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Chapter Twenty-Eight

“Lila are you sure you’re ok with Ollie tonight, he’s ill and I don’t want you to do it if you don’t want to deal with a sick child” I say as I look to my now six-month-old baby.

“Katrina, I am quite capable of handling a child with a cold” Lila laughs.

I couldn’t help but get worried every time Ollie got ill as he was born so early, and people always laughed at me for it.

Over the past five months I had gone back to training with the boys and I was finally back to feeling myself, my strength returned, and I felt great for it. Tonight I would be returning to the ring for the first time for a fight and I was looking forward to it, but I was nervous at leaving Ollie behind.

Like we thought the police arrived to tell us that our father had been alive this whole time as I had to put on the waterworks and cry. They had simply put the fire to being gang related and swept it under the rug, to which we were grateful for. I was sure Connor helped but he wouldn’t tell me if he had.

Connor hadn’t come back, he made sure he was always busy with his gang and stayed well away from all of us. He sent a text to Mason every so often to check in but that was it. I would message Craig too to make sure he wasn’t doing anything too stupid, as although I wasn’t in love with him anymore, I still loved and cared for him.

Mason and I had become great friends and had decided that getting back together would be a bad idea. We trained together and he helped me look after Ollie loads, he loved the kid.

Bobby had asked Lucy to marry him two months ago when we helped him pull off the most romantic thing ever on a beach with fairy lights and a picnic.

Bobby owed me big time. Nathan and Bailey had recently split up, they just didn’t work and they both parted as friends.

Bobby and Lucy were moving out of my house to get their own as they wanted to have somewhere to themselves as they get married. I didn’t blame them, but I would miss having someone to live with other than my baby.

“Kat are you ready to go?” Travis smiles at me as I kiss Ollie’s head and wince at his fever.

“Katrina for god sake go!” Lila laughs and shoos me away.

“But…” I stammer

“He will be fine with Lila Kat, she’ll call us if something happens, but there won’t be. He’s in good hands” Travis kisses his wife and pulls me with him.

“Love you baby boy, thank you Lila” I call out as I’m dragged to the car.

“You’re a nightmare with that boy” Travis laughs.

“I just hate seeing him ill” I sigh.

“I know…I was the same” Travis says, and I laugh.

“I think I’m worse because I’m home a lot too now as Bobby and Lucy are moving out”

“Maybe it’s time you started dating again” Travis smirks.

“Maybe…But no one’s interested in a young mum” I roll my eyes.

“Actually there are quite a few people very interested in you Kat” Travis winks.
“What? Seriously…How do you know that?” I ask.

“People talk in the club Kat. You have a lot of admirers, men and women”

“Well when someone has the guts to come talk to me and ask, then maybe I will think about dating” I smile.

“Good” He smiles as we arrive at the club.

“I’m so nervous” I laugh.

“It’s been a while since you’ve fought in there, but the crowd love you and just have fun”

“Look it’s Smoke!” People were looking at me smiling as they saw me in my old gear, ready for a fight.

“Are you fighting tonight?” Someone called out.
“Yeah I’m fighting” I called back as they all began cheering and patting my back in support as we went in.

“Feels good to be back doesn’t it?” Travis laughs as I nod.

“Smoke! My god, I forgot how hot you look in that” Mason walks up to us with his signature smirk.

“Are you fighting tonight King?” I smirk.

“I might, but this is your night, that’s all up to you” He answers.

“Hey! Smoke! Come see me girl!” Bailey shouts from the bar as Mason pushes me to her.

“Hey girl, how’s the bar doing tonight?” I ask

“We are booming, all I keep hearing is how they can’t wait for you to get back to the ring, whole lot of betting going on” She winks.

“Well I better please the crowd then.” I laugh.

“There’s someone else here though you may or may not want to see” She frowns as she points ahead.

“Connor…” whisper as I see him chatting with a few of his men, including Craig, who had just spotted me at the bar and was running up to me.

“Smoke!” He laughs and twirls me around.

