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Chapter Thirty-Seven

We rolled up to an old block of flats, it looked worn down, boards in the windows and glass everywhere…Yet, it wasn’t triggering me.

“You ok?” Connor asks as I scour the area.

“Yeah…” I nod.

“Good.” He nods and gets out as we get to the front door, he knocks loudly.

“Who the fuck…Well, well, well, if it isn’t Connor Kingsley and little Smoke” Harper opens the door with his cruel grin, gesturing us to come in.

“Keep looking at me like that and I’ll wipe that smile from your face Harper” I growl.

“Still got the bark, but have you got the bite still?” He smirks as I grab the knife from my belt in one swoop put it against his throat.

“You tell me asshole” I growl.

“Smoke, baby, you came!” Wayne comes out as he slaps my ass with a smirk…He just reached my kill list.

“Call me that once more and you’ll join Harper here” I snap as he holds his hands up.

“Tommy’s waiting inside. Well done Connor, you can do as you’re told” Wayne laughs as I eye Connor as he looks grim.

I release my grip on Harper and send him forward as we follow behind Wayne and Harper.

“Katrina, how lovely to see you!” Tommy smirks as we enter one of the flats that he seems to have turned into an office.

“I’d say the same, but you’ve all been trying to kill me and my family” I sneer.

“That was all Billy. Now, Connor, well done you got her here. Now who will win the bet” Tommy smirks as Harper and Wayne move behind us, blocking our way out.

“What bet?” I snap and glare at Connor.

“Connor wanted to make a deal, and I thought I would make it fun. Now I bet that you wouldn’t shoot him, he bet you would. The bet was that if you shoot Connor tonight, your whole family goes free and I leave you all alone. If you don’t, I kill every last one of you. Connor seems to think you’ll shoot him” Tommy smirks.

“What have you done?” I murmur looking to Connor as his eyes were downcast.

“Now, I did bring some extra people with me just in case you got any funny ideas. Paul bring our guests in” Tommy orders as Paul drags out Lucy, Jasmine and little Mason, all gagged and tied as he aims his gun to their heads.

“Shoot Connor, you all go free” Tommy smirks.

Mason is screaming under his gag as Lucy looks at us in shock, while Jasmine is unconscious.

“What happened to Jasmine?” I growl.

“She wouldn’t shut up. It was just a little chloroform. She’ll be fine, as long as you do as you’re told”

“Since when did she ever do as she’s told” Harper laughs.

“Just shoot me Kat” Connor is forced to his knees by Wayne.

“How can I guarantee that you’ll keep your word?” I snap at Tommy.

“I’ll let one of them go” He points to Lucy, Jasmine and Mason.

“Times ticking little Smoke, take too long and we’ll begin to assume you aren’t going to shoot” Paul smirks.

“Let Mason go…HOWEVER I need to give him my phone to ring his daddy to get him” I order.

“Done” He nods at Paul as he drags Mason to me, cutting his ties on his little wrists.

I take him past Harper who follows us to the front door.

“Aunty Kat” He whimpers, crying.

“Mason, I need you to be brave ok?” I say as he nods, sniffling.

“I need you to take my phone and do this ok” I say as I show him the buttons to press and point to Craigs name.

“He’ll come get you. Do you remember Connor’s car?” I ask.

“Yeah.” He nods.

“Ok, the doors are open, I want you to get in it, lock the doors and stay there until someone you know comes to get you.” I say and kiss his head.

“That’s enough chit chat. Get out kid!” Harper drags him from me and boots him out the door.

“Mason! Hurry!” I shout as Harper grabs me by the throat, pinning me against the wall.

“Kids a fucking dipshit, there’s no way he’s going to remember what to do” Harper laughs.

“Fuck you asshole” I spit at him as he smacks me in the face and drops me to the ground. Dragging me up he takes me back into the room as he throws me in front of Connor.

“What the fuck is your problem Harper?!” I shout pushing him, getting in his face, I had to delay for time so someone could get here. I couldn’t kill Connor.

