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Chapter Twenty-Nine

I had forgotten that familiar ache in my body from a fight as I woke up the next morning tired to move. But I loved it.

“Hey baby boy” I coo as I pick up Ollie whose cold had cleared up thanks to a few remedies Lila had used. I was so thankful to her.

The boys had been sending me texts most of the night teasing me about Lydia, but I couldn’t help but smile.

“Good morning Kat!” I heard being shouted up the stairs as I smirk as I leave the nursery with Ollie in my arms as I make my way down.

“What are you doing here so early Mason?” I smile as he’s already making breakfast in the kitchen.

“I thought I would come have breakfast with you and then take you and the kids to work” He smiles.

“Why are you so happy? Is it the mystery girl?” I ask excitedly.

“Mmmmaaayyybbbbe” He laughs.

“Will you tell me who she is yet?!”

“Nope” He chuckles as I groan.

“Please!” I beg.

“No, she wants to tell you” He smirks.

“Wait…what…I know her?!” I exclaim as he turns from me, he’s smirking.

“I’m not saying a word” He laughs.

“I DO know her…Wait the only single girl I know is…OH MY GOD! Are you dating BAILEY!” I exclaim and surprise Ollie as he cries out as I wince and begin to rock him.

“Look what you did” Mason smirks and refuses to answer.

“Mason Kingsley if you are dating one of my best friends you better tell me now” I say sternly in my ‘mum voice’ as the boys call it.

“Ok! Yes it’s Bailey, but don’t tell her I told you. She wanted to say something first” He begs.

“Oh my god! You better not hurt her Kingsley or it’s your nuts on the chopping block…Understood?!” I say and his hand twitches towards his nuts and I chuckle.

“I won’t hurt her, I promise” He smiles and goes back to cooking.

I squeal in joy as he chuckles at me as I feed Ollie and thank Mason for the plate of food as I moan in gratitude, this man could cook!

“So, Lydia…” He murmurs with a smirk.

“God she’s gorgeous isn’t she? I found out last night she’s Craig’s sister though, he actually warned me not to hurt her”

“Really? Of all the people to warn…He warns you…” Mason laughs.

“I just hope I DON’T fuck this up, she’s totally hot, she seems like a great girl and she knows all about gangs and the club. She says she loves kids…”

“Yeah, she should…She has one…” Mason said and then froze realising what he had said.

“She has a kid?” I ask.

“I wasn’t supposed to tell you that…” He grumbles.

“Well now you have, tell me more. How old?” I ask.

“Five, you know she’s twenty-five right?” He asks.

“No that didn’t come up…” I said.

“Yeah, the kid came from a case of rape…” He murmurs as I freeze this time.


“Yeah…She’s never said who though. Craig kept trying to push it, but she won’t tell a soul. Said it shouldn’t matter, that she will always love her kid no matter what” He frowns.

“I get that, but whoever it was should have paid for raping her…” I sigh. I didn’t care that she had a kid, she was still beautiful inside and out so far.

“I know, but Kat, you can’t say you know, if she wants you to know, she’ll tell you” Mason urges.

“I’m not stupid Mason, I know” I nod, and we continue to eat.

“So, it’s your birthday next week” Mason says.

“Don’t remind me…I hate my birthday” I groan.

“Why?” He asks.

“Because on birthdays we have a tradition of birthday pranks…every year…The boys get worse each prank” I roll my eyes.

“OH! That sounds fun!” Mason exclaims.

“If you join them and help I will kill you” I warn, and he just laughs.

We continue to chat before I go to change Ollie and we head to the club.

“You wanted to come because Bailey’s in early today didn’t you?” I smirk.

“Never…” He mocks.

“Whipped” I sing as we get out the car and I grab Ollie’s pushchair, putting him in it as we head in.

“Hey Bailey!” I shout as I see her cleaning up the glasses as she waves to me and then notices Mason trailing behind me as she smiles.

“Hey guys! Oh hi there, little Ollie!” She comes over and gushes over him as I watch as she keeps peeking over at Mason.

“Oh for god sake Bailey just fucking kiss Mason already” I groan as she looks between us in shock.

“You told her!” Bailey exclaims.

“I made him” I smirk as she shoves me playfully.

“Do you mind?” She asks.

“Seriously?! Of course not! Go ahead, ravish each other, just don’t hurt each other and we’ll be a big happy family” I wink as she jumps into his arms and kisses him with all her might as I hear his lustful growl.

“No sex in my club!” I shout as I hear them chuckle as I head to the office.

“Who is having sex in the club?” Bobby asks with a smirk as I get inside with Ollie.

“Bailey and Mason…They are a thing now apparently” I laugh.

“And you’re ok with that?” He raises a brow.

“Yeah, as long as they don’t fuck up and fuck the friendship ring we have, it’s fine.”

