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Chapter Thirty-One

“Why didn’t you bring her straight here?!”

“She hates hospitals, Travis said the wound would be ok when it was stitched up. What else did you want me to do Connor?!”

“You should have forced her here Craig! She got shot!”

“Will you guys shut the fuck up” I groan as I begin to wake, my eyes fluttering at the brightness of the room.

“Thank fuck you’re awake” Connor comes to my side.

“Mason? Lydia?”

“Lydia is fine, she’s in the same situation as you right now, lost a lot of blood but is on the mend. Mason…He’s…He’s touch and go…They hit him hard, we don’t know if he might lose a leg yet, but he’s alive, that’s the main thing” Connor answers.

“How’s Hayley doing?” I ask Craig.

“She’s doing really well actually she’s being big and brave like you told her to be. She won’t stop asking about you actually, seems you made quite the impression” Craig chuckles.

“I’m glad she’s ok. So…how much does my brother want to kill me for his car getting trashed?” I grimace as the boys chuckle.

“He was angry, but not at you. He’s furious at the guys who were after all of us” Connor answers.

“We’re getting his car fixed for him though” Craig says, and I smile gratefully.

“Toby and Jasmine have Ollie right now. Nathan was so furious we all thought it was best. He’s in the waiting room right now pacing” Connor says.

“Do you know who these guys were?” I ask Connor.

“I do” He nods with a sour look.

“Why do I have a feeling I’m not going to like it…” I sigh.

“Because you won’t…The gang that came for us were the remnants of both The Motors and the Lockes gangs” He says.

“What…” I gulp.

“It seems like they were after payback, both gangs, one for Luke’s death and the other’s for the death of their leader and men at the bike shop…”

“That means…Shit…They’re after ME…I did this…”

“Kat, it’s ok. We can deal with this. I’m not letting any harm come to you or your family” Connor says taking my hand in his.

“Me either. I told you I owed you, now I’m going to pay it back by getting these bastards” Craig adds.

“No harm…Little late for that, three of us are in hospital Connor!” I exclaim.

“No MORE harm then smartass” He grumbles at me.

“Can I get out of here?” I ask.

“Yeah, but you have to take it easy” Connor sighs and nods as I slowly get out of bed, feeling a little woozy.

“I’ll wheel you around for now, you don’t need to fall and split your wound again” Craig says as he shoots off to grab a wheelchair.

“Where to?” Craig asks as I’m sat in the chair.

“Nathan” I answer, and he nods, wheeling me to the waiting area.

“Kat! What are you doing out of bed?!” Nathan growls at us as he kneels beside me before giving me a tight hug.

“I’m ok Nathan” I say into his neck.

“I was so worried” He mumbles into my shoulder.

“I’m ok, I’m right here” I hug him with one arm, careful not to move my wounded arm too much.

“I hate that you’re always in the way of a fucking bullet. This is all dad’s fault!” He growls sitting back on a chair close by.

“We can’t change what’s happened now Nathan, we just need to get on with it now. Keep our family safe” I sigh.

“Connor…I think you should train me and the others with guns…” Nathan says as I look between them.

“He’s right, they can fight but when it comes to a gang with guns, they need to have that option, you can’t fight a bullet with a fist” Craig says.

“Fine, but you don’t use them unless necessary” Connor sighs.

“You aim to disable…no killing” I say to Nathan.

“But if someone is aiming at our family, I’m killing them, end of Kat” Nathan snaps.

“Disable them…No killing. Leave the killing to those who are already killers. I won’t have your head messed up like mine!” I snap back.

“I agree” Connor says, and I nod in thanks.

“Fine” Nathan grumbles, folding his arms sulking like a child.

“Can I see Lydia?” I ask Craig as he smiles.

“Of course, Hayley will love it too” He smiles as all the boys come with us.

“Hey Lydia, I’ve got a surprise for you” Craig walks in first as Nathan now has control of the chair.

“What is it now Craig?” She sighs.