“You’re my problem, stupid little bitch, why the fuck would Luke bring you in, of all the girls, you’re nothing. Even your daddy couldn’t handle this life, you’re just like him. How’s the panic attacks huh? Going to start crying on me?” Harper grips my arm hard.

“You’re just pissed that you weren’t second in command, Luke was going to put Oliver in charge and then me” I smirk as he smacks me again as I hear Lucy scream out.

“ENOUGH!” Tommy growls behind us. I can hear cars pulling up outside, I need to make more noise, so they don’t hear any of it.

“Or what Tommy! You going to kill me? Go on! You haven’t killed me yet, you know I could fuck you up, right here, right now. Go on!” I shout as the cars quieten.

“You hear that?” Wayne asks.

“What? Your bullshit mouth…I thought you were alright once, then I learned you’re just as bad as these fuckers!” I growl as it seems to snap his attention on me as he walks towards me threateningly.

I pull out my gun and aim it at his chest as he stops.

“You shoot me, Paul shoots a girl” Wayne smirks.

Paul is pointing his own gun at me as I see Connor put his hand near his own.

I had to move us out the way of the door, so Tommy wasn’t staring at it, if Craig and the others turned up, trying to creep in, we’d be fucked.

I make my hands shake, like I’m about to have an attack as I back off towards the corner of the room as Tommy watches me with intent.

“What’s happening?” Tommy snarls.

“Panic attack…If I don’t stop it, she’ll never be able to shoot anything” Connor snaps.

I pretend to fall to the floor, gun sitting between my legs, unknowingly aiming at Tommy himself.

“I can’t do this! I can’t do this!” I cry as I see the door open slightly, I was right, they were coming in.

“Lucy! Jasmine! Please don’t hurt them!” I scream as Craig and Nathan sneak into the room, hiding behind a sofa.

“While this is amusing, we need to get on with this” Paul growls.

The flat seemed to be one large loop as Craig looped around to the kitchen near Paul.

“Stand!” Tommy shoves me up as he makes me face Connor, lifting my hand with the gun.

“Tommy…” I whimper.

“What?!” He snaps as I slowly turn to him, wiping the fake tears.

“You were always my favourite you know” I smirk, I knew he wanted a piece of me, he was always ogling my body.

“Oh really baby, well if you shoot Connor for me sweetheart, we can have a little fun”

“What about us?!” Paul shouts, I knew he wanted a piece too, he wanted to rip me to shreds.

I place my hand on Tommy’s chest, knowing it would wind him up as his gun points towards us instead of the girls.

“I have just one issue…” I smile.

“What’s that sweetheart?” Tommy smirks.

“I think my buddies might have an issue with you assholes…Now!” I shout as I shoot Tommy straight in the head before turning to Harper, getting him in the gut as Nathan takes out Wayne. Connor and Craig both shoot at Paul as they all go down.

I walk over to Harper as he coughs up blood, going for his gun as I kick it away.

“I thought you would know better than to mess with me and my family” I smirk.

“Fuck you” He gurgles before I kick him hard in the face and then shoot him three times in the chest.

“Kat” Connor grabs my shoulder as I whirl around to him, gun to his chest as I slam him against the wall.

“Kat! What the fuck?!” Nathan shouts.

“Give me a reason not to shoot you right now” I growl.

“Kat!” Lucy cries as Nathan rushes over to them as Craig walks to us.

“What did you do Connor?” Craig points his own gun at Connor.

“He made a deal with them, if I shot him they’d let everyone go. If I didn’t they’d kill the whole family. You brought me here because you made a fucking deal with them! You put my family at risk! Did you know they had Lucy? Jasmine? Mason?! No, because you didn’t talk to me about it! I could have told you they would get some sort of leverage! You nearly got them killed!” I scream at him.

“I…I thought you would shoot me…” He says.

“You really think Kat would shoot you Connor…Seriously…You’re a fucking idiot” Nathan snarls as he has Jasmine in his arms and Lucy by his side.

“Nathan, take the girls outside, go tell the boys to do a sweep” Craig orders and Nathan just nods.

They leave us and the room goes silent.

My gun is still to his chest as he just looks at me, fear in his eyes.

