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Chapter Thirty-Three

“Well hello gorgeous” I smirk as I stand in the doorway to Lydia’s room as she stood alone by the bed.

“Kat” She smiles as I walk up to her slowly,

“How are you feeling?” I ask as I put an arm around her waist and kiss her lips quickly.

“Better now you’re here. A little sore, but that’s what pain medication is for” She smiles and kisses me back harder.

“Good, now where is Hayley?” I ask as I step back.

“Craig took her for some food while I got sorted to go home”

“So, we’re alone for a minute then?” I smirk.

“Yes, why?” She gives her gorgeous smile as her hand caresses my cheek.

“Because I have an extremely gorgeous lady in front of me and I was very scared when I nearly lost her, I need to make up for lost time” I smile as I slowly take her lips to mine as she kisses back.

Her hands glide over my neck and down over my shoulders.

“Be careful baby” I whisper against her lips as her hand tenses and moves back around my neck.

“Sorry Kat” She says before I kiss her passionately, moaning against her lips.

“Uh…Guys…Little eyes in the room” Craig coughs signalling their arrival as Lydia and I separate, Lydia blushes and I think it’s the most gorgeous thing ever.

“Mummy! Kat!” Hayley squeals excitedly as she skips in with a teddy bear in her arms.

“Hi Hayley! Who is that in your arms?” I ask.

“This is Mr Ted, Uncle Craig bought him for me” She smiles.

“Wow, lucky girl. Now, I have to ask one thing” I kneel to her level.

“Yeah?” her face turns into the cutest frown.

“Were you good with mummy last night?” I ask.

“I was! Is Ollie here?!” She grins, jumping up and down excitedly.

“Was she good mummy?” I smirk at Lydia.

“She was super good” Lydia smiles.

“Well then, I’ll be right back” I smile and leave the room to find Nathan as I beckon him over with a smile.

“Time for Hayley and Lydia to meet Ollie?” He smiles.

“Yep, give me my baby” I say as he carefully places him in my arm as we walk back to the room.

“Ollie!” Hayley shouts.

“Be quiet Hayley!” Lydia laughs.

“Can I hold him?!” Hayley asks.

“Yes, but you have to sit nicely with mummy ok?” I say as she nods and sits on the bed next to her mum while I put him in Lydia’s arms.

“He’s so cute…Such bright blue eyes” Lydia coos as she places him in Hayley’s lap as her own blue eyes light up.

“Reminds me of Hayley when she was a baby…” Craig says with a smile as I side glance at him as his smile turns to a frown, moving closer to look at Ollie before turning to me.

“Can we talk Kat for a second?” He asks.

“Yeah. He’s in good hands. We’ll be right back guys” I nod and follow him I think I know what was coming.

“Need me?” Nathan asks.

“No, stay with them” I say, and he nods, eyeing Craig suspiciously.

“He’s not going to hurt me Nathan” I laugh as he turns and goes back into the room as I follow Craig outside, into a small garden.

“Why is it that your son and my niece seem to share the same facial features?” He says and I sigh.

“Because they share the same father…”

“Who?” He turns with rage in his eyes.

“It doesn’t matter who Craig” I shake my head.

“That man raped my sister! Tell me who so I can kill him! Stop protecting him!” He shouts.

“That man…is dead. I’m not protecting him, there is literally no point in telling you who it was. It’s useless because he’s dead already!” I snap.

“I need to know Kat, please, I need to move on from this, I need to know!” He begs coming closer to me.

“You don’t want to know”

“Kat, I am begging you.”

“Oliver…” I say and he looks confused.

“Oliver who?”

“Oliver Kingsley…” I face him and multiple emotions go through his face as he recognises the Kingsley name.

“Connor’s cousin…Member of the Lockes…He…He… and YOU, did he rape you too?!”

“No, he didn’t. He saved me and we were in love, he changed” I sigh.

“A man like that doesn’t change Katrina” He growls.

“Yet you tell me that I’m not a killer. If I can change, why couldn’t he?” I ask.

“That’s different…” He huffs.

“Is it? Or is it you want to believe he was a monster to the very end. He changed Craig. I won’t deny he did something so wrong to Lydia, honestly, when I worked it out it made me sick to my stomach to think of it. But people CAN change. I’ve seen it” I say as he turns and falls to his knees.

“I’ve wanted to find out who hurt my sister for years…To find out he’s dead and my best friends cousin…” he sighs, his head in his hands.

“And now you know. Move on, Lydia has, she has a beautiful little girl who is loved by her uncle. Focus on them, not the past. We all need to keep moving on Craig. Don’t live in the past” I sigh sitting next to him.

“I swear, how are you only nineteen…” He chuckles.

“Not my fault I had to grow up quickly…Old man” I smirk.

“I’m twenty-nine!” He exclaims and shoves me playfully.

“Ten years older than me” I poke my tongue out.

