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Chapter Four

“Smoke! Are you fighting tonight?” Someone shouts spotting me.

“Not tonight fellas” I laugh as they groan.

“People like to watch you fight…” Lucy says taking it all in as I take her hand and lead her around.

“What the fuck!” I hear Nathan shout from inside the office as we walk by.

I hear the door bang open as Nathan’s eyes looked angrily around the room before spotting me as he rushed to me pushing me against the wall hard as I wince.

“What the fuck are you playing at?!” Nathan growls.

“You know then…Great…Do you mind…I have broken ribs” I groan shoving him off of me.

“This is not funny!” He says.

“Am I laughing?” I ask glaring at him.

“I am” Bobby giggles behind him.

“Shut up!” We shouted at him.

“Ladies and gentlemen! We’ve got a surprise for you tonight! The King is in the house!” The announcer shouts as the crowd goes wild and Lucy comes up to me and winds her arms around me.

“It’s ok baby. I’ve got you” I kiss her head as the boys look at me in shock.

“We’ll talk later” I say as they nod. I could still see the anger in their eyes and the curiosity of what was going on between me and Lucy.

We walk up to the edge of the ring as the King takes his place in the middle, his arms raised as he pumps up the crowd. Everyone watches him, screaming his name. Even Lucy begins to enjoy herself.

“King, king, king” They chant.

“Good evening guys and girls! Now my plans tonight have changed a little, I had planned to challenge someone you all know and love, however, they aren’t really ready for me right now. Perhaps one day” He laughs as he looks straight at me as I flip him off with a smirk.

“Smoke, smoke, smoke” People chant my name as I laugh raising my own fist as they chant.

“She’s having a few pain issues. A little more training needed perhaps…” He smirks into the mic.

“He’s taunting you” Lucy frowns.

“Oh yeah, he’s begging for me” I laugh.

“Don’t even think about it” Toby grumbles behind me.

“I couldn’t fight tonight with my ribs right now if I tried” I sigh.

“Smoke, smoke, smoke!” The crowd taunt as I groan.

“One month!” I shout at the King as he smirks.

“One month and we fight?” He asks.

“One month and we fight” I agree as the crowd goes wild.

“Ok then! We have a match in one month! All bets will start from today! Now who the fuck wants a go at me now?” He shouts egging people on as guy, upon guy tries to take him down and he barely has to do a thing before they are all down.

“He’s going to kill you…” Lucy gasps as she watches him take down the next guy.

“The guys fighting right now, they’re weak. They aren’t the best at what they do” I say trying to comfort her as I watch him as he fights effortlessly.

“Who the fuck is this guy…” Travis says under his breath.

“No one knows” I answer.

“I can’t believe you just accepted his challenge” Nathan growls behind me.

“What do you want me to do? Retire?” I snap.

“Yes” he answers and crosses his arms over his chest as I turn away from the fight and glare at him.

But someone else catches my gaze in the corner of the room as my rage rises.

“Lucy stay with Benji” I tell Lucy as she looks at me in confusion before her eyes find the man I was looking at as her hand grips mine with a gasp.

“What’s going on?” Bobby asks.

“He’s here” I snarl as I kiss Lucy on the head as I move her arm and push her towards Travis and Benji as Bobby follows me with Toby and Nathan following behind confused.

“Well hi there, Smoke” He grins at me as I shove him into the wall behind him as people begin to watch us, semi-circling around us.

“You’re stupid coming back here” I growl as he just laughs.

“You think I’m scared of you?” He says as he shoves me off, pushing against my ribs as I hiss in pain.

“Winner! King!” The announcer shouts as the crowd roars.

“You hurt my girl” I punch him in the face as I ignore the pain darting through my chest.

“I would have done more if it weren’t for you” he smirks as I hit him again.

“You hurt Lucy?” Toby comes up to my side as I kick the guy in the side.

“Mmm is that her name? Lucy…is that the girl you had all dolled up by your side…Is she here? I’d like to finish with her” he laughs.

“Need help?” The King himself comes to our side.

“I’m dealing with it” I growl in warning as I kick the guy in the face.

“Nathan, pick him up” Toby orders as Nathan drags the guy to his feet.

“Put him in the ring” I say as Toby looks at me in shock.

“You can’t fight him in that state” He says.