“Hey Craig, be careful, boss might kill you for even touching me” I smirk.

“He doesn’t scare me” Craig winks.

“Oh don’t I?” Connor appears behind him and he lets go of me in an instant as I burst into laughter.

“I’ll give you two a moment” Craig says before running off once more.

“You look good Kat” Connor smiles.

“You too” I reply.

“How’s Ollie?” He asks.

“Ill, Lila’s watching him but all I keep thinking about is him not feeling well and I want to go home and cuddle up on the sofa with him” I sigh.

“I’m sure he’s fine. Lila’s a nurse Kat” He chuckles.

“I know. What are you doing here?” I ask.

“It’s your first fight back, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Mason said you’ve been training hard” He answers.

“Yeah, we’ve been busy training with Nathan and some new guys. Even Bailey’s started up training, although she doesn’t want to fight in the ring” I laugh.

“I’m not risking my face babe!” Bailey must have heard me as I turn back and laugh.

“Well I’m glad everything is going well for you all” Connor smiles.

“What about you?” I ask.

“Gangs going well, been busy and uh, I might have started dating again…” He says as he looks back and I see a tall blonde standing with his guys.

“She’s pretty. I hope you’ve learnt from your mistakes Connor. If I hear you’ve hurt her, I’m coming for you” I warn, and he smirks.

“If I hurt her, I’ll give you the gun to shoot me” He smiles.

“Good. But I’m happy for you Connor, I am” I smile, and he gives me a brief hug.

“What about you? Any love on the horizon? I thought you and Mason would get back together for sure” He frowns.

“Mason and I are just friends. We talked about it and decided it was for the best. It’s been great, he’s one of my best friends and I’m pretty sure he’s into someone at the minute but I haven’t found out who just yet” I smirk as I see Mason texting on a phone with a giddy smile.

“Oh yeah, that’s Mason’s I think I’m in love with this girl face…He had that with you too” Connor smiles.

“I’m happy for both of you. I will find someone one day” I sigh.

“Of course you will. You’re gorgeous, funny, caring and a complete badass. Everyone wants you” He smirks.

“Thanks Connor now go be with your girl. I have a fights to start” I smirk

“You better win girl, I’ve put a lot of money on you!” He smirks.

“You know I’ll win” I wink as he waves and runs to his girl who he swings around and kisses.

“She’s cute” Lucy comes to my side with a smile as she looks at them too.

“Yeah she is” I smile as we walk to the edge of the ring where a fight between two new guys was going, they were both pathetic as they dance around dodging instead of fighting.

“There’s our girl” Toby smiles as he stands with our brothers, Jasmine, Travis and Mason.

“Are you ready Kat?” Nathan asks.

“Oh yeah” I grin as my eyes light up like they had once before with the joy of getting in the ring soon.

Bobby whistles up to Greg as he looks down and his eyes light up.

“Ladies and gents let’s finish up with these two, we have royalty in the house! Smoke is hereeeeee!” Greg calls out as the guys on the ring flip him off and jump down as they sulk as I laugh.

Mason gives me a boost up to the ring as the crowd goes wild chanting my name.

“Who wants to be the first to go down?” I shout with a smirk as they cheer.

“Come on then sweet cheeks!” Craig jumps up and I laugh.

“You sure you want to do this” I smirk.

“I want to see what you’re really made of” he winks and gives me a come-on gesture.

“We have our first match! Let’s get this fight going! Fighters shake!” Greg shouts.

“Good luck Craig” I smirk.
“You too”

“I hope Connor doesn’t laugh too much when I win” I wink as we release hands and back up.

“Fighters! Ready in 3…2…1…FIGHT!” Greg shouts as the crowd goes wild.

I bounce a little on my feet as Craig watches with a smirk before he lunges quickly as I easily side-step his punch and jab him in the side as he hisses, turns and catches my leg as I tumble, roll and manage to get back up with a smirk.

“Nice move” He smirks and keeps going at me, but his moves are useless as I fly across the ring, hitting him hard in the gut as he tumbles backwards.

