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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Since everything had happened with what was left of the Locke gang I had been doing everything I had promised, I was seeing Michael nearly every day, but he had already seen progress. I was healing, slowly, but I was getting better. I was still having panic attacks, but they were becoming less and less frequent, I didn’t hit out anymore at all.

In a week it would be Ollie’s first birthday and I was so excited he hadn’t stopped crawling around and he was learning quickly.

“Come on Hayley! You need to get to school!” I shout up the stairs. Hayley and Lydia were living with us most of the time, she went between her house with Craig and ours all the time, but most of it she was here, and I loved having them here. My family had grown bigger with them here and I was so happy.

“But I don’t want to! I want to stay home with Ollie!” She begs.

“You have to go to school Hayley. Ollie is going to Toby’s today and I have to go see your uncle and Connor. Mummy is at work, so you need to go and learn at school” I sigh as she stomps her foot at me as I look at her and smirk at her actions.

“Why can’t I go to Toby’s? I like Mason…” She sighs.

“Mason is at school too sweetie.” I smile.

“I want to go to the same school… I don’t like my school” She frowns, and I see hurt in her eyes as I kneel in front of her.

“Why don’t you like your school?”

“I…I…I just don’t” she sighs and won’t look at me.

“Hayley, tell me what’s going on” I lift her face to mine.

“The girls…they pick on me…” A tear falls down her face.

“Oh Hayley. What have they done?” I ask.

“They…They trip me up, they call me a nerd, push me, I don’t have any friends…” She cries as I take her in my arms.

“Ok. Listen to me, they call you a nerd because you’re smarter than them, they are jealous of how smart you are. I’m going to talk to mummy tonight and see what I can do ok baby? However, I am going to come into school with you and you tell me who is picking on you ok?” I say.

“Ok…” She sighs, nods and goes off quickly to get ready.

Kat to Craig: Hey Craig, I might be a little longer, I’ve got to deal with some things before I come in. Be there when I can x

Craig: Hey, no problem, we got this, if you need me call me x

Kat: Will do x

As I finish texting Craig Hayley comes down the stairs in her uniform as I grab Ollie and take her hand, leading her to the car.

Her school wasn’t the best in town, it definitely was the rougher side of town and I hated that. Maybe she should go to Mason’s school, at least she would have him, plus he went to a really good school.

“Kat…” She mumbles in the seat just before we get out.

“Yeah baby?”

“Those three girls, standing with those men…That’s them” She sighs as I look over.

I noticed the men and laughed, all three I had fought in the ring…They wouldn’t like finding out their children were picking on MY kid…Yeah, I called Hayley my kid, I treated her as if she was and I loved her as my own too.

“Oh Hayley, those girls won’t be bothering you anymore” I laugh as she looks at me like I’m crazy.

“How do you know?”

“Because you know I fight…Well I beat all three of those guys…They know me and they know I would whoop their arses if their girls treat you like that…Oops don’t say arses to mummy ok…she’d beat my ass knowing I said that in front of you” I grimace, Lydia could go full mummy bear mode on my swearing. But it made Hayley giggle in the car.

I grab Ollie out of the car as Hayley puts on her backpack.

“Will you hold him for me a minute sweetie?” I ask her as she nods and takes him for the moment as we walk up to the girls that picked on her and their fathers.

“Oh look it’s the nerd” One of the girls giggles, giving Hayley a glare. They must have been two years older than her, I hated bullies.

“Hey! Are you three going to just stand there while your daughters pick on a kid two years younger?!” I call out to the guys who were oblivious, not even facing us.

“Maybe you should teach your daughter to stick up for herself” One laughed as they turned, all of them had smirks on their faces which turned into shock as I stood there.

“Oh shit…Smoke…” One frowned.

“Listen, Kat…We…we’ll talk to them…Just…Shit…” The first guy, Liam, said as I got right in his face.

“If your girls ever touch Hayley again, I will personally teach her how to fight back with full permission to defend herself. I don’t take well to bullies and if I hear one more thing about Hayley being bullied, I’m coming after each and every one of you too. You know who I am, you know what I do.” I growl as I hear Hayley whimper behind me as the three girls stood around her and Ollie.

“Tammy! Serena! Olivia! Come here right now!” Liam shouts as they look back in shock at him, obviously he’d never shouted at them before.

