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Chapter Thirty-Nine

I stared at the man in the doorway as they shot Liam straight in the head, blood went everywhere as he shot Brian dead too and aimed at Tyson.

“Leave him” I growl as he puts the gun back in his holster.

“Tyson, get out” I order as he nods and rushes out the door.

“Hello sweetheart, how are you?”

“Who the fuck are you?” I ask, their hood was up, I couldn’t see their face.

“Kat! I saw Tyson running from the house, what happ…” Connor got to the door as he saw the person in front of me as the unknown intruder got closer to me.

“Who are you?” I repeat as Connor gets out his gun.

“Take a guess” He asks.

“Connor put it down” I order as he eyes me warily.

I look over the man, not that I can see his face, hidden beneath a black silk scarf under a hood. I look down at his hand as I step forward and grab his arm, pulling his hand up…The ring…It’s purple…This couldn’t be happening.

I reach up and move the hood…Oh god, that hair, this can’t be happening…Those eyes the blue of the Kingsley name…I pull the scarf away and fall to my knees.

“Oliver” I cry as Connor rushes in and turns his cousin around as I’m a mess on the floor.

“What the fuck!” Connor punches him hard and doesn’t stop, I get up quickly and push him off.

“Stop Connor! STOP!” I cry getting between them.

“He abandoned us! He abandoned his child! We all thought he was dead!” Connor screams pacing.

“I was keeping them safe! I’ve always been watching” Oliver sighs behind me.

I whirl around.

“SAFE! I’ve been shot, I’ve nearly died, Lydia nearly died, my family have all been hurt and you were keeping us SAFE!” I push him hard as I see tears in his eyes.

“Kat I’m sorry” He says.

“You’re SORRY! God don’t make me laugh Oliver. Your son has grown up without his father because you decided that you would pretend to die! I thought my dad was low doing it…But YOU! You never changed at all did you?” I slap him.

“Katrina, I was doing what was best. He didn’t need a father like me, I’m bad news. I’ve been trying to help you guys, just through other means…I tried to get to Billy, I did, but he realised I was alive and distracted me. I would have come to you then otherwise! It broke my heart! I know I fucked up, big time, but I did it because I loved you all! I have bigger enemies than any of you and I didn’t know any other way of keeping you safe! If they thought I was dead then they wouldn’t be around anymore, and for the most part it worked”

“Why now? Why come back now?” Connor asks.

“Because I can’t do it anymore…I need my family…I found your Dad…He’s dead Connor. I’m sorry” He answers as he tosses a ring to Connor who went quiet.


“A man named Karlos Hendernaz. Leader of the Snakes” Oliver says.

“Is he dead too?” Connor asks.

“No” Oliver shakes his head.

“Then I’m gonna kill him” Connor growls.

“I’ll help” Oliver answers and they begin to talk strategy as I’m stood there in shock.

How could they just go back to normal like that?!

“Are you two serious right now?” I murmur.

“Kat I know we need to talk, but this is important” Oliver sighs.

“Your FAMILY is important!” I snap.

“Connor is my family” Oliver rolls his eyes.

“So is your son and your daughter Hayley…Or did you forget the girl you raped and got pregnant…Maybe I should go get Craig, he always wanted revenge” I growl as I begin to walk out.

“Katrina I want nothing more than to make you forgive me and see my children and make it up to everyone, but do you see any of them forgiving me for this…” Oliver grabs my arm.

“Fine. Stay away from my kids and my family. I’ll pretend your dead, because you know what…You ARE dead to me. Connor, I’m done… Keep your gang I won’t stick around while HE is here” I snap.

“Katrina don’t do this!” Connor calls out to me as I head next door. I flip him off as I hear him sigh and slam the door.

I knock on Craig’s door as he opens it and looks at me uncertain.

“What happened in there?” He asks as I get inside, and that is where I have an attack once more, after all the good work I had done.

“Kat! Kat! Come on hun, snap out of this! Hayley stay back sweetie!” Craig says as I’m rocking on the ground.

“Mummy…” Her voice echoes in my head as I push back the pain in my chest, Oliver did this…He did this!

I slow my breathing down, focusing on those I love as I slowly come out of it and Craig backs off slightly, as if ready for the blow, but it doesn’t come.

“You back?” He asks.

“Yeah, I’m ok” I sigh as I wipe my face.

“Mummy, I thought the bad dreams were gone” Hayley murmurs and gets in my lap as I hug her to me tightly.

“I thought they were too, but then an old…Friend…turned up next door” I sigh and eye Craig as he looks at me curiously.

“Which friend Kat?” He asks as I get my phone and slide to the one photo I had of me and Oliver.

