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Chapter Forty

My day just got better and better as I pulled to a stop; everyone was at Travis’s. I was going to confront him behind closed doors, without the whole family, but I guess I didn’t have much of a choice now.

I slammed my door shut and locked my car as I approached the door.

“Hey Kat” Nathan smiled as I noticed him getting out his own car, he must have just got here before me. I ignored him and barrelled through the door as he grabbed my arm.

“Get off me Nathan” I growl angrily.

“Why are you so angry? You can’t go inside like that” He searches my face.

“You’ll find out in a minute Nathan, let me go” I snap as he lets me go and I storm through the house. I find Travis and Lila in the kitchen with most of the family, the kids no where to be seen…Perfect.

“Kat?” Lucy murmurs seeing the rage in my eyes as I storm to Travis and take hold of him roughly in my hands by his shirt.

“Kat! What the fuck are you doing?!” Toby shouts as he tries to get me off of him.

“I have a feeling I know what this is about…Toby, back off” Travis says as I shove him against the wall.

“KAT!” Bobby shouts.

“If you know then tell them” I growl.

“Oliver…” He murmurs.

“Keep Going” I say through gritted teeth.

“What about Oliver?” Jasmine asks.

“You want to pitch in too Lila” I glare at her as she’s sneaking around the table and stops, staring at me like a deer in headlights.

“He’s…He’s…” She stammers.

“Come on! SAY IT!” I shout.
“He’s not dead” Travis mutters quietly.

“Louder so the whole room can hear you” I growl.

“Oliver isn’t dead, we helped him fake it” Travis says as I here a collective gasp as I punch Travis in the face hard as he goes down.

“What? Why? Kat? How did you find out?” Nathan asks.

“He turned up at the gang house today, he’s been stalking the gang, watching us. He found Connor and Mason’s dad too, he’s dead…Well he might be, you never know with guys like that” I snap.

“Oh shit…Kat…Where’s Hayley?” Jasmine asks.

“Hayley is with her mother, who thanks to Oliver’s return has DUMPED ME! Hayley knows who her father is now as Craig told her and Lydia came in, blamed me and has told me that Hayley is not my daughter. Then I find out that you two helped Oliver go dark…I’m done. I’m done with the gang, I’m done with Oliver, I’ve lost Lydia and Hayley, and I am certainly done with you and Lila, Travis” I snap.

“It was to protect you” Lila murmurs.

“What good did it do? My son was without a father…I still nearly died, twice. Billy came after me…How protected I feel” I say sarcastically.

“It could have been worse if he hadn’t of left” Travis sighs.

“Then we would have dealt with it TOGETHER as a FAMILY. But apparently family means nothing now.”

“Kat, let’s go home.” Nathan takes my hand and grabs Payton who is sitting quietly on the bar stool. She wasn’t as outspoken anymore, she had become part of the family, but she was a little timid now, after everything with Harper. My doctor was helping her too, but it was taking a little longer.

“We’re coming too” Lucy follows us, giving her parents a glare.

“Us too. I’m disappointed in you Travis” Toby grabs Jasmine as her and Nathan go and grab the kids from upstairs as we make our way back to my house.

Everyone was quiet.

“Oh shit…” Nathan said as we arrived.

“Why can’t he ever do as he’s fucking told?” I growl as I see Connor, Oliver, Mason and Bailey outside the house.

“Kat, are you ok?” Bailey asks as I glare at Oliver.

“You! Get away from this house right now!” Toby growls.

“I just needed to explain…” Oliver says.

“Nathan stay with Ollie, Oliver doesn’t go near him” I tell him, and he nods, sticking beside Ollie’s door.

“Leave Oliver” I say sternly.

“Please, I need to talk”

“Kat just listen to him…Gang life isn’t easy, he was doing it to keep us all safe, the man that killed our father, he has wiped out gang upon gang, my father was ruthless, and this man is one of the worst. He found our father after years of hiding. No ones’ done it before! But he did! Imagine if he came here, he’d kill all of us!” Connor says.

“Jasmine, Nathan, Lucy take the kids inside” I order as they nod.

I hear Nathan open the door.

“Muummmmaa” I hear Ollie giggle.

“Is that?” Oliver starts as I head him off.

“You don’t go near that little boy” I growl as he backs off, but his eyes are staring at the child we shared.

“He’s beautiful” He murmurs.

“And off limits to you” I snap.

I hear another car behind us as I whirl around, my hand to the gun in my jacket, but I slowly release it as I realise it’s Craig…With Lydia and Hayley.

“This is hardly the place to have this talk Kat” Bobby says.

“Fine, take everyone down to the basement, HE doesn’t go near the kids” I point at Oliver.

“He won’t” Toby growls.

“Kat…” Lydia murmurs as they walk up to us, I see her eyes looking to Oliver and he’s looking at little Hayley.
“Is that my daddy?” Hayley murmurs, pointing to Oliver as he freezes, as does everyone.

“Yes Hayley” Lydia nods as a tear falls.

Craig storms past me as I grab his arm.

“What are you doing?” I whisper.

“Giving him what he deserves” He answers.