“I can leave if you want” I smirk as I’m wheeled in, I can see her eyes light up while she’s attached to an IV bag and Hayley is asleep in her arms.

“KAT!” She sobs as Craig helps me out the chair and I sit on the bed beside her. “I was so fucking scared” I say, leaning my forehead against hers.

“You saved me and my girl…I guess you know I have a daughter now, huh?” She laughs and kisses me slowly.

“I do and I think she’s amazing. She was so brave” I say as I look at Hayley with a smile.

“She’s unbelievable, she shocks me how grown up she is every day, she’s five going on fifteen sometimes” She giggles.

“She’s got her mother’s attitude from fifteen too” Craig smirks as Lydia flips him off.

“Guys I need to go, Bailey just said Mason’s out of surgery” Connor says

“Go, let me know how he is!” I say and he nods and rushes off.

“I hope he’s going to be ok” Lydia cries.

“He’ll be fine, it’s Mason…He’s rock solid” I smile as Nathan sniggers.

“Not like THAT Nathan” I smirk as we all begin chuckling.

A few hours later and the room was getting full of more people as Travis, Lila, Lucy and Bobby turned up.

“I have all of you to thank too huh?” Lydia smiles at them.

“No need, we’re all family here” Travis smiles.

“Mummy” Hayley groans waking up from her slumber.

“Hey baby, look who’s here” Lydia smiles as Hayley’s eyes open properly and look around.

“KAT!” She squeals and hugs me quickly.

“Be careful Hay, she has a poorly arm” Craig says, and she looks at me with wide eyes.

“You got shot too?” She mumbles.

“Yeah, but I’m ok Hayley, I promise” I smile.

“What happened to your pretty dress?” Hayley said.

“The doctors had to take it off of her, it was too dirty” Craig smirks.

“But, then mummy and Kat can’t go out together all pretty…” Hayley sighs.

“Mummy and I will go out again soon, for now we can spend time together now, it’s just a dress Hayley” I smile.

“You’ll stay with us?!” She squeals.

“For a little while but I have to get home to my baby too soon” I smile.
“You have a baby?!”

“Yeah, want to see a photo?” I ask as she squeals again as I grab my phone from Craig and flick through the photos as Lydia and Hayley both look.

“He’s so pretty” Hayley murmurs.

“He is, I can’t wait for you guys to meet him” I smile as my fingers entwine with Lydia’s.

I watch Hayley as she flick through my photos, her eyes are a bright blue and her features are unbelievably familiar.

“Kat…Can I talk to you a moment? Alone…” Lucy says as she notices me staring at her. I nod and follow her outside slowly.

“Did you notice it too?” I ask.
“She has the same eyes as Ollie…” Lucy sighs.

“She was raped Lucy…What if…” I bite my lip with nerves.

“It could just be coincidence right?”

“Do you really believe that?” I raise a brow.

“No…But what do we do?” Lucy asks.

“Nothing right now. It’s not going to matter Oliver is dead and there’s no way Connor or Mason would have done it…” I answer.

“Are you sure?” She says and I glare at her.

“They would NEVER rape someone…Unfortunately Oliver is a strong possibility” I sigh.

“Girls?” Craig comes out the room looking concerned.

“Go back in Craig, we’ll be in in a moment” I say, and he closes the door behind him.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing go back inside” I say sternly.

“Fine” He sulks.

“So, what do we do?” Lucy asks.

“Keep it to yourself. When things calm down a little I will talk with Connor” I sigh, and she nods agreeing.

How could he have done this? If Oliver was a rapist and Hayley was his, then Ollie was her sibling…

Lydia had the right to know who it was and so did Craig, but this could cause trouble with Connor as it was his cousin…

“Stop worrying about it” Lucy says.

“Lucy, both the Lockes and The Motors are out for revenge…I can’t help but worry about everything right no” I sigh.

“Connor will deal with it. You know he will” Lucy hugs me as tears slip out.