“That one”

“He’s dead…”

“You’re welcome to go next door, because I guarantee you he’s not. I’m done with The Kings until he’s gone. Connor is helping him, and I won’t be part of it. He’s very much dead to me”

“Who is it mummy?” Hayley looks me in the eyes.

“Ollie’s dad” I frown as she sighs and cuddles me harder.

“He pretended to be dead. Why?” She asks.

“He says it was to keep us safe” I say as I can see Craig get angrier.

“Do you think he was telling the truth?” She asks.

“I don’t know baby, I don’t know. Craig, we should go, let’s go back to Toby’s, you can come with us” I say.

“I should kill him myself” He growls.

“But that’s Ollie’s daddy, he gets his daddy back, you can’t take him away! At least you know who his daddy is…Unlike mine” She sighs.

I eye Craig as he must have seen the hurt in her eyes. We knew who her father was, but no one had ever told her. Lydia was scared of her knowing.

“Craig don’t” I can see in his eyes he wants to tell her.

“She has a right to know” He growls.

“Know what? Do you know who my daddy is?!” She asks brightly.

“Yeah we do Hayley” Craig answers with a frown.

“WHO!?” She exclaims.

“Craig…” I murmur.

“No Mum I want to know!” She snaps and gets out my arms with a stomp.

“So, you know you view Ollie as your little brother…Well buddy…He is…” Craig answers and I groan.

“Wait…so the man YOU said is next door, the one that was dead is actually alive and he’s my daddy too!” She exclaims pointing at me.

“Yes baby girl…You and Ollie have the same daddy and he pretended to be dead…” I sigh.

“What the hell is going on in here?” Lydia snaps as I hadn’t realised she was in the doorway.

“Mummy! My daddy is next door!” Hayley cries out happily.

“Wh…What…” Lydia mumbles.
“Lydia…Baby, we all thought he was dead…He just turned up…” I stammer.

“Oliver is alive?” I can see the hurt in her eyes.

“Yes…But he will never hurt you. I’ve already told him to stay away, he’s dead to me now…Please baby, I didn’t want Hayley to find out without you being involved” I cry as she backs up.

“You told my daughter who her father was, without MY permission!”

“No, that was me” Craig mumbles.

“Craig! Are you serious!?” Lydia shouts.

“Mummy I don’t like it when you shout” Hayley cries.

“Lydia please, calm down, we need to talk about this. Hayley’s had a rough day as it is.” I sigh.
“Yeah, the school called and told me…I told them to get lost, that my girl would never bully anyone, she’ll move school…” Lydia sighs and kisses Hayley’s head.

“I was hoping you would say that because I was hoping she could go to Mason’s”

“I’ll choose the school, she’s MY daughter. You have no right Katrina” She says and that hurt, my heart felt the burn.

“She’s my mummy too” Hayley cries.

“Not anymore she’s not. Craig, we’re moving back here. I’ll get my stuff tomorrow” Lydia sighs taking Hayley in her arms upstairs as Hayley screams for me.

“What…What did I do?” I cry as I face Craig.

“I’ll talk to her…I swear Kat, I’ll fix this. You two belong together. Oliver did this…That man ruins everything!” He growls.

“Get out of my house Katrina!” Lydia shouts angrily.

“I’ll talk to her and I’ll call you. Go home” Craig hugs me and I walk out the house slowly as I look back I see Hayley in the window, she’s crying her eyes out as I blow her a kiss and mouth I’ll see her soon as she slowly disappears.

“Was that my daughter?” I hear Oliver behind me.

“Yes, and thanks to you, I’ve lost everything. I’ve just lost both my girls!” I slap him hard across the face.

“I’ll make this right Kat, I promise” He sighs.

“No…You stay the fuck away from me and my family, that includes Ollie” I snap.


“Yes, our son. I named him after you” I cry.

“Jesus Kat, I wish I could give you a simple explanation that would make up for everything I did. I loved you Kat, I swear I did. I loved the fact you were having my child, but then I got a message threatening my family, you, Connor, Mason. I couldn’t have that, so I used what happened that day as a way to die…If I could go back, I’d would have done it differently, I would have made things right, protected you all from right here. But I didn’t and I can’t take that back. But, I am trying to make things right”

“Who helped you?” I ask.


“You can’t have done it on your own…Who helped you?” I growl as he backs up.

“It doesn’t matter now Kat” He answers.


“Lila…And Travis” He sighs as I look up at him in disbelief.

“They knew…This whole fucking time! Anyone else?”

“No just them and a few of my own guys” He shakes his head.

“I can’t even trust family anymore…” I cry as I get to my car.

“They did it to protect you. I made them. This is my fault, not theirs.” He say as I yank my arm from his grip.
“I’m done with you, Connor, Travis and Lila…You can all go to hell” I sigh as I jump in my car, tires squealing as I race off.

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