“Too easy Craig” I laugh as the crowd cheers.

“I’m not done yet sweet cheeks” He smirks getting up and coming at me once more, he was certainly giving all he had, and I was really enjoying it.

“Come on Smoke! Wipe him out!” Connor shouts as I laugh.

“Even your boss want you taken out” I smirk as he flips Connor off.

I kick at his chest as he falls backwards, and I swing my fist connecting with his jaw as he goes down hard.

“Come on Craig, you done now?” I smirk as he groans.

“Fighter down…5…4…3…2…1…Winner Smoke!” The crowd count down with Greg and then go wild.

I help Craig up with a smirk.

“How’d you like that huh big guy?” I laugh.

“You’re as good in the ring as you are lethal” He smirks as he hops down with a groan as I see Connor and his guys shoving him around, joking that he lost to me.

“Can I get an actual challenge?” I shout out as I whirl around to the boys and point to Mason.

“Is this a challenge I’m seeing?” Greg calls out as the crowd murmurs.

“I challenge King to a fight” I smirk.

Mason jumps up and I notice his smirk.

“We have an epic rematch about to happen ladies and gents!” Greg shouts as they go well as Nathan quickly chucks me a bottle of water quickly.

“Make sure you win this time” Nathan smirks and I wink at my brothers.

“I plan to” I laugh and give him the bottle back.

“Ready to lose again Smoke?” King taunts as the crowd watch with joy as we taunt each other.

“Enough talking, I’m getting bored tonight, I have a baby to get home to who puts up more of a fight” I wink.

“Fighters shake!” Greg says as Mason and I clasp hands.

“Ready in 3…2…1! Fight!” Greg shouts as I go straight at it, feinting about to attack his legs and wipe him out as he goes to block it and leaves his face unblocked as I punch him hard as his face swings to the side.

He went for me and I dodge his first punch but he managed to get me on the chest with the second as I stumbled a little but caught myself before swinging out my legs for real this time as his knee’s give out and I come down hard around him, choking him out as I bring him to the ground as he tries to get out my grip, we tumble around as he manages to get out my grip and pin me a few seconds before I knee him and he falls back.

This goes on and on, we’re both exhausted, circling each other for a moment to catch our breath, we are an equal match to each other.

“Come on Smoke!” People scream out as I smirk.

“Looking at little tired there King” I chuckle.

“You are too” He smirks and comes at me once more, ready to hit me hard as I dodge and he falls straight past me, hitting the ropes of the ring as he comes swinging back towards me and I knock him with my elbow in the face as he thuds to the ground…He’s out-cold.

“Fighter down…5…4…3…2…1…Winner Smoke!” Greg shouts as the crowd cheers.

“Travis!” I shout as I smirk and kneel beside King as Travis comes up to check on him.

“You two did quite the number on each other tonight. You’re going to feel all that in the morning” He points to my face as I feel the burn of the bruises and cuts that were on my face and chest.

“God damn it Kat” Mason groans as he wakes up, sitting up slowly.

“How was that for a rematch” I smirk.

“You held back before…” He groans and I laugh.

“Now we’re equal” I wink, and he chuckles.

“How you feeling?” Travis asks him.

“Fine” Mason laughs as I hold out a hand to help him up as he takes it and stands.

“I need a drink” I say as Mason agrees and we jump from the ring as the crowd gets a little upset that we were leaving the ring.

“Let’s get some new fighters in, who wants in?” Greg shouts trying to control the crowd as fights begin once again.

“Bailey! Can I have a vodka and coke?” I ask as we get to the bar.

“Of course. Well done on your matches, you were looking great up there. Even though you are destroying your face” She laughs.

“I think she looks hot still” A woman says nearby. She’s gorgeous, about the same height as me at 5’5, long brunette hair curled cascading down her back above a black leather jacket, wearing black skinny jeans and a purple crop top over her huge boobs, she was hot. I could see a tattoo poking out from under her top above her breasts.

“Here you go Smoke” Bailey smirks as she snaps me out of staring at the gorgeous brunette.

