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Chapter Three

I wake up alone in bed as I groan and hiss in pain sitting up.

“Seriously Bobby, shut up, she’s asleep!” Lucy whisper shouts as I get up and hear them outside.

“I just want to make sure she’s ok! I’m still in shock that my own sister has been a fighter this whole time and now I find out you knew! But we didn’t!” He exclaims as I sigh and open the door as they stand there in shock.

“I told them to keep quiet” I say as Bobby looks at the bandages around my chest.

“He got you good…We still have no idea who arranged that fight. It was clearly not a fair fight” He growls.

“I still won” I smirk.

“You aren’t going to stop fighting if I ask nicely are you?” Bobby asks.

“Not a chance”

“I don’t like it Kat, but I know you can fight. But, the boys need to know…” He groans.

“I’ll tell them…Eventually” I say as I push past.

“No, not eventually. They need to know soon. If there are more fights like last night, you need more help and more training. Uncle Benji is getting worse and you know it, he hasn’t got many more fighting days in him himself” He says as I sigh and turn to him.

“Fine. But they won’t like it and I am not going to bow down and say I’m not fighting anymore. You guys can’t stop me” I say.

“Too stubborn…” Lucy says snidely.

“Yet you love me” I smirk as she blushes.

“I’m not stopping you…But, I’m scared for you…You’re my sister Kat and you’ve kept this huge secret for so long and we never knew. I don’t know how we didn’t. I twigged last night and then couldn’t not see it. We missed every sign! The nights out, the scar, the bruises that we saw occasionally.” Bobby groans.

“How did you miss my scar by the way?” I laugh pointing at my stomach.

“Honestly, in those leggings and that make-up…no one’s looking at your stomach…” Lucy winks.

“Oh shit!” Bobby says wide-eyed.

“What?” I laugh.

“Nathan has a thing for Smoke! Wait until he finds out it’s our sister!” Bobby begins laughing manically.

“Has a thing for Smoke…You can’t mean…” I start as Lucy begins laughing too.
“He wants to bang Smoke…” Bobby laughs.

“EWWWWWW” I groan, fake puking.

“If that’s not reason enough to tell them…” Lucy laughs.

“I did not need to know that my brother has a thing for my alter ego…I think I might be sick…” I groan as we head downstairs.

“What’s going on here?” Lila smiles as we come down the stairs.

“Oh nothing mum, just a little joke” Lucy scoffs as I shove her with a playful glare.

“Talk of the devil…” Bobby says getting out his phone.

“Hey Nath…No man I don’t…I wouldn’t say that if I were you anymore bro…Trust me…Oh you’ll find out soon enough…Fine…Be there soon…She’s at Lucy’s…Because I’m standing right fucking next to them…Yeah…See you soon” He says with a smirk.

“What did he want?” I ask raising a brow.

“He wanted to know whether I had anything going on with Smoke…” He laughs.

“Smoke?” Lila asks. She didn’t know about the fighting.

“Just a nickname of a girl” Lucy smiles.

“Oh…This…Smoke…Do you boys have a thing for her? It’s about time you and Nathan got a nice woman to cosy up with” Lila says as Bobby laughs once more.

“I’ll find one soon enough, but it certainly won’t be Smoke” he laughs.

“Oh? Why not?” Lila asks.

“She’s…Uhh…” Bobby stammers.

“She’s very much into girls…” I smirk as my eyes wander to Lucy behind her mother as she looks at me and blushes.

“I didn’t know that…Does she like just girls or guys too?” Bobby eyes me questioning me.

“Bit of both.” I answer.

“So you know this girl Kat?” Lila asks.

“Oh yeah, she’s knows her really well” Lucy laughs.

“Why do I feel like I’m missing something here?” Lila frowns.

“Missing what?” Travis walks into the room and Lila’s face lights up at the sight of her husband. Their love was goals to be had as they were so cute and loved up.

“Oh, never mind” She says and kisses him hard.