“Do you really think I would kill you Connor?” I murmur.

“You should…” He says.

I take my gun and hand it to Craig as he eyes me curiously.

Then I punch him, hard in the face as he drops to the ground, blood dripping from his nose.

I wipe out his legs from under him and straddle over him as I punch him a couple more times before grabbing him by the collar.

“You fucking moron! You tell me not to do stupid things and look what you did! If I hadn’t have got Mason out to call Craig we’d all be fucking dead! You ignorant fucking prick!” I shove him.

“Kat calm down” Craig says as I shove Connor hard against the floor and stand, my chest heaving.

“You stand down as sole leader, right now” I snap.

“Who the fuck would run The Kings?” Craig scoffs.

“You would WITH Connor…And me” I smirk.

“The three of us?” Connor groans on the ground.

“Share the load, everyone gets time with family and a single person cannot make a decision alone which poses risks, just like you did today”

“Done” Connor says as he winces, trying to stand.

“Don’t come near me right now Connor Kingsley, I’m still pissed with you” I growl as he backs up slowly.

“You’re fucking scary girl…” Craig murmurs as I glare at him and he backs off in mock surrender.

“Was Mason ok?” I ask.
“He’s ok, bit shaken, but ok. He did good” Craig nods.

“Boss, we found a bodies upstairs…” One of Connor’s guys comes into the room.

“Who? Alive or dead?” I ask.

“You better come see” He says as we follow him up the stairs as we are passed flashlights as it was getting darker.

As we got further up the stench got worse as I pulled my jacket over my face.

“In there” He nods from the stairs as he points to a door.

I walk forward slowly as I open the door as the stench of rotting flesh hits my nose and I gag.

“Oh my god!” I scream as I see several bodies, all in different stages of decay. One was fairly fresh.

“What the fuck…” Craig steps out the room.

“I told you Harper was sick…This is his work…” I groan as I go in further.

“What does he do to them?” Connor asks.

“He slices them apart…as he fucks them…” I answer and he nearly pukes, leaving the room.

“Oh god…” I murmur as I see the one that’s freshest as I shine a light on the body closely, it was female, I moved an arm from the face…

“Payton…” I cry.

“Kaaattt” She groans as I scream when she moves, she’s still fucking alive!

“Jesus! Craig! Get a fucking ambulance now!” I shout as I pick her up carefully, covering me in blood and getting her out of the room.

I shut the room behind me to help stop the smell, but Payton was covered in rotting flesh of others as I tried to remove most of it, gagging at the stench.

“Here” Connor passes me a bucket of water and a cloth.

“This is really going to hurt Payton, I’m sorry” I say as she screams as I wash away most of the dirt and loose flesh from her skin.

“Ambulance is on its way” Craig says as I hear footsteps up the stairs.

“Who did you find?” Nathan asks in a panic as his eyes find Payton’s.

“Payton! Holy shit! It’s ok, we’ve got you Payton” He cries out as he kneels beside her and begins to help try and calm her crying.

“I’m sorry Payton, I’ve nearly got the worst of it” I murmur as I put the blood-soaked rag in the bucket.

“He…He…” She cried.

“Payton, Harper is dead, you don’t have to worry about him anymore” I squeeze her hand gently as she cries.

“I thought I would die…” She whimpers.

“We’ve got you Payton, I won’t leave your side” Nathan says, and I see a glint in his eyes…He likes her…

“You stay with Payton, we’ll deal with the rest Nathan, you did well today” I smile.

Nathan picked up Payton so we could take her to a lower level with lights as blood dripped from our fingers.

As the police turned up Connor and Craig went to deal with them as the paramedics rushed to Payton’s side.

“Are you hurt?” One asked me.

“No, it’s not my blood” I shake my head.

“Ok” They said and went back to the ambulance with Payton as I sat on the stairs.

Images flashed through my head of everything that had happened, even the crash, my hands shook…

“No, come on, they are dead, you are safe Kat” I repeat to myself over and over as I manage to keep the attack away, my hands were still shaky, but I managed…

“You did it…” Craig smiles as I noticed him in front of me.

