me and kisses me deeply as I hear her scream in anger.

“Oh and Jenny I’ll be sure to spread the word at how much of a digger you are, we know plenty of people around here!” I smirk as Connor holds me tight.

“You bitch!” She storms up to me and goes to slap me when Mason’s arm comes out and stops her as his hood falls and she gasps.

“Get your stuff from the office and get the hell out of here. We’re done” He growls as she looks wide-eyed.

“Bye Jenny” Lucy waves with a giggle as Jenny storms off with a scream.

“She better not come back” Bailey grumbles.

“I don’t think she will” Lucy smirks.

“She better not or I’ll wipe her face off next time, she won’t be so pretty then” I add.

I release myself with a sigh from Connor’s grip and turn to face him.

“Guys let’s give them a minute” Bobby says as the others all go inside, I see Mason resist, but Bobby says something in his ear and follows.

“Do you think I really cheated on you?” I ask Connor.

“I... Uh …Yeah I did” He nods

“You really think I would cheat…After everything I have told you about Lucy cheating and then wanting to kill my own brother for cheating!”

“I’m sorry Kat, I got jealous…Mason’s had you before and I didn’t want him getting you, I know you have a connection…” He sighs.

“Mason is my friend, yes we dated and yes we have a connection, but you forget that I’ve known him for years in the club fighting as Smoke, so we knew each other for a long time. But I would never cheat!”

“I’m a jealous man Kat, every time I’m out with the boys I wonder if you are flirting with my brother, flirting with other girls. You openly do it with Lucy!” He says.

“I don’t flirt with others! Me and Lucy are close, we joke about but that’s as far as it goes, she’s my best friend who has been there for me for years! Plus I wouldn’t ruin it for her and Bobby! How do you want me to be Connor? Should I not hug anyone, should I stay locked up with Ollie all day, so your mind is at rest while you’re with your gang! I know you have plenty of girls in the house tottering about, Craig told me”

“You’ve been messaging Craig?!” He growls.

“Oh for god sake Connor, I messaged him once trying to find you. We got talking, I can make friends you know” I huff.

“NOT with my men!” He snarls.

“What so you’re choosing who I’m friends with now?”

“Yes and you won’t be talking to them and you won’t be friends with my brother” He says as he steps towards me as I back up, suddenly feeling threatened. I could fight, but I still wasn’t up to my old ways, he could easily take me if he tried.

“I’ll be friends with who I want Connor, you can’t stop me”

“You are MINE you will do as you’re told!” He slaps my face as I hiss out and he looks at me with panic.

“We’re done.” I hold my face as I try to walk away.

“Kat, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He begs.

“I’m done with you Connor, you’re no better than Luke” I try to hold back the tears as he steps back, clearly hurt by my comment.

“What the fuck Connor?!” Mason comes charging out of the café as he punches his brother with all his might.

“Mason stop!” I shout as I stop his arm from moving as he looks at me and pushes himself from Connor.

“You touch her like that again and you’ll never see the light of day brother” Mason growls.

“Go inside Mason” I say, and he shakes his head, he doesn’t want to leave me alone with his brother.

“I’m not leaving you with him”

“Mason, he won’t do it again. Go in, I will be in in a minute” I say as he sighs and does as he’s told.

“Kat, I’m so sorry. I would never hurt you…I don’t know what happened…” Connor groans as he stands.

“The rage from being in a gang…I know…I’ve felt it…But I can’t risk you doing that around my child. We are done Connor. Go back to your life with The Kings and do what you’re best at. I can’t be with you, you’re so possessive. I won’t be owned, and I won’t risk my family getting hurt like that anymore. I will talk to you if we come across each other, but I won’t come looking for you. You went too far today Connor, I love you, but not how I once did” I say as a tear falls from my eye.

“I’m sorry. I just got so jealous. I understand. But can I ask for one thing before I leave, and I won’t come back unless I have to.”

“What?” I ask

“Kiss me one last time” he says coming towards me.

“Ok” I answer as he comes towards me and kisses me softly against my lips as tears fall down my face. He wipes them away as he rests his forehead against mine.

“Take care of Ollie and yourself, please don’t do anything stupid” He says before kissing my forehead and leaving in his car as I watch him drive away.

I don’t know how long I was stood there but it must have been a little while as Lucy came out and wrapped her arms around me tightly as I sobbed into her shoulder.

“Come on babe, let’s go get you a nice warm drink” She said taking my hand as she led me inside.

“He’s gone, we’re done.” I mumble as we get to the table.

“My brother didn’t deserve you. None of us do” Mason hugs me to his side and kisses my head.

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