“Do you two mind not doing that in front of everyone?!” Lucy groans.

“That’s life goals right there Lucy…I’d give anything to have that sort of love” I smile.

“You are staying a virgin for the rest of your life little sister” Bobby laughs.

“Who said I was a virgin?” I raise a brow as he chokes on his coffee.

“Please tell me you’re joking…” He groans.

“She lost that at sixteen Bobby…” Lucy smirks.

“WHAT?! By who?!” He growls.

“It doesn’t matter who did it Bobby” I roll my eyes. I didn’t need him to know that I lost my virginity as Smoke in the underground…He’d murder the guy. The only guy that had ever touched me like that…Jay… The bartender who still wanted back into my knickers.

“Katrina!” Bobby snapped at me.

“You can’t control my whole life Bobby! Haven’t you realised that yet! I’m eighteen now, I’m an adult. I can do what I want”

“But you wasn’t at sixteen. Who did it?” He growls as Travis comes around the counter and steps between us.

“Bobby, enough. Your sister is the safest person I know and if she trusted someone enough to lose her virginity it was her choice. She was legal. Don’t let me remind you how old you were…” Travis warn as Bobby huffed.

“I’m going to find out…” Bobby sighed as his phone went off with a text.

“It doesn’t matter anymore Bobby. Just go, Nathan obviously needs you” I say.

“Fine. See you guys later” He huffs and storms out the house.

Uncle: Fights tonight, the King is coming. Want to watch?

My uncle texts me as I squeal in joy. The King was one of the best fighters I had ever seen, he was always shrouded in darkness and kept a hood covering his face as he defeated everyone in the ring. Some nights we would just go to watch his fights as he rarely came out anymore.

“What’s got you so happy?” Lucy asks as she peers over my shoulder.

“Want to come?” I smirk, she’d never been to a fight before, although her Dad came occasionally with my uncle.

“I don’t know…” She sighs.

Kat: Oh you know I do.

Uncle: Be ready for 6pm, will we be joined by extras?

“Travis fancy coming out with my Uncle and I tonight. His good friend King is out” I smile.

“Oh really? Would you mind me going out tonight dear?” He asks Lila.

“No of course not, I’m off out with the girls tonight anyway. But what about Lucy?” She asks as we all gaze at her.

“I’ll come with you Kat” She says as I notice the curiosity in her eyes as I hug her squealing happily. I got to welcome her to my world and although I was nervous, I couldn’t wait.

Kat: Lucy and Travis are coming.

Uncle: Smoke her up

Oh of course, I would have to smoke her up as he had said. The boys would notice too easily who she was and then guess within an instant that it was me. Plus it would keep her safer if the underground didn’t know what she looked like. They knew that Travis was a part of this world of ours as he was good friends with my uncle and our father before he died. But Lucy wasn’t supposed to know.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Lucy raises a brow as I look over her beautiful body.

“Just thinking about what you’re going to wear tonight” I smirk as her eyes widen.

“Oh no” She groans as she runs off before I follow her slowly up the stairs.

For the rest of the day I go through her wardrobe as I wash my ‘Smoke’ get up in their washing machine when Lila goes out so it’s ready for tonight.

“Do I really have to dress up?” She groans.

“You’ll love it, I promise” I smile as I make her get undressed and washed before handing her some clothes.

“Really…I was expecting worse…” She laughed as I handed her a pair of black simple leggings, an oversized white top which I tied around her middle so you could see her belly button piercing and a cropped leather jacket along with her bulky black boots.

“See… You look hot” I wiggle my brows as I kiss her lips quickly before working on her make up. Giving her a similar smoky look to me.

“Woah…” She says looking in the mirror as I take a step back and gawp at her.

“Woah indeed” I nodded

“Eyes are up here Kat” Lucy laughed as she noticed my gaze across her body.

“Just appreciating the look” I wink as she laughs.