“I meant seeing as you had a thing for Mason” he rolls his eyes as he picks up Ollie from the chair and cuddles him with a big smile.

“I don’t care who he dates. He’s a good friend now. Plllluuussss, I have Lydia” I smile.

“She’s really got into your head hasn’t she, you only met her last night” he laughs.

“I know but she just clicked with me and then she was talking to all of you and damn Bobby, I think I’m falling already” I grin.

“I’m glad you’re happy Kat” Bobby smiles.

“Thanks. Now, have you stolen my child from his slumber, so you don’t have to work?” I smirk as he grins cheekily.

“I would never…”

“Helllooooo siblings!” Nathan bursts in with a smile on his face as he grabs Ollie from Bobby as his faces drops.

“Now you can help me Bobby” I smirk as he groans.

“Hey baby boy! Are you going to stick with Uncle Nathan? Of course you are!” He baby talks and I stand there smirking as he goes red as he notices I’m watching him.

“So cute” I gush as Bobby laughs and we get to work working on our tax return. God I hated them!

“So, is anyone going to tell me what’s going on with Mason and Bailey?” Nathan raises a brow.

“They are together now” I smile.

“Seriously…I’m like the only single one left…” He groans.

“You’ll find someone Nathan”

“Can I have Lydia…She’s so fucking hot” Nathan says.

“Nathan! If you weren’t holding my son right now I’d beat you” I laugh.

“Ok! I get it, she’s yours” He smirks.

“That was pretty obvious last night dude” Bobby groaned, and I laughed.

“Was it? Am I missing something…I mean I saw you two hugging while watching and I know you guys were making out”

“You missed the lustful moan that Kat got out of her…” Bobby says.

“Slut” Nathan says playfully.

“Do you need pointers Nathan? I would be happy to give you some” I laugh as I rummage through the paperwork in front of me.

“No thanks I can make any girl moan” He says.

“You realise moaning lustfully and groaning are two completely different things right?” I say playfully as he flips me off.

“Nathan makes them groan because he can’t chat a girl up to save his life” Bobby smirks as Nathan chucks a pen at him.

“Now, boys, please play nicely, my child is in here” I say as they both look at me.

“Yes mum” They say as we all burst into laughter.

My phone dings and I pick it up.

“OOhhhh is it Lyyydddiiiiaaa” Bobby shoves me playfully.

“Yes” I smile.

Lydia: Hey beautiful, I had a great time last night, still on for our date? Are you busy tonight? Lydia xxx

“Can either of you watch Ollie tonight?” I smile sheepishly.

“I can, apparently I have no love life so I will look after my adorable nephew for you” Nathan asks as I hug him quickly before replying.

Kat: Hey gorgeous. I loved meeting you last night and can’t wait to learn more about you. I’m free tonight if you would go on a date with me? I can pick you up about 5pm? Kat xx

Lydia: Can we make it 6pm? Sorry, I have things I have to do at five. Lydia x

Kat: Six is fine, anytime you need. Get whatever you need done. Let me know where to pick you up from and I will see you then x

Lydia: I live next to the gang house with Craig. You know where it is? X

Kat: Yeah, left or right? X

Lydia: Left, blue door, number 234. See you later beautiful xx

Kat: I can’t wait x

“So?” Nathan says.

“I’m picking her up at six…which leads me to ask…Can I borrow one of your cars?” I smirk.

“Just get your own fucking car Kat” Nathan laughs.

“Why when everyone around me has one?” I smile.

“Fine, you can borrow mine, but if you dent or scratch it, you’re paying for it and your own fuel” Nathan says as I hug him.

“Thank you!” I grin.

For the next few hours Bobby and I work on the paperwork. We had got most of it done as we decided to call it a day and continue tomorrow as Bobby had to go out with Lucy and I had a date to get ready for.

“I’ll take you to mine first so I can grab a few bits and then I’ll stay at yours” Nathan says.

“Can’t Ollie stay at yours?” I smirk as we get to the car.

“Are you planning on going to bed with her?” Nathan laughs.

“I don’t know…But I might…” I blush.

“Fine…We’ll go to yours, grab some stuff, you can get ready and take us to mine before going on your date” Nathan rolls his eyes, but smiles none-the-less.

“Thank you” I smile as we head home.

Soon enough it was time to take Nathan and Ollie to his house.

I was wearing a black dress which hugged my curves and my cropped leather jacket, with a pair of average sized heels.

“You look really nice sis” Nathan said hugging me before I left the house.

“Thanks. I’m so nervous Nath” I say as my hand shakes.

“Just be yourself and you’ll be fine. Go or you’ll be late. Ollie will be fine” He smiles as I kiss him and Ollie.

“Thank you Nathan!” I call out as he chuckles and waves goodbye as I drive off towards the gang house.

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