“You wouldn’t fight me, yet you want to fight him? What’s so special about him?” The King nods towards the guy struggling against Bobby and Nathan.

“He tried to rape my girl” I snap as King looks at me wide-eyed.

“That girl over there?” He nods to Lucy.

“That’s the one” I say as we walk to the ring.

“I’ll make sure he suffers” He storms off and jumps into the ring with the boys and takes the microphone

“Ladies and gentlemen, I need your attention. We have a very serious issue. How do we view rapists in here?” He calls out as I take my place next to Lucy as she cuddles to my side, her hand shaking as I take it in mine.

“He’s going to pay for what he did” I say as she nods and just watches.



“Cut off their balls!” The crowd shouts, they weren’t fans of anyone being harmed outside of the ring. We were one huge family and I hoped this was what Lucy would understand and why my brothers would let me continue.

“So, I found out tonight that this man tried to rape a beautiful girl! Now what do you think about that?!” He shouts pointing to the scumbag on the ground.

“Beat him!” The crowd chant.

“Smoke…” He winks holding out a hand as Benji helps me up onto the platform with him as Lucy goes back to her father’s side.

Bobby and Nathan are still holding the guy, but I could see the fear creeping into his eyes as I got closer.

“This man beat on Smoke’s girl! He was going to rape her! I think it’s time for revenge!” King shouted as I stood in front of the guy smirking.

“Cops!” Someone shouted and people began to freak out as I grabbed the mic.

“Calm down! This place is a club! We are legally allowed to be here to party and dance our fucking socks off. So, do it. I want this fucking stage crowded to cover the floor! Get him out of here” I called out as I saw Jay start up the music as people jumped up and began dancing around, drinks were poured, and the fun began.

We had always had back up plans, Benji had told me about them just in case.

I followed as Bobby, Nathan and King took the guy to the office as the police walked in.

“Benji is talking to the police” Lucy and Travis crept into the office.

“Who the fuck called them?” I asked.

“So fucking stupid” The guy said as he laughed.

“You did it…” King growled.

“He’s a police pet…” Bobby said as my eyes darted to him.

“Shit” I groaned.

“What’s a police pet?” Lucy asks.

“A guy that rats out anything so he can earn favours with dodgy police officers, that’s how you got out!” I storm up to him as he just laughs.

“Good thing I know a lot of people too” King laughs and takes out his phone.

“Yeah it’s King, I need a favour. We’ve got cops on our doorstep at the ring…Yeah…A rat…He’s here with us…Oh he’s real dirty…Rape, you name it…You got it…See you soon buddy” He hangs up the phone.

Not five minutes later and Benji comes into the office.

“What happened?” I ask as he comes in.

“They got a call and just left…” He said as I look to King.

“Who the fuck are you?” I ask as all I can see is his smirk under his hood.

“Just a friend” He smiles.

“Thank you, whatever you did, just saved the ring. Now what about him?” Nathan kicks the guy in the shin as he grunts in surprise.

“He’ll be getting a taste of his own medicine soon” King answers.

“Can we go home now?” Lucy whispers in my ear, taking my hand.

“Take her home” I tell Travis as he sighs and nods.

“No, come with me!” Lucy shouts at me.

“I will be home soon. I need to sort some stuff out first” I say kissing her cheek.

“For god sake Kat!” She shouts as everyone hisses out, my eyes whirl to King.

“I didn’t hear anything” He puts up his hands against his hood.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” Lucy cries.

“Go home!” I snap as she nods, crying as her, Benji and Travis take off quickly.

“Kat’s out of the bag huh…” King laughs.

“I thought you didn’t hear anything” I sneer.

“It’s just a name babe” He smirks.

“I don’t even know who you fucking are. You could be some weird freak for all we know!” I snap.

A knock at the door makes me jump as I’m staring into the dark abys of his hooded face as another man enters the room.

“Ah, there you are. King, there’s a guy looking for you at the bar” Jay comes in.

“Thanks Jay. Send him in” King says and Jay nods as he sends a wink my way.

“Kat that better not be…” Bobby notices the wink as I shake my head for him not to even say it.

“Better not be what?” Toby asks.

“Never mind” Bobby says, and I sigh with relief.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of King and yet could barely see a thing on him as he was hidden away under that hood and his baggy jogging bottoms.