“And there’s the age gap…” He laughs at my childish behaviour.

“Shut up Craig. Now, do you feel better or do I need to slap you like I did Mason earlier?” I raise a brow in question.

“You slapped King?”

“Oh yeah, he was going super crazy and I had to put him in his place. Now, do I need to do it to you? Or can we go back in and get on with life. Lydia needs you to stop focusing on this now” I say.

“You’re right, but I still wish I had been the one to put him down” He growls.

“I know, but he’s dead and we can’t change the past” I say as he stands and helps me up too.

“Ok. I know. Let’s go before my sister sends out a search party for her girl” He winks.

Craig seems to be a little lighter in mood, like a weight had lifted off his shoulders and I was glad we had been able to talk about it. Now the only problem was the gangs…

When we got back to the room Hayley was giggling as her finger was encased in Ollie’s hand as we watched from the door where they hadn’t noticed us yet.

“You like Kat don’t you Hayley?” Lydia asks Hayley.

“She’s really nice mummy, she helped save you. And Ollie is super cool… I wish I had a brother” Hayley smiles and then sighs as her finger caresses his cheek.

“Maybe one day baby” Lydia smiles.

“I think you’d make an amazing big sister Hayley. You could help being like a big sister to Ollie if you like” I smile from the door.

“Yeah, because he is her brother” Craig grumbles quietly so only I hear him.

“Really?! Wow! Yeah!” Hayley squeals excitedly which wakes Ollie, but Hayley is on it in a second as she rocks him in her lap, and he begins to quieten.

“Looks like you have the magic touch baby girl” Lydia kisses her head as Hayley grins brightly.

My phone rings and I notice it’s Connor.

“Hey Connor” I smile as I leave the room.

“Kat stay calm, but I think you’re being watched. I just got a message with a photo of you with the others in Lydia’s room”

“Where from?” I turn a little, trying to keep my face normal as my eyes flitted over the rooms around me.

“I’ll send it to you” He says as my phone pings, and I briefly glance at it. My eyes flit towards the area the photo was taken from as I see no one there at first, but then I see the corner of a jacket peeking from the corner of a seating area that could be where it’s from.

“Hey Craig, why don’t you guys go see Mason, he needs some company” I walk into the room as he frowns at me as I take his phone from his pocket and explain what’s going on.

“Ok, yeah, that’s a great idea” he nods as he passes the phone to Nathan.

“Kat, don’t you dare go after this guy alone, we don’t know who it is” Connor growls in my ear.

“I’ll see you soon” I say as I hang up.

I signal as to whether Craig has his gun as he lifts his shirt and I see it. I raise my own and show mine in the back of my trousers.

“Take them to Mason, I’ll follow in a minute” I say as Nathan glares at me.

“But…” He starts and I shake my head.

“I’m just popping out and I will be there in a minute” I say as he sighs.

Nathan grabs Ollie as Lydia takes Hayley’s hand and says they were going to see Uncle Mason as she smiles.

“Be careful” Lydia kisses me as she and Nathan head out.

“Go” I tell Craig.

“Don’t do anything stupid” He whispers in my ear before following them.

I walk out the room and walk towards where the photo was taken slowly as my eyes dart around. When I get around the corner, no one is there, just a jacket, a leather jacket as I pick it up.

It’s my jacket…The one Luke made me…

“Shit…” I walk up to the reception desk nearby.

“Excuse me, did you see who left this jacket?” I ask nicely.

“Oh yes dear, he went that way” She points the same way the others had gone.

“Thank you” I say as I run towards them.

Suddenly I’m yanked into a side room as I kick out and the person falls to the ground as I bring out my gun and aim.

“Woah! It’s me!” Craig says.

“Why aren’t you with the others?” I growl.

“You think I’m going to let you do this alone” He snaps.

“You should have stayed with them! Now who’s protecting them! The dude left my old gang jacket and headed that way!” I exclaim as his eyes widen.

“Shit!” He says as we dart out the room and head towards Mason’s room.

“Where is she?!” Some guy is at the door of Mason’s room, gun pointing at the others as Nathan stands in front of them. Craig and I sneak up behind quietly as I point my gun at his head.

“Looking for me?” I snarl.

“Well, well, well, good to see you again Kat” He turns.

“Billy!” I exclaim.

“Did you forget about me?” He smirks.

“Put the gun down. You wanted me, you got me” I growl as he laughs as he’s now aiming at Craig.

“Put your own gun down, you haven’t got the guts” Billy laughs.

“Oh really, isn’t that what Luke thought? As I slit his throat… You see your brother made me into what I am today, I’m not scared anymore Billy, I’ll fuck you up right here” I hear Hayley whimpering.

“Mummy, I’m scared, make them stop” She whimpers.

“You still have weaknesses, your family, now how is that nephew of yours…Mason, isn’t it” Billy smirks as I step forward, my gun at his forehead.