“I mean it guys. If my daughter gets hurt, I’m coming for you” I growl as all three nod.

“Your daughter? I didn’t know you had a daughter…” Brian stammers and the third guy, Tyson, nods in confusion.

“She’s my girls daughter, which makes her my daughter” I say, and they nod in understanding.

I walk back to Hayley as I take Ollie from her.

“Buuttt Daddddd, she’s a freak” Tammy cried out as I glared at Liam and his daughter.

“You’ll do as you are told Tammy. That girl has done nothing to you, and you will respect her with the same respect as you give your family! If I hear you are bullying anyone ever again I swear I will send you to that bloody boarding school!” Liam growls as I hear Hayley giggle under hear breath.

“So, think you’ll be ok today now?” I smirk as she nods with a smile.

“Thanks Mum…Uh…Can I call you Mum?” She says as my eyes widen as I kneel down to her level.

“You can if you want to. I’d love it if you did” I smile as she hugs me tightly and kisses Ollie on the head.

“Thanks. Bye Mum, bye Ollie!” She waves and skips into school.

“Seriously Kat, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again” Tyson sighs as all three guys come up to me.

“It better not” I nod to them and go back to the car, strapping Ollie in before heading off to Toby’s to drop him off.

“Hey Kat! You’re late…What’s up?” Jasmine smiles as she opens the door.

“I had to deal with a little situation up at the school” I answer, and she raises a brow in question.

“Hayley’s been getting bullied, so I went up the school and found out who was doing it… Turns out some of the dads were guys I’ve beaten in the ring before. She should be fine now” I smirk as Jasmine sighs shaking her head with a smirk.

“You threatened them didn’t you?”

“Only a little” I put up my fingers to show a little with a pinch.

“Mason’s been going on and on about Hayley, quite the friendship they have” Jasmine smirks.

“Yeah, Hayley wants to go to school with him. I’m going to talk to Lydia about it tonight. It would be nice if she had some friends. She doesn’t seem to have any at her school. Or is it stupid to move her right now…I don’t know, do you think it will screw everything up, moving her schools?” I ask.

“I don’t know. If she doesn’t have any friends now, then maybe a new school will be the fresh start she needs. Plus, then Mason has another friend. He’s been a little withdrawn lately. He could do with it” Jasmine smiles.

“Ok. I’ll see what Lydia says. She’s hers first and foremost…Even if Hayley called me Mum today” I grin.

“SHE WHAT!” Jasmine grins.

“I know, I was so surprised. She asked if it was ok and I couldn’t have been happier. She is like a daughter to me too” I smile.

“I’m happy for you Kat, your life is really coming together.” Jasmine hugs me before taking Ollie from my arms.

“Where’s Toby?” I ask.

“Popped out to grab some shopping for me. He’ll be home soon”

“Well say hello and goodbye to my brother for me as I’m late for the meeting with the boys. Love you baby boy. See you later Jasmine and thank you for taking care of him for me” I smile and wave to them as Ollie giggles and waves back.

He begins to babble, and I smile brightly.
“Bye baby” I wave as he giggles again.

“mmmmmmm muuu mmmmummm Mumma” He squeals as I turn wide eyed.

“Did he just?”

“He did! He just said mumma Kat!” Jasmine giggles as I run back up, taking him in my arms, twirling around and kissing his face as he keeps saying his very first word.

“Mumma loves you” I grin.

“Well this has certainly been a good morning for you” Jasmine laughs.

“Heellloooo, Jasmine? Is Kat here?” I here Toby by the front door.

“Hey Toby!” I smile.

“Mummmmmmm” Ollie says as I smile as Toby’s eyes go wide.

“He just said Mum…” Toby points as I laugh at him.

“He did” I nod, kissing Ollies face a thousand times more as he giggles.

“How long has he been doing it?” Toby smiles at me.

“Literally the past few minutes” I answer.

“Yes and Hayley called her mum too today while she helped stop a bunch of bullies. Kat may I remind you that you are late!” Jasmine laughs as I look at the time.

“Oh shit! I’ve got to go! I love you baby boy, Mummy will see you later, be good. Thank you guys!” I kiss them all on the cheek and rush out to the car.

I couldn’t be happier in this moment if I tried.