“My, my girls, looking very good” Travis comes to the door in a simple black t-shirt and black jeans with a leather jacket to match.

“You match” I laugh.

“I guess we do. Lucy, I’ll ask you to stick to Kat or myself tonight. You’ve never been to a fight before and I don’t want you leaving our sight. Just don’t call her Kat. Call her Smoke” Travis says to Lucy.

“Smoke…Right…I won’t leave her side” She bites her lip in nervousness.

“Hey, don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. We are just going to watch a fight and maybe hang out a bit” I smile and put my arm around her shoulders.

“Ohh! Will I get to meet the famous Jay?” She wiggles her eyebrows.

“Please tell me that’s not who you lost it too…” Travis groans as I grimace.

“Don’t tell my brother” I beg.

“That guy…Really Kat?” Travis shakes his head.

“It was one time…”

“Three” Lucy says through coughs as I shove her hard playfully.

“KATRINA!” Travis shouts.

“If it helps I’ve only been with one other person since that…” I say.

“Depends who the other person is” Travis groans as we walk downstairs.

“Yeah Lucy, who was the other person I slept with…I don’t quite remember their name…” I wink.

“You two are a nightmare” Travis rolls his eyes as Lucy laughs.

“Daddddd” Lucy whines.

“Oh I’m not stupid girls, I’ve known about you two for ages” He says as we stop suddenly. Wide-eyed at each other.

“You knew!” I call out.

“Of course. I would know that look you two share between you anywhere” He winks.

“What look?” Lucy asks.

“Love Lucy…Love…” He says before grabbing his keys and walking out the door where I hear him greet my Uncle.

“I uhh… We should go…” I say as I step forward, but she catches my arm.

“Do you?” She says as I look at her confused.

“Do I what?” I ask.

“Love me?” She murmurs.

“Of course I love you Lucy” I smile.

“Not as a friend Kat…” She urges.

“Lucy…I…” I begin as she steps closer.

“Kat…” She says as her face gets closer.

“Yes, I love you Lucy” I say as my eyes flicker to hers as she takes my lips with hers, her hand entangled in my hair.

“I love you too” She says as my heart skips a beat.

“As a friend?” I ask.

“No Kat…More” She whispers as I blush.

“Lucy…We’re best friends, I don’t want to ruin that…” I look into her eyes.

“We won’t” She kisses my lips once more as I push her against a wall, ignoring the pain in my ribs as our kiss becomes more passionate.

“Be mine?” I ask as she smiles into the kiss.

“I’ve always been yours” She smiles with her arms around my neck.

“Girls what is taking so long…oh…sorry” Travis barges back in and smirks at the scene in front of him before slowly backing back out the door with a huge grin.

“We better go” I mumble as I take her lips once more.

“Let’s go girlfriend” she smirks as her fingers entwine with mine as we leave the house.

“Stay with me no matter what tonight Lucy” I say as we get into the car.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight” She smirks.

“Nice of you to join us ladies” Uncle Benji winks, Travis had obviously told him what he saw.

“Shut it and drive Benji” I growl as he salutes and starts the car with a laugh.

Lucy gasps as we come up to the warehouse, if we thought there had been a lot of people last night, it had once again doubled.

“Why do I have to have bad ribs, I’d die for another fight right now” I groan.

“Not a chance tonight” Benji says as I sigh.

“I see the boys” Travis points to my brothers who were standing around talking to a group of their own fighters.

“What are we calling Lucy tonight?” I ask quickly before we get out.

“Oh shit…Didn’t think of that…Any idea Lucy?” Travis asks her.

“Uhhh… I don’t know…” I notice she’s wearing the phoenix necklace I got her for her birthday and smile.

“What about phoenix?” I ask and she grins.

“Perfect” she answers.

“Let’s go Phoenix” I take her hand as we get out the car as I curl my arm around her possessively as people watch us.

“Smoke! Over here!” Bobby calls out and waves us over.