“I did…I fucking did it…” I smile.

“You can do this Kat, I told you. You’ll get better” He laugh as he helps me up and passes me a towel to wipe of the blood from my hands.

“I need a fucking shower” I groan as the blood wasn’t coming off, and the smell of rotten flesh was stuck to me.

“Everyone is heading to yours, Jasmine woke up, she’s fine, a little scared, but fine. We’ll meet them there.” Craig says as we exit the building that was now full of police who were knowledgeable of the gang systems around here, most were dirty cops. Give them a little money and they help you out.

“We’ve got another live one!” A cop shouted as I ran back inside as I see Harper coughing and spluttering.

“How are you not fucking dead!?” I growl as I press my foot against his chest he screams out.

“Boys, this one is the one who caused all those bodies upstairs…” I said.

One of the cops shot him in the head as I raised a brow with a smirk.
“He had a gun, right?” He smirked as I laughed.

“I’ll leave you guys to it” I chuckled.

“What happened?” Craig asked as he saw me laughing as I came back out.

“Harper managed to live…I told the cops he was the one that caused all the bodies and the guy just shot him. He smirked and said that the guy had a gun right? And of course he fucking didn’t…Gotta love dirty cops” I laugh.

“Ok, so I’ve put a towel over my seats in the car, I will not have you fuck up my car” Craig laughs as I roll my eyes and get in.

A weight seemed to have lifted off of my shoulders, I was pretty sure I would get there quicker with my mental state than I would have done yesterday…It was getting better, I just needed to learn to cope…

I rested my head back on the chair as Craig drove us home.

“Do you think Lydia will like the new perfume?” I smirk at Craig.

“What Eau de le rotten body?” He laughs

“Yeah goes with the blood rich moisturiser right?” I laugh.

“It’s so gross” He grimaces as my clothes and hands.

“Oh yeah, do you want a hug?” I mock as he shakes his head furiously.

“Keep that to yourself!”

“So, do you think I gave Connor a good enough telling off?” I raise a brow.

“Oh, he’s going to feel THAT in the morning…Fucking dickhead” He groans.

“You wait until I tell Mason” I smirk.

“Dudes gonna die!” Craig laughs.

We soon arrive home as I see Bobby’s and Toby’s cars on my driveway.

I get out the car, being careful not to ruin Craig’s car as I playfully go to touch his precious seats as he gasps, making me laugh and get out.

“You’re cruel” He pouts.

“Yeah, but it’s what makes everyone love me” I poke my tongue out playfully.

“Kat!” Toby and Bobby both run out and stop short as they see I’m covered in blood.

“I wouldn’t touch me if I were you. Don’t worry though, none of it is mine” I smirk.

“Little sister, I think you are the most stubborn, irresponsible, moronic girl I have ever known and yet you are the most amazing, selfless, caring woman who save our family AGAIN. Connor told us everything. I added to his broken nose, Travis is fixing him up right now…Jasmine and Mason are alive because of you right now. You too Craig. Thank you…I would hug you, but you need a shower” Toby grins at me.

“You saved Lucy too…Our baby as well” Bobby says as I squeal.

“Lucy’s pregnant!” I cry out with a smile.

“Yeah, you’re going to be an aunt again” He grins.

I clap like a teenage schoolgirl, squealing.

“Annnnddd there goes the badass” Craig laughs.

“Want a hug big man?” I raise a brow as he back away.

“NO!” He says and runs indoors.

“Come on, let’s get indoors” Bobby smiles.

“Travis told us about your attacks too Kat…How are you right now?” Toby looks at me with concern.

“I’m good…Seriously…I managed to hold an attack back after it all happened. I can do this” I smile.

“Great…But you’re still seeing Michael” Toby says sternly.

“Yes sir” I mock salute as he laughs.

“Take that jacket and your boots off out here, we don’t need blood everywhere.” Bobby orders as I take off the boots and jacket, laying them on the grass outside.

“You stink right now” Toby’s nose wrinkles.