“You touch my family and I will kill every last one of you” I snarl.

“Come with me and your family will be just fine.” He smirks.

“Don’t do it, he’s duping us” Craig says.

“Am I Katrina?” Billy pulls out his phone and shows me an image of Mason at his school.

“Kat…” Lydia murmurs.

“Don’t even think about it Katrina” Mason growls inside.

“God damn it Billy. Why?” I snap.

“We need your skillset. We need a new leader, Luke trained you and I need your skills to deal with a few issues…You were next in line…” Billy smirks.

“You can’t be serious” Craig groans.

“Then why were you trying to kill me?”

“Minor setback, some of the boys weren’t so happy with my decision to bring you in.” Billy shrugs.

“What’s stopping them trying again?”

“They are scared of you Kat, use that fear, make them bow down to you” Billy smirks.

“You don’t want that Kat. Luke destroyed you. Mason will be fine” Nathan says as Billy whirls around to him, pointing his gun at them once more.

“Billy I swear to god, if you point your gun at my family once more I’ll end you like ended Luke” I growl.

“Come with me and we can stop this” He laughs.

“Fine” I answer.

“No!” Mason growls from his bed, unable to get out.

“Give me your gun Kat…” Billy says.

“No, leave my family alone first” I urge. He gets out his phone as I watch him send a message for his men to stand down. He shows me the replies and tucks it in his jacket pocket.

“Gun” He orders.

“Away from my family first” I cock my gun to the side as he huffs at me.

“Get in there” He tells Craig as he frowns and slowly stands beside Nathan.

“Kat! We’ll get you home!” Craig says.

“I wouldn’t bother…She won’t be the same girl after we’ve done with her” Billy laughs as he jams a wooden wedge in the door to delay the boys.

“Fuck you Billy” I growl.

“Gun!” He orders as he snatches it from me, hides them under his jacket as he pushes me forward.

“I’ll kill you for this Billy” I snarl.

“We’ll see” He laughs as he pushes me quickly through the hospital to a car waiting outside as I hear tires squealing nearby. He pushes me in quickly and orders the guy in the driver’s seat to hurry as we race off.

I watch as a car races past us and I notice Connor in the drivers’ seat, he doesn’t notice us as he’s too busy focusing on getting to the hospital.

“Hey Billy, you forgot one thing about Luke’s training…” I smirk.

“What?” He snarls.

“Always have a back-up” I say as I grab the knife in my boot with my hurt arm as I ram it into his eye socket as he screams, the guy in the driver’s seat goes for his gun as I ram it into his neck quickly as he gurgles. The car loses control and all I can hear are tires squealing, horns blaring as glass shatters around me as the car rolls.

The car stops as it’s upside down, I was thrown from a window as I hadn’t been belted up as I wheeze.

I can barely move from pain.

“God damn bitch” I hear Billy coughing up blood, still alive.

I look around me and see a gun, trying to get to it as I scream in pain but move slowly.

“I’m going to fucking kill you Katrina Smoak!” Billy shouts as I hear him getting out from his seat, dropping to the roof of the car with a hiss.

I was inching closer to the gun.

“Katriiinnnnaaaa” Billy calls out as I see him looking around for me.

I’m coughing blood as he turns to me with a smile, his face covered in blood as he comes towards me.

“I’m going to slice you into pieces!” he growls coming towards me.

“Fuck” I scream as I move to the gun in extreme pain as he’s almost on me. I move the last bit quickly, the gun under me.

“Stupid bitch” Billy laughs as he towers above me.

“Oh yeah…” I cough as he has the knife ready to stab into my gut.

“Say hello to my brother for me” He smirks.

“Say hi to mine behind you” I smirk as he turns as I fake it, bringing the gun out from behind my back as he growls facing me again to a gun in his face.

“Go to hell” I growl and shoot as he falls forward, landing on me as blood seeps over me, the knife narrowly missing me.

Sirens sound everywhere as I try to shove him off, my energy depleted as he crushes my chest.

“Kat! Kat where are you?!”

“Katrina!” I hear panicked voices.

I’m coughing up blood as I use the gun to shoot into the air.

“Kat!” Another shout as I hear footsteps rushing closer.

“Fuck!” Connor is grabbing at Billy’s body as he shoves him off, letting me breathe a little again.

“Kat! Oh my god!” Toby is by his side as he looks at me with fear.

“Are they ok?” I cough.
“God damn it Kat, think about yourself for once. Hey! Over here!” Connor shouts at paramedics nearby.

“Are they ok?!” I snap.

“They are all fine Kat” Toby says as he brushes my hair from my face.

“Take care of Ollie” I cough.

“No! Don’t you give up Kat!” Connor says pressing against a wound.

“I love you guys” I say.

“Katrina!” Toby cries out as I pass out and all I see is darkness.

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