She wipes my tears from my face as I hear footsteps come towards us.

“Kat, why are you crying?” Connor says with a look of confusion.

“Everything just crept up on me” I sigh as he comes up to me and hugs me.

“Lucy, I’ve got her” Connor says as Lucy kisses my cheek and goes back into the room.

“How do we get out of this?” I cry.

“You aren’t doing anything but getting on with your life. I’m dealing with this.”

“This is my families mess, this started with my father and he’s still got shit messing up even though he’s dead…AGAIN! I’m helping you with this and you can’t stop me”

“Kat…I can’t risk you doing that” Connor puts my face in his hands.

“You don’t have a choice. Now how is Mason?” I ask.

“We’ll talk about this when you’re all healed up. Mason is out of surgery, but he won’t be fighting anymore, he lost a leg…” He sighs.

“At least he’s alive” I answer.

“I know, but he’s not going to like not being able to fight”

“Then he can train people instead. We’ll keep him busy somehow” I answer.

“You’re a good friend Kat” Connor kisses my forehead and hugs me once more.

I end up yawning, feeling utterly exhausted.

“You should go home to your baby and sleep Kat” He says as we head back into Lydia’s room.

“I’m fine” I smile.

“Hey Connor, how’s Mason?” Travis asks.

“He’s alive. One leg down, but alive” Connor answers

“Better than dead” Travis nods.

I walk slowly up to Lydia and Hayley as I sit beside them again.

“So, I might have to go home soon” I sigh.

“You’ll come back though right?” Hayley asks as if she’s about to cry.

“Of course I will Hayley, you and mummy aren’t getting rid of me so easily” I smile and wink at Lydia.

“Can we see the baby?” Hayley asks.

“How about you be good for mummy and then if mummy tells me you’ve been good I will bring Ollie over?” I smile.

“I can be good!” Hayley giggles.

“That ok with mummy?” I ask.

“Sounds great to me. Go see your baby” Lydia smiles before I lean over and kiss her lightly.

“Message me if you need anything” I say resting my head against hers.

“I will” She smiles and kisses me again quickly.

“Home time Kat” Lila smirks as Travis helps me back into the chair.

“Do I get a hug bye?” Hayley pouts.

“Of course you do!” I exclaim as she giggles and jumps onto my lap as she hugs me tight.

“Be careful Hayley!” Lydia calls out with a groan.

“She’s ok” I laugh as I kiss her head and she gets off waving, sitting with her mum again.

“Travis, I’m sorry your house is in a bit of a mess…” I sigh as we are driving home.

“Oh don’t worry about that. We can deal with that. I’m just glad everyone is alive right now” He says.

I fell asleep on the way to Toby and Jasmine’s as they didn’t want me home alone.

“Nathan take her inside, put her in the spare room” I hear Toby say softly.

“Toby…” I mutter half asleep.

“We’ve got you Kat” He kisses my head as Nathan carries me inside.

“Where’s Ollie?” I murmur.

“He’s in the cot beside the bed Kat” Nathan says quietly as he places me in the bed.

“Will you stay with me?” I ask.

“Yeah Kat, I’ll stay with you” He says as he goes and grabs a spare pair of pyjamas from Toby before slipping into the bed beside me as I curl up into my brother’s arms.

“I think Oliver is Hayley’s dad” I sob, I just had to tell my brother, it was in my head and I needed the release.

“Jesus Christ Kat” Nathan sighs.

We talk for a little while in bed and I explain everything as he agrees with everything I say, he thinks Oliver probably is the father but we shouldn’t tell Craig or Lydia just yet and we should ask Connor when things have calmed down a little, we had other priorities, like the gang that had formed between those left of The Motors and Lockes.

I fall asleep next to my brother as he plays with my hair as he used to when we were kids to send me to sleep, saying he would get Ollie if he was to wake up.

My maternal instincts kicked in when I heard a grumble in the night as I lifted slowly from the bed, wincing as I did so, hoping I didn’t wake Nathan and picked up Ollie wincing again in pain before cooing at him softly in one arm.

