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Chapter Thirty-Two

“Aunty Kat! Uncle Nathan!” Mason shouts and jumps onto us on the bed as he hits my arm and I hiss in pain as I wake.

“Mason!” Jasmine shouts as she runs in and grabs him.

“Kat, let me look at your arm!” Nathan says as I slowly sit up.

“Mason apologise to your aunt, I told you she was poorly and not to jump on her!” Jasmine says sternly.
“I’m sorry aunty Kat” Mason sniffles.

“Looks like you were lucky buddy. Nothing split” Nathan says.

“It’s ok Mason, just be more careful” I smile through the pain.

Ollie begins screaming as Mason puts his hands to his ears.

“I’ll get him” Nathan says as he picks Ollie up and begins rocking him.

“He’ll need changing and feeding” I said.

“I know” Nathan smiles.

“Give me my baby Nathan” I smirk.

“No” He huffs.

“Seriously…You’re kidnapping my child and you WANT to do his nappy?” I raise a brow.

“I don’t want you tearing your stitches…I never said I would do it…It’s Bobby’s turn” Nathan laughs as he leaves the room.

“No! Nathan! I don’t want to!” I hear Bobby groan as I laugh.

“Mason go downstairs and have some breakfast with daddy and the others” Jasmine says as he jumps from her arms and rushes off.

“Thanks for looking after Ollie, Jasmine” I smile as I get up slowly.

“It’s no problem. I’m just glad you’re ok…Other than the bullet hole in you” She says.

“Just another scar to tell a story…I swear I’m covered in them. I don’t know why anyone would want me at all”

“They are just scars Kat, you’re still gorgeous” Jasmine smiles.

“Thanks. I’m going to jump in the shower…shit… I can’t get my stitches wet…Can you help me cover them?” I ask.

“Of course I can” She smiles.

Soon I was covered and had a quick shower being careful not to snag my arm.

“Shit!” I grumble as I struggle with the towel around me.

“Kat? You ok?” I hear Lucy on the other side of the door.

“Kinda stuck right now” I groan as she peaks in and giggles.

“Need some help?” She laughs as she shuts the door behind her and helps put the towel around me.

“This is ridiculous” I groan but laugh.

“Come on, I’ll help you get dressed” She rolls her eyes and helps me. I could barely move my arm without it stinging, Mason had really knocked it.

Lucy helps me get dressed and puts my hair into a bun for me.

“There you go, all set” Lucy smiles.

“Thanks Lucy” I smile and hug her with one arm.

“Let’s go get some food before the boys have eaten it all” She laughs as I follow her.

“Morning Kitty Kat” Bobby calls out as I see Ollie is in his arms as Nathan is stuffing his face with bacon.

“I hope you’ve saved us some food”

“Should have come down sooner” Nathan sniggers.

“Don’t worry Kat, I’m cooking more now. Greedy over there has eaten three portions already” Toby rolls his eyes.

“THREE! Nathan Smoak!” I say sternly.

“Sorry Mum” He says sarcastically as I whack him around the head playfully.

“Can I have my baby please?” I say to Bobby as he chuckles and passes Ollie over so I can hold him in one arm.

“How do you intend to eat when you’re carrying him?” Toby laughs.

I sit on the stool and nestle Ollie into my bad arm against my chest and support it with a leg underneath as I show my now free hand.

“You are going to hurt yourself like that” Bobby sighs.

“I’m cuddling my baby and having breakfast, whether you like it or not” I growl as they raise their hands in mock surrender.

“So Connor rang me this morning. Mason is awake. Lydia and Hayley get to come home today too. Bailey is trying to keep Mason calm but it’s not going so well” Toby says.

“I think Kat’s the best one to help with Mason” Lucy says.

“Yeah, I’ll see him today if one of you will drive me and Ollie there”

“I’ll take you” Nathan smiles.

“Thanks Nath”

Toby hands over a plate of bacon, sausages, eggs and toast as I groan in appreciation.

“I miss this” I groan as they chuckle.

“You’re always welcome here for breakfast Kat” Jasmine laughs.

“I might take you up on that” I laugh.

A couple hours later and Nathan was taking me to the hospital to see Mason as Bailey had called saying he was in such a state, shouting in anger.

“Will you take Ollie while I’m in there?” I ask Nathan as I can hear his shouting from down the corridor.

“Sure. Be careful Kat” He sighs and takes Ollie, heading to the waiting area.

“It’s my fucking leg Bailey! I’m never going to be the man I was! Just leave!” Mason shouts as I walk in.

“Bailey, Nathan’s in the waiting room with Ollie, why don’t you go see them hun” I put a hand on Bailey’s shoulder as she’s sobbing.

“Ok” She says as she walks out the room.

“Fuck off Kat I’m not in the mood” Mason growls.

“Mason Kingsley shut the fuck up right now. What did I tell you I would do if you hurt Bailey?” I growl.

“Oh get a grip Kat, you aren’t going to do shit to a guy without a leg” He rolls his eyes as I step up to him and slap him hard around the face.

“The next one will be a punch” I snap.

“Just leave me alone Kat” He snarls.