“Kat, you’re bleeding” Bobby nods to my hand as I notice I busted it slightly from punching the guy earlier.

“I’ll sort it later” I wave it off.

“Kat go home” Nathan growls as I glare at him.

“You’re not my father, you can’t tell me what to fucking do” I glare.

Three men enter the room interrupting us as King seems to take the floor, explaining what he knew as the men took the guy on the ground in their arms with a nod and just walked out with him.

“He won’t bother you anymore” The one in charge said before leaving with a nod.

“Are you some mafia leader or something?” I laugh towards King.

“No, I just have connections to some” He laughs.

“You’re joking…” Bobby gasps.

“I take no part in it, the only thing I do is fight. Otherwise I’m just a normal man.” King says.

“Normal doesn’t seem to fit when it comes to this” I grumble.

“I suppose it doesn’t no. But, the King is how I feel most comfortable. My normal life is my mask. Do you feel like that too Kat?” He asks.

“Yeah, I guess” I say.

“Stay the fuck away from our sister” Nathan steps toward King.

“Nathan! Enough. He’s helped us, let’s go home” I placed a hand on my brother’s arm as he’s breathing heavily from anger.

“I’ll see you in a month Smoke” King smirks as he leaves the room.

“What the fuck just happened?” Bobby said.

“What the hell Katrina!” Nathan shouts.

“Shut up! Nathan I don’t need everyone knowing who I am!” I say covering his mouth as he smacks my hand away.

“You’ve been lying to us for years! Benji too! Now this shit with King! You’re not fighting, not anymore. You’re done!” He snaps.
“Listen to me, because I am going to say this once Nathan. You are not my father. I WILL be fighting under the name of Smoke still and you will not stop me. You know I can fight and you either support me or don’t fucking watch. That goes for all of you” I say as I watch each of my brothers.

“I don’t like it, but you have my support. You can fight” Bobby sighs and I nod in thanks.

“I’m done with this shit. I won’t watch you fight, you’re our little sister!” Nathan shouts.

“But you enjoyed watching Smoke fight. You knew it was a girl this whole time. You wanted a piece of her, so now finding out its me, you suddenly don’t want Smoke out there!” I argue.

“I won’t lose another part of this family!” Nathan screams in my face as I see his eyes well up.

“You won’t lose me Nathan” I put my arms around his neck as he sinks into me.

“I don’t like seeing you hurt” He sighs.

“Then help me become the best” I move his head and take it in my hands as I watch them all.

“Benji could only get me so far, help me become the best, better than King himself” I smirk.

“Fine, I don’t like it, but I know you’re stubborn enough just to go on without us. So fine. We’ll help you. But you and Benji will be joining us permanently, we need you both” Toby nods as I squeal in happiness.

“Done” I smile.

“I can’t believe Smoke is our fucking sister…” Nathan groans.

“Be glad you didn’t try it on with her” Bobby laughs as Nathan punches him in the arm.

“Oh yeah…Please never do that” I laugh as we exit the office and find the hall still full of people dancing around, having forgotten the fights before, they were enjoying themselves.

“Hey! Smoke!” Jay shouts from the bar.

“I’ll be right back” I say to my brothers as they nod, but Bobby hangs back a little watching me.

“Hey Beautiful” Jay smirks handing me a shot as I down it with a wink.

“Hey, busy night huh?” I laugh.

“Oh yeah. Fancy coming out with me tomorrow night?” Jay asks.

“I think my girlfriend might have an issue with that” I laugh as his eyes glint mischievously

“She can come too” He winks.

“No Jay” I laugh.

“But come on babe please!” He begs.

“Never going to happen Jay!” I call out.

“Smoke! You know you want me!” He laughs.

“In your dreams baby” I call back as I walk out the warehouse.

“He’s the one you lost your virginity too isn’t he?” Bobby looks red with anger.

“Uh…Yeah…” I sigh.

“Did you do it as Smoke or as Kat?” Bobby asks.

“Smoke…He doesn’t know who I am” I answer as Bobby shakes his head at me.

“Why? You’re first time should have been special”

“Sex is sex Bobby. I was confused at the time of what I wanted and wanted to be sure.” I shrugged.

“What did you want?” Bobby asks.

“Lucy…” I smiled, blushing.

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