I pulled up to the gang house and jumped out of the car quickly, the whole gang was here, every one of them, that was rare…

“Yo! Let me in!” I bang on the door. No one answers…

I ring Craig.

“Kat?” he answers.

“Will someone open the fucking door!” I growl.

“What…Someone should be up there…” He answers.

“Then why is no one answering…Who should be up by the door?” I ask as I try peering into the lounge window.

“God damn it!” He says as I hear fighting going on in the background before the front door is wrenched open by Connor.

“What’s going on?” I ask as I get inside and notice the commotion.

“New guys…” Connor sighs.

“HEY! That’s enough!” I shout angrily as three men are dragged apart.

“What the fuck is going on with your three?” Craig says as he stands between them.

“This fucker shagged my girl!” One shouts.

“I didn’t fucking touch her!” The other backs as I notice who they were.

“For god sake, do I have to deal with you three on a regular fucking basis!” I growl as Tyson, Liam and Brian face me in shock once more.

“You’re part of this gang!” Tyson shouts.

“She’s not just part of it, she’s one of the three leaders” Craig smirks.

“Oh shit” Liam grumbles.

“I’ve already dealt with you three this morning, do I need to take this a step further…” I look at the three of them

“No” They all answer in unison.

“What did they do this morning?” Connor asks.

“I just had to warn them about something. Nothing that can’t be solved. Is it boys?” I smirk.

“It’s already dealt with. Won’t happen again” Brian sighs.

“Good, now, keep your shit from home away from this house. If you are here, leave your shit at the door. Understood? I don’t care who is sticking their dicks in who’s girlfriend, it stays at the door” I snap.

“Yes Ma’am” Liam sighs.

Connor stands there smirking at me as Craig looks at me like a proud brother.

“Next time someone doesn’t open the door for me, I’ll put a bullet in your leg” I growl.

“Ouch…Be careful boys, mumma bear doesn’t like being made to wait” Craig smirks.

“Talking of mumma bear, Ollie said Mumma for the first time today and Hayley called me Mum too” I smile brightly.

“Leave your home shit at the door” Tyson mocks under his breath as I stomp towards him, grabbing the gun from my jacket as I point it at his leg.

“What was that?” I snap.

“N…N…Nothing” He stammers. I punch him hard across the face as he goes down.

“MY gang house, MY rules, I can do what the fuck I want. You work for US!” I growl.

“Sorry” He grumbles.

“Can we get on now?” Connor laughs as I nod and follow him down to the basement.

“Why is everyone here?” I ask as I see every one of our guys are here.

“That’s what the meeting is about” Craig sighs as we sit together at the table.

“Would someone like to update Smoke on our situation?” Connor gestures as one of the guys, I’m pretty sure everyone calls him T, comes forward.

“So each one of us has had this same guy lurking around us, scoping us out, we don’t know who he is or what he wants, he’s not hurt anyone or threatened but it’s getting weird, he’s been around all of us at some point” T says.

“Anyone got a photo?” I ask.

“Just these, he hides up though, we can barely see a thing” I look at the photo’s and all you could see was a figure standing in a big hoody, baggy trousers and a scarf over his face, so you couldn’t see anything.

“But he’s been to every one of you?” I ask as nearly all of them nod.

“Except us” Craig answers.

“I haven’t seen anyone…” Connor sighs.

“We need to be extra vigilant, lay low for a little while, I don’t like this, if any of you see this guy around you, I want to know as soon as possible. Got it?” I order and they answer with a yes Ma’am.

I take another look at the photos I notice a ring on the finger.

“Connor…Your family has a family ring don’t they?” I ask as he looks at me confused.

“Yeah why?”

“Where’s yours?” I ask.

He pulls out a chain from around his neck and unclips it, passing it to me as I look at it.

“Have we got any other images that have a clearer view of this guys left hand?” I ask.

“That’s the best one we’ve got” T answers.

“Can you see what I’m seeing Craig?” I point to the image and place the ring next to it.

“I see it…” He looks to Craig.

“See what?” Connor walks around the desk to stand behind us.

“The ring, he’s wearing a ring…Look familiar to you?” I ask as he grabs the photo.

“That can’t be…” He murmurs. I see his eyes look to the boys in worry.

“Guys get out” I order the others as they nod and leave the room, shutting the door behind them.

“Spit it out” Craig folds his arms.