“Not in front of Hayley” I shake my head as he sighs.

“Fine…But he will get what’s coming to him” He huffs and stands beside me as I see Oliver visibly sigh in relief.

“Craig, take Hayley to go see little Mason and Ollie” I say, and he nods, picks her up and heads indoors, her eyes permanently on Oliver.

“Kat…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to blame you…Hayley is very much your daughter too, I love you…I’m sorry” Lydia cries coming up to me as the others’ head to the basement once more.

“This whole thing is a mess Lydia…” I cry as she rushes to my arms and hugs me tight, she kisses me softly on the lips as I kiss her back.

“I know, I’m sorry. I won’t ever leave you again. I love you”

“I love you too Lydia, so much” I kiss her harder.

“I don’t know how to deal with this…Oliver, the man that raped me, he’s alive. Hayley wants a father…How do I do it?” She murmurs.

“I don’t know…He’s Ollie’s father too…But whatever we do, we do it together ok?” I take her hand in mine.

“Together, forever” She smiles as we rest our foreheads together.

“Let’s get this over with” I sigh as I hug her to my side tightly as I feel the tension in her body.

I see Mason’s wheelchair by the door to the basement, he had been doing well with his new prosthetic, but he still got tired a lot, but he was working on it and doing really well.

“You nearly destroyed her man! How could you?!” I hear Nathan shout as we walk down.

“What other choice did I have?!” Oliver backs.

“You could have stayed” Mason growls…Well at least one of the Kingsley’s agreed with me.

“Oh I’m sorry, I should have stayed so when Karlos came after us all like he did your father then he would have killed all of us!” Oliver shouts as we enter the room, his eyes fall to Lydia and I’s embrace, our arms around each other’s waists.

“You two made up then” Craig smirked.

“Yeah, thank you” I smile at Craig as he nods. I look at Oliver and he looks jealous.

“Lydia…I’m sorry for what I did…I…I can never make up for what I did to you that night…” Oliver says looking at Lydia as I hold her tighter, he notices. She squeezes my hand.

“You gave me Hayley…I’ve moved on…I still hate you though” She shrugs as I chuckle.

“God I love you” I kiss her neck as she shivers.

I could almost feel Oliver’s glare at us.

“There a problem Oliver?” I smirk.

“No” He growls.

“Green eyed monster… You have no right to either of them. You’ll leave that well alone Oliver” Nathan growls in warning.

“I know, I knew she’d find someone good for her…It’s just…Difficult…” He sighs and sits back down on one of the sofa’s. Our basement was made into a games room for all us older kids, Benji had made it for me to chill with my brothers when we wanted time to have fun together.

My books surrounded the walls, a huge tv on one with a couple of consoles and tonnes of music and games.

I sat on the sofa next to Nathan and Bobby as I pulled Lydia onto my lap as she curled up on me, her head on my chest.

“Should Travis and Lila be here?” Bobby sighs.

“We already are” Travis and Lila make their way down as I almost growl at them in anger.

“Who invited you” I snap.

“Enough Katrina” Connor says sternly.

“Do you really want to tell ME what to do? Do you remember when you nearly got us all killed…Does Oliver know about that?” I snap and his eyes went wide, and Oliver whirled angrily to him.

“You did what…” Oliver snarls.

“You always have to stir the pot don’t you Kat” Craig laughs.

“She always did, even as kids… If she got in trouble, she made sure we ALL got in trouble” Bobby laughed.

Everyone was talking around the room, it was like everything had gone back to normal, it was weird, I just felt sick to my stomach. Everyone I had loved romantically was here, Lucy, Mason, Oliver, Connor and Lydia…And each kept their eye on me.

Toby, Bobby and Nathan were arguing with the Kingsley’s about how everything had gone, and I found myself drowning everything out, I couldn’t take it anymore, I’d had enough.

“Kat…” Craig tried to get my attention.

“Baby?” Lydia murmured, looking into my eyes.

“I need to go for a walk” I sigh as Lydia nods and lets me get up.

“Want me to come?” She asks.

“No…I need to do this…Alone” I sigh as I make my way up as every pair of eyes watches me.

I went out into the garden and sat on the grass, I didn’t need to walk, I just needed to breathe.

“Mummy?” Hayley whispered behind me as I turned to her and she snuck beside me and curled into my arms.

“How you doing Hayley?” I sigh, my cheek against her head.

“I wish you and mummy would be ok…I don’t want you to split up” She murmurs.

“Me and mummy are fine, we talked, we aren’t splitting baby” I smile as she grins and hugs me tighter.

“What about my daddy? Is he a bad man?” She asks.

“He…That’s a difficult question…He was a bad man, once…He says he pretended to die to keep us safe from a man that was after his family…But I don’t think he should have left…” I sigh, why was I telling her this…She’s seven! But she was so much smarter than any seven-year-old I had ever met.

“Did he say sorry for the bad things?” She asks and I smirk.

“Yes, but its not always that simple Hayley” I kiss her head.

“How can he make it up to you and mummy if he’s not allowed near you…Uncle has done bad things too, I’m not stupid…you too and Connor… But what makes you so different?” She says and I stare at her.

“