He begins to get louder as I rock him and walk out the room, so I didn’t wake him as I slowly made my way downstairs and into the lounge.

I turn the light on and almost jump out of my skin as someone is sitting on the sofa.

“God damn it Toby!” I jump, trying to make sure I have hold of my baby.

“Shit, sorry Kat. What are you doing up? It’s like four AM.” Toby yawns.

“What am I doing up…What about you?!” I exclaim.

“Couldn’t sleep knowing that there are men out there coming after my little sister” He sighs as I sit beside him.

“Toby, please get some sleep. I’m ok. We’ll be ok. Connor can deal with this and he has agreed to train you guys with a gun just in case, but as I told Nathan, you shoot to disable and not to kill” I sigh and rest my head against his shoulder.

“I already know how to handle a gun Kat” Toby says.

“How?” I ask, when the hell did he learn to use a gun?

“Dad taught me…We used to go to the range together, it was something we did together back then. He did guns with me, fighting with Nathan and business with Bobby” He said.

“You’re joking…How did I not know this? Are you guarding us?!” I ask as there is a gun in front of us.

“Dad didn’t want you to know, you were his little princess back then. I have a bad feeling though he was involved with gangs for years…But yes, I was guarding my family.”

“His princess…Yeah of course, the princess he sells for a bet. Go to bed Toby, no one is coming after us right now” I roll my eyes.

“You got shot…There are people after you, I already spoke to Connor…” He eyes me.

“I know there is, but you are no good to your family if you can’t keep your eyes open. They won’t come after us again tonight after losing so many. Go to bed Toby, we’ll talk tomorrow” I say as he sighs.

“Fine, but why did you get up? You shouldn’t be carrying Ollie with your arm”

“Ollie got a little grumbly and I decided to get him before he woke Nathan. I needed my little man’s cuddles” I smile.

“Well you should get some sleep too, you need to heal” Toby says as I nod and he helps me up, taking Ollie from my arms and coming upstairs with me as he locks away the gun before going to bed.

“Get some sleep Toby, we’ll get through this big brother” I kiss his head as he places Ollie into the cot as Nathan is still sound asleep.

“Do you remember when we used to all camp out in bed and tell stories?” I smile.

“Oh yeah, Nathan used to always freak you out with scary stories so he could pretend to be the big scary brother who protected you from all the nasty ghosts. But he just wanted cuddles” Toby laughs.

“I remember that, he’d play with my hair so I would fall asleep saying that no bad ghosts would come near us. You would be on the floor with Bobby while Nathan and I got the bed. I always laid by the wall. You guys said that ghosts wouldn’t get to me because they would have to get through you all first and they would never manage it.” I smile remembering.

“And that still stands, no one is going to get to you, but it’s not just us anymore. You have a whole team of people who want to protect you.”

“I don’t want anyone getting hurt because of me.” I sigh.

“We aren’t just doing it for you Kat, we have Ollie, Jasmine, Lucy, Lila and each other to fight for. Family” Nathan says making us jump.

“Are we having a party or something in here?” Bobby smirks walking in.

“Just reminiscing when we all used to bunk together, Nathan’s scary stories” I laugh.

“They weren’t even scary you were just a wimp Kat” Nathan smirks.

“I was not!” I whisper yell at him.

The boys snigger at me as I huff and get into bed.

“Good night Kat love you” Toby smiles.

“Love you guys, night” I smile.

“Sweet dreams little kitty Kat” Bobby smiles.

“You haven’t called me that in years” I smirk.

“You’ll always be our little kitty Kat.” Bobby comes over and kisses my head before he and Toby head back to bed while Nathan pops to the toilet and jumps back into bed with a smirk as he cuddles up to me again.

“Aren’t you getting too old for this?” I laugh.

“Never too old for cuddles” He laughs.

I giggle before we both fall back to sleep. My family were my everything.

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