“Or what? You want to be a fucking dick to everyone because you lost a leg. YOU decided to help us. YOU are deciding to let it limit you. What happened to the Mason I knew who wouldn’t let a thing get to him! You are shouting at Bailey who just wants to help you because she loves you. You can still work you can still enjoy life. Yes, you can’t fight, but you can watch and teach. Fuck it, you can still knock some guys lights out with your fists! Lydia and me, got fucking shot! We are still getting on! God damn it Mason I have two gangs after me! You lost a leg, big fucking deal, we’ll work on getting a prosthetic and you can fight again, there are other options. Get your head out of your ass and get over it!” I cry.

“Kat…Oh god, what have I done? Wait, what gangs? Katrina what is going on?”

“Never fucking mind the gangs right now, Connor’s dealing with it. You need to sort out things with Bailey. Do you understand? I won’t have you destroying your relationship!” I growl, sitting beside him.

“I’m sorry” He blubs, the first time I had ever seen Mason cry.

“It’s ok…We’re all a little emotional right now. Just please, apologise to Bailey, she fucking loves you dude” I say as I hug him, and he shakes in my arms with emotion.

“I’ve got you Mason, I’ve got you” I repeat as he begins to calm down.

“Where did Bailey go?” He sniffles a little as I wipe his eyes and grab him a drink.

“She’s outside with Nathan. But Mason, this, this is my fault. I just want to say, I’m sorry you lost your leg protecting me. I owe you. You’re one of my best friends Mason, I love you, I can’t watch you destroy yourself, you still have life, so fucking live it”

“I couldn’t let anything happen to you, I had to stop them. How is Lydia? I promise I won’t let this shit get to my head anymore, I swear. I just don’t want to lose her”

“Lydia is ok, she got shot in the chest near her shoulder, missed everything important so she should get out today. Hayley was so good and really helpful, she’s a gorgeous girl and so full of life. Bailey will forgive you. Now, buck up, chin up and move on, we’ve got enough shit to deal with, without you throwing a child’s tantrum” I smirk.

“Can you get my girl? I need to apologise. Kat, thank you, I don’t know how you deal with all this and you’re still so…you.” He smiles.

“I’ll get Bailey in a second. I have one question regarding Hayley” I say, he knew of her rape, maybe he knew who.

“Sure… What?”

“Do you know who raped Lydia?” I look in his eyes as they cast downwards.

“No idea” He shakes his head.

“You’re lying Mason, I can see it in your eyes. I can also see exactly who it was in HER eyes” I growl.

“Fuck…Listen, Oliver was a bad guy, you know he was…He changed when he got you, you have to know that”

“So it’s true…Oliver really did it…” I sigh, sitting beside him.

“Yes…Wait who else would have?”

“She has a Kingsley face Mason, I had to make sure…” I murmur.

“You thought me, or Connor would have raped Lydia?! Kat! How could you?!”

“What was I supposed to think? I meet this little girl who has the Kingsley eyes and nose… I was praying it was Oliver and I’m glad it was him rather than you guys, but what was I supposed to think?!”

“You were supposed to trust us!”

“I do trust you! Why would I bring it up if I didn’t? I love you guys, I loved Oliver and now I find out that he’s the father of Hayley! What am I supposed to do with that? Do I tell them? Do I tell Craig? Connor? Lydia? Lucy saw it in Hayley’s face too, how long until someone else works it out?”

“Connor knows already…So does Lydia…They didn’t want to set Craig off on a killing spree, so no one told him. Lydia would pretend she had no idea.” Mason says and I look at him with disbelief.

“You knew Oliver had another child…You knew, when I was with him! When were you going to tell me? Ollie has a fucking sister!” I exclaim

“We didn’t want to hurt you Kat”

“I was already hurt… Oliver died it couldn’t be any worse” I sigh.

“Oliver changed, when he was with you, he changed, he wasn’t the man he was before, maybe he would have found her, I don’t know. But we can’t do anything about that now. We could tell Craig, but would it make it better? He’s dead, you can’t kill a dead man”

“No, but he can move on” I answer.

“Talk to Lydia, it’s HER choice.” Mason replies.

“I will if she decides to say something. I’ll nudge her, say how similar Hayley looks as a baby to Ollie.”

“Just don’t focus on it. You should get on with life, not focus on the dead. Fall in love with her, because I can see already, she’s got you wrapped around her finger.” Mason smiles.

“Ok. If she brings it up, then we’ll talk, otherwise I won’t say a thing. Now, I’m going to go get Bailey, you two are going to kiss and make up.” I say hugging him before walking to the door.

“Thank you Kat, for snapping me out of it” Mason smiles.

“Anytime, thanks for the talk” I smile and leave, heading for the waiting room.

“So, you didn’t kill each other…” Nathan smirks.

“Bailey, he has been thoroughly told off and has calmed down. Go back in. Call me if you need me, if he gets funny with you, warn him I’ll do more than slap him next time” I smirk.

“You slapped him!” Bailey laughs.

“Oh yeah, he also cried when I said it all straight with him.”

“You’re joking…King cried!” Nathan laughs.

“So do you…At titanic” I smirk as he frowns and Bailey laughs.

“Shut up Kat” He grumbles.

“Go, go get your man” I tell Bailey as she hugs me tight to her, thanks me and runs off.

“Ok, let’s go get your girl now shall we” Nathan smirks

I nod excitedly as he chuckles at me as we walk out. I can hear Bailey giggling as I see her hugging Mason tightly. I wave as he notices me, and they wave back with smiles on their faces. Thank god they would be ok.

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