“The only people with these rings are the men in our family. But there are only ten rings…I have one, Mason, Oliver had one…That means there are seven other possibilities of who this might be…But I don’t understand why…Our whole family knows of the gang, if they wanted to, they could come straight to me. Each ring is different though…They differ in colour…Mine is red, Mason’s is blue, Oliver’s was purple…” He says as I look to the image again.

“I can’t tell what colour that is” I look at the image.

“Kat…” Connor sighs and goes to a draw. He brings out another six rings.

“Hold on…Why do you have all of them?” Craig asks.

“Most of my family is dead Craig. The ring passes to the next successor…I was the one that got most of them. Mason gave me the others.”

“I don’t see a purple one…” I look for Oliver’s.

“No, which means someone has his…And there is only one other ring out there in my family…”


“Our father” Connor answers.

“But he went dark years ago. No ones seen him since, assumed dead” Craig answers.

“Well it’s either him, someone’s taken his ring or Oliver is back from the dead…” Connor gulps.

“Oliver wouldn’t play dead” I shake my head.

“Are you sure about that? I know my cousin”

“He was in a coma! He was cold and lifeless!” I shout.

“There are ways to pretend Kat” Connor sighs.

“I can’t believe you think he would abandon us like that. He wanted Ollie he was excited. He wouldn’t pretend to die. I felt his hand, I saw the doctors take out the tubes. He died! You know he did Connor!” I cry.

“Then it’s Connor and Mason’s dad, it has to be” Craig puts his hand on mine as I try to keep calm.

“Then where is my cousins ring?” Connor snaps.

“Connor I will say this one more time. Oliver is dead! We will find out who this is and work out where Oliver’s ring went, but Oliver is dead!” I slam my hand against the table as I get up from the desk.

“Kat calm down” Craig says.

“Are we done?” I snap.

“Yeah” Craig answers as I storm out of the house, getting into the car as I smack the steering wheel in anger.

There was no way Oliver would have gone dark and pretended to die…right?

A phone call distracted me from my outburst in my car as I answered.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” I answer Lydia’s call.

“Hey, I just had a call from Hayley’s school and apparently there’s been an incident between her and a few girls this morning, can you go pick her up? I can’t get out of work” She sighs.

“Yeah, meetings over anyway, I’ll call you when I find out what has happened” I say, and she thanks me as we hang up.

Kat to Craig: Keep Tyson, Liam and Brian in the house…I might need to deal with them.

Craig: What did they do?

Kat: I’ve got to go get Hayley first, I’ll talk in a bit, keep them there.

Craig: Done

I rushed over to the school as I hopped out the car and went straight into the school, walking down the corridor as my boots thudded against the ground as I made my way to the office.

“Mum!” Hayley shouted from a seat as I see she’s got a huge bruise on her cheek.

“What the hell? Who did this?” I check her over as a man comes out of the office with the three girls from this morning.

“Miss Smoak I presume? Lydia told me you were coming. I’m Mr Harrington, headmaster” He shakes my hand.

“Yes, call me Katrina. Now what happened?” I get straight to the point, already in a bad mood.

“I’m afraid there was an altercation between the girls. I have talked to them all and I will not tolerate bullying. I am suspending Hayley” He says.

“You’re what?! Those girls have been bullying HER!” I shout as he closes the door behind us, leaving the girls with the secretary.

“If they have Hayley has never told us, so I have to take this as I see it. Hayley lashed out at the girls, so they defended themselves” Mr Harrington says.

“You disgust me. Hayley is nothing but a sweet girl, she has good grades and is the most-friendliest girl I’ve known. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body!” I shout angrily.

“Miss Smoak I’ll ask that you stay calm or I will escort you out of my school” he says sternly.

“Don’t worry, I’m leaving, Hayley won’t be returning to your school” I sneer.

“There is no need to take Hayley from school, she has a two-day suspension and then she can come back” he huffs.

“If you are going to punish a little girl for being innocent, I do not want my daughter near this school. I will deal with the girls fathers myself and you WILL regret this” I storm out his office and take Hayley’s hand.

“Mum? I didn’t do anything, I swear…Am I in trouble?”

“No of course you’re not. You didn’t do this you didn’t deserve this. You wanted to move schools right? I’ll get you into Mason’s” I said, and her face lit up as we walked out the halls.