“Thanks…Umm, sorry I was a little distracted, I’m Smoke, or Kat depending who you talk to” I smile holding out my hand to the woman.

“Lydia” She smiles and shakes my hand.

“I’m going to go back to your brothers” Mason winks at me and leaves me with Lydia as I see Bailey watching with a smirk as she serves others.

“That was quite the fight. You’re an amazing fighter Kat” Lydia smiles and moves closer to me, standing next to me, almost touching as I take a sip of my drink.

“Thank you, it’s been a while since I last fought. But it was fun” I smile.

“You need to clean up that cheek, you’ve got a cut” Her fingers graze my cheek as I wince.

“Yeah I suppose I better” I sigh as I take my drink.

“Need help?” She smiles, holding onto my arm.

“Sure come with me” I smile as her hand glides into mine as we go into the office.

I go to the first aid kit as she takes it off of me and begins cleaning the cut for me as I watch her, her eyes are beautiful hazel colour, they really shine amongst the dark smoky eyeshadow and winged eyeliner.

“See something you like?” She smirks as she finishes.

“You’re a gorgeous girl, sorry I don’t mean to stare” I blush.

“Do you really think so?” She smiles and I notice her plump lips, looking from her eyes to her lips.

“Oh yeah, you’re beautiful” I mutter as she smiles and leans forward, kissing me lightly before my hands graze her arms and up into her hair as I pull her closer and she moans into my lips.

I stand and push her towards the desk as she sits on the edge as I’m between her legs, one hand gliding down her body as I feel her breasts in my hands as I knead them a little, making her moan against me again.

“Oh god Bobby” Lucy and Bobby burst into the room as they are having a moment of their own.

“Um guys, do you mind” I make a sound of clearing my throat as they suddenly stop what they are doing and look at me in shock as I’m still entangled with Lydia.

“Oh shit, we thought no one was in here” Bobby blushes.

“Well we were here first” I smirk.

“Let’s go baby” Lucy pushes Bobby away as she winks at me, closing the door behind them.

“I apologise for my brother and his fiancé” I laugh.

“Probably best, I wouldn’t want to put out on the first night” Lydia smirks.
“Oh, you want a second?” I kiss her lips, nibbling playfully.

“Go on a date with me” She breathes into my mouth as I smile.

“Would be my pleasure to take you out Lydia. However, we won’t go all the way tonight, but I still want to stay here a little longer. Unless you don’t want to?” I smirk.

“I’d love to” She smiles, and I take her lips with mine once more as we kiss passionately, our hands gliding over each other as we moan against each other, grinding and kissing down her neck.

“Kat!” Connor and Mason burst in as I groan.

“Get the fuck out!” I shout as I lob a pen at them.

“Lucy was right, Kat got a very hot girl…Daaammmnnn” Connor smirks as I flip him off.

“Unless you guys need anything, please leave” I order.

“Your crowd are missing your presence” Mason smirks.

“Fine, we’ll be out in a minute” I groan.

“Don’t take too long” Connor laughs as they leave.

“They did that on purpose” I sigh as Lydia laughs.

“They seem interested in who you’re with…Are you friends with them? Or are they family?” She asks.

“Bit of both. Their cousin was my baby’s father…it’s complicated…” I sigh as she looks at me.

“I’d like to hear about it. I want to learn everything about you Kat” She smiles sweetly.

“You sure? I have a six-month-old child and a whole heap of confusion when it comes to my family” I answer.

“We all have something. But I don’t care. I love kids and all families are complicated. It doesn’t bother me Kat.” She smiles and I kiss her again.

“You’re amazing” I smile and take her hand as we head out of the office once we had righted our clothing and hair.

“I should leave you to your crowd” She sighs.

“No way, you can stay with me” I answer and her face lights up and she loops her arm around my waist as mine goes around hers.

We walk up to the boys and all eyes are on us as I bite my lip, this girl was gorgeous, and I looked forward to learning more about her.

“Smoke! About time you got out of there!” Nathan smirks at me and winks.