“Bobby…This is Phoenix” I gesture to Lucy and he nods, realising who it is.

“Nice to meet you Phoenix” He says taking her hand and kissing it as I growl. Lucy chuckles beside me.

“Down Bobby. Phoenix is Smokes’ girlfriend” Benji laughs as Nathan groans.

“Seriously…You’re gay…” He moans and walks off.

“I apologise for my brother Smoke. He’s taken quite a liking to you…” Toby says as I burst out laughing as he looks at me in shock.

“God damn it… I need to tell them tonight don’t I…” I sigh as Bobby nods.

“What?” Toby says.

“You know I’m a good fighter right?” I ask.

“Yes, one of the best I’ve seen. Why?” Toby asks.

“Hold on…Let me just ring my brother a second…” I say so only they can hear as I take out my phone and dial Toby’s number, hoping he would get it soon.

“Sorry, excuse me one moment” he says as he looks at the phone and walks away.

“Seriously…” I laugh.

“Hey Kat, a little busy right now” He says into the phone.

“No shit brother. How’s Smoke?” I ask with a smirk as I see his back straighten as he looks at me.

“No…Don’t even…Kat…Tell me you’re not…” He says as I wave.

“Oh yeah, I am Smoke…” I say as he hangs up and storms over to us.

“What the FUCK!” He screams in my face as Lucy cowers to her father.

“Calm down Toby” Benji warns.

“Calm down! You did this!” He shoves Benji forcefully in anger.

“Toby! Enough! Dad trained me before he died. Benji just carried it on. I enjoy fighting. It makes me feel closer to them! You know I can fight. You’ve been begging for me to join your team for the past year!” I growl getting between them as he drags me away from the crowd.

“Stay there” I order the others as Toby drags me.

“Kat tell me this is a joke…” Toby murmurs.

“I’m not joking. I am Smoke” I sigh.

“You’re not fighting. Not anymore, I won’t have my sister fighting like that!” He snarls at me.

“You can’t control everything that I do! I’m an adult. I can do what I want. It’s not my fault YOU left me to live with Uncle Benji. YOU left. All three of you got a house together without me! So I dealt with life how I knew. I knew about the ring. I knew everything and yet you never told me yourself. You claimed I was too young to know and that it was nothing for me to worry about. I’ve been fighting since I was fifteen! You never even realised! You left me to fend for myself in school, scared off nearly everyone around me. I was alone! All I had were Lucy, Travis and Uncle Benji. I love you three boys but I’m not the girl you think I am! I’m tougher than you think!” I say and he rubs a hand over his face.

“You’re right…I’m sorry, we should never have left you there…We should have taken you in with us, but we were young, didn’t know how to look after a young girl. We wanted you safe and yet pushed you into the life we wanted you away from. You can fight, I’ll admit that. But this conversation isn’t over…We’ll talk about this later” He says as his eyes flick to someone coming up behind.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t little Smoke” The person said as I turned and noticed it was the King himself as I gasped.

“Can I help you King?” I smirk, folding my arms across my chest, wincing but trying to hide it. It didn’t work, he noticed.

“I was hoping to challenge you tonight, but it seems like you’re having a few issues with pain tonight” He says as he winks and walks away as my jaw drops.

“You’re not fighting him, not now, not ever” Toby says sternly as we walk back up to the others.

“Who was that guy?” Lucy asks, taking hold of my arm.

“The King…The guy we came to watch” I say as I watch him with his hood covering his face.

“What did he want?” Bobby asks.

“To challenge me” I answer

“You’re joking!” Benji laughs.

“No she’s not. But there is no way she is fighting him” Toby shake his head.

“Oh yes I am” I say sternly.

“We’ll talk about it later. I need to find Nathan and tell him the news about our sister…” Toby sighs.

“I’ll come too! I can’t wait to hear this!” Bobby laughs following him.

“You better go too” Travis tells Benji as he nods and follows.

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