“Little nerd, walking out with her mummy’s girlfriend. It’s disgusting” One of the three girls said.

“Ignore them” I tell Hayley as the tears fall from her eyes.

“Why are people so mean?” She sniffs.

“Because they have nothing better to do. Those girls will never amount to anything when they are older. Whereas you, you’re smart, you’ll be great” I smile and hug her to me just before we get in the car.

“Where are we going?” She sniffs.

“We are going to go see Uncle Craig” I answer as I head to the house.

“Yay” She smiles.

When we arrive at the house Craig must have heard my car as he bolted outside, a look of worry on his face as he saw Hayley.

“What happened Hay?” Craig hugged her tight as she sniffed.

“She’s been being bullied. I thought I solved the issue this morning, but apparently certain fathers can’t control their daughters. I made a promise and now I’m going to keep that. Hayley is moving schools, I know I haven’t spoken to Lydia about it yet, but I won’t have Hayley treated like this, she has a bruise on her cheek because of them! Now, Hayley I need you to go to Uncle Craig’s house while I deal with a few things ok baby?” I say

“Ok mummy” Hayley kisses my cheek.

“Why do I feel like the dads are who I held back?” Craig mutters to me.

“Because they are. Keep her away from the gang house” I say, and he nods, taking her to his house next door as I bang on the gang house door as Connor answers.

“I wondered when you would be back. Why are we keeping Liam, Tyson and Brian back?” He asks.

“Is it just us?” I ask.

“Other than them…yes” Connor raises a brow.

“Go next door” I growl as I spot them in the lounge.


“NOW CONNOR!” I snap as he nods and leaves.

“Kat?” Liam mumbles as I enter the room, shutting the door tight and locking it behind me.

“I warned you boys that if any harm came to my girl, I would hurt all of you…And guess what…My girl got hurt today, bullied for having a gay mother and suspended from school as they blamed HER for it!” I growl as they all look at me with fear in their eyes.

“I swear we talked to them!” Brian’s voice wobbles.

I take my gun out as they step back away from me.

“So, which one of you is homophobic?” I ask.

“I don’t care who you love!” Tyson murmurs as my eyes follow to Liam. He can’t look at me in the face.

“Do you have an issue with my love life?” I ask lifting his face with my gun.

“It’s disgusting, vile, a relationship should be with a man and a woman!” He shouts in my face.

“So it’s your girl who is the leader…Tammy is it?”

“You touch my little girl and I’ll kill you” He growls.

“I wouldn’t touch a fucking kid. Kids are out of bounds! It’s one of our rules, no involvement of kids! Now YOU, however, are getting on my last nerve. Did you actually talk to your daughter or did you tell her to keep going? You don’t fear me do you?” I smirk

“Fuck no, bitch. My daughter will treat anyone how she likes” He spits at me.

“LIAM what the fuck dude! Hayley don’t deserve that shit!” Tyson shouts at him and I see the truth in his eyes.

“Tyson, you will control your daughter. Steer her away from Tammy” I growl.

“Trust me, I’ll be moving her school too” He snaps, arms folded and standing away from Liam.

“And you Brian?” I raise a brow.

“My kid, my rules. She’ll do as she’s told, but she chooses her own friends, that’s not my issue. Kids get bullied, so fucking what, grow a pair” He growls.

“I thought more of you man” Tyson shakes his head in disbelief.

“I thought you weren’t a pussy” Liam sneers at Tyson.

I take my gun and make sure it’s loaded as I aim it at Brian’s kneecaps.

“You haven’t got the guts” Brian laughs.

“Then you have no idea of who I really am” I growl as I shoot out both his kneecaps as he tumbles to the ground screaming. Luckily I had had some sense to make sure we had some sound proofing done or the whole street would have heard that.

“What the fuck is your problem?! They are just kids!” Liam spits as I hear Tyson laughing.

“This bitch is badass” He laughs as I smirk.

“Kids learn from their parents, if you don’t set a good example, then how will they ever be good. You set a very bad example. I have no idea who brought you in, but I will make sure that scum like you never get in this gang again” I tap my gun against his head.

“What example are you making? You’re the leader of a gang, murderer, fighter…What kind of mother are YOU?!” He shouts as I hear the door bang open.

“The best mother imaginable” The person says. Holy shit…Who is it?

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