“Sorry guys, I was getting to know Lydia a little” I laugh as she kisses my cheek and I blush.

“Hi Lydia, I’m Lucy” Lucy holds out and hand to shake.

“Hey! So, will any of you guys be fighting tonight?” Lydia asks nodding to my brothers.

“I will be” Nathan says, and I raise a brow.

“Since when?” I ask.

“Since seeing you up there spurred me on” He laughs and steps forward as another match had finished.

“Good luck big brother” I call out as he flips me off laughing.

As we are watching the fight Lydia begins talking to the others as I smile, she was already getting on with them as I caught Mason and Connor smirking at me.

I move Lydia in front of me as I hug her from behind and kiss her neck as she shivers beneath my touch.

“Is there a problem Lydia?” I whisper in her ear.

“N…No…” She stammers, trying to keep her cool as she’s talking with Lucy who had noticed what I was doing.

“Kat stop teasing the poor girl” Lucy says as I smirk and nibble her neck as she moans, and the others hear it as the guys chuckle.

She turns in my arms and I could see the lust in her eyes as I smirk, kissing her hard on the mouth as she melts into me.

“Seriously Kat…” Toby groans as I chuckle.

“Sorry big brother” I laugh as I turn Lydia around and hold her against me once more.

“You’re going to be the death of me Kat” Lydia says breathily.

“I hope it’s a good death at least” I answer, and she chuckles, nods while she carries on watching the fight.

Connor, his girl, his gang and Mason join us soon after as Nathan wins the next two fights before he ducks out and joins us once again.

“Can we go home now?” Lucy yawns at Bobby.

“Yeah baby, let’s go. Kat I’ll see you here tomorrow yeah?” Bobby asks.

“Yeah, Ollie will be with me though” I answer.
“That’s fine. It’s just paperwork” He smiles.

“Bye guys, nice to meet you Lydia” Lucy says as she hugs us both and gives me a wink as she and my brother leave.

“Shit, I didn’t realise the time. I need to go too Kat…Give me your phone, I’ll text you” Lydia says as I pass her my phone and she texts me through it before passing it back and kissing me hard.

“We’ll go on that date soon” I smile.

“We had better” She smiles and pecks my lips again as I feel a flutter in my stomach as I smile.

“We will, I promise. How are you getting home?” I ask.

“My brother is here, he’s driving me” She answers.

“I’ll walk you” I say as I tell the others I would be back as we head outdoors where a lot of others had decided to leave too.

“Hey! Lydia!” A voice calls out as we turn and find Craig.

“Hey, are you ready to go home?” Lydia asks as my eyes widen.

“Craig is your brother?” I ask.

“Yeah…” Lydia nods as I laugh.

“I can’t escape any of you lot can I?” I smirk at Craig as he laughs.

“Hurt my sister and I’ll come after you” Craig smirks.

“Do you really think you scare me? You know I won’t hurt her” I smile as Lydia looks between us with confusion.

“Long story sis, I’ll let Kat tell you. But just know, she’s cool with us” He tells his sister as she nods and smiles.

“Thanks Craig. Wait are you part of…” I start.

“Not a chance. I wouldn’t let her join and no way will she ever be a part of The Kings” Craig says sternly.

“YOU know about The Kings!” Lydia exclaims at me.

“Oh yeah and so much more. I promise that when we have that date I will explain everything”

“Oh you better” She smirks and kisses me a final time before we say goodbye and they ride off.

“She’s a good girl, she’s perfect for you” Connor pops up behind me making me jump.

“God damn it Connor!” I smack his arm as he chuckles.

“Seriously Kat, she’s a good one. Keep her close, don’t let that one go” He smiles.

“I don’t plan to” I smile as he follows me back in where the club is beginning to become less fighting and more dancing.

“Ready to go home Kat?” Travis asks.

“Yeah, I need cuddles with my boy” I smile, and he nods as the others are following us close behind as we all say good night.

“Ready for dating again then?” Travis smirks in the car.

“I am now”

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