“I’m going for a shower!” I laugh as I don’t go in to see everyone else, I really needed to wash as I darted to the bathroom.

I hadn’t realised I had cuts on my hands until I got in the scolding hot water as I hissed out in pain, I had to wash and get them clean as I tried to ignore the pain.

“Fuck!” I hiss out as it gets worse.

“Kat?” I hear behind the door.

“Come in baby” I answer as Lydia makes her way in and moves the shower curtain.

“That’s a whole lot of blood going down the drain…Craig wasn’t kidding…Why were you swearing? Are you hurt? Craig said you were fine…” She says looking over my body, she bites her lip as she goes down, I could see the lust in her eyes, even though she was worried too.

“I must have cut my hand when Harper shoved me over, I’ll get Travis to sort it for me” I say as I bend over and take her lips in mine, I wasn’t worried about the blood anymore, I’d washed it off, it was already heading down the drain.

“When Mason rang, I was so scared” She mumbled as I rinsed off quickly and got out the shower as she wraps a towel around my body, holding my hand in hers.

“I’m ok. I’m right here. I promised I’d be home didn’t I?” I smile and kiss her again.

“Yeah you did. But Connor nearly got everyone killed…” She cries.

“Yes, and that is why he took a beating and now no longer runs The Kings on his own” I answer as she looks at me confused.


“Connor is sharing leadership of The Kings between him, Craig and me” I smile.

“You’re joking?!”

“No, if we share the load it should make things easier, make us stronger. Plus, Connor’s too much of a block head” I smirk as she giggles.

“True, now let’s get you dressed, as much as I want to kiss every inch of you right now, there are many people waiting for you downstairs” Lydia says kissing me as I pull her closer.

“We can play when they’re all gone” I wink as she moans as I kiss her neck and we head into my room.

I get dressed quickly as she just watches, biting her lip.
“Carry on biting that lip and we won’t make it downstairs” I growl lustfully.

“Don’t tempt me” She laughs as I’m finished getting dressed I step towards her as she’s backed against the door.

“I like this position” I wink as she moans at my kiss once more.

“Kat…Later” She groans as I laugh and let her go.

“Later…Tomorrow… the next day and every day…” I wink and she moans again as I chuckle, taking her hand in my healthy one.

“For god sake Mason Kingsley! I JUST stitched him up!” Travis shouts as we move towards the lounge as I see Connor on the ground…Again.

“Well, looks like you and the floor are getting well acquainted Connor” I smirk as peoples heads dart to see me.

“Aunty KAT!” Little Mason shouts from beside Hayley.

“Hayley, why are you up?” Lydia sighs.
“I heard everyone downstairs” she says quietly.

“You can’t blame her Lydia…Plus, Mason could do with someone his age right now” I kiss her head.

“You should have just shot him Kat” Mason/King grumbles.

“You know I would never do that”

“No…You’re too nice” King rolls his eyes.

“Hey, little Mason, you did so well buddy, I’m proud of you for being SO brave” I kiss Mason on the head as he smiles and goes back to watching tv with Hayley.

“Can I stitch Connor up AGAIN without someone beating him or does anyone else want a go?” Travis snaps.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine for now…Until Nathan gets home anyway” I smirk and Connor groans.

“What’s wrong with your hand Kat?” Lila takes my hand in hers as she walks me over to where Travis is and sits me down to clean and stitch it.

“When did you get that?” Connor asks.

“Must have been when Harper threw me on the floor” I shrug.

“Lucy…you ok hunny?” I say from over the table as she’s curled into Bobby.

“I don’t feel so good…” She murmurs.

“Has someone checked her out?” I ask.

“She’s fine Kat, it’s morning sickness” Bobby sighs.

“It’s what!” Lila squeals excitedly as she forgets my hand and leaves it half done, running over to her daughter.

“We were going to tell everyone tomorrow” Lucy smiles.

A mix of congratulations were uttered as everyone smiled.

“Uhh…Can someone finish my stitches please?” I laugh.

“Oh! Sorry Kat!” Lila laughs and comes back over to finish as Travis laughs at his wife’s antics before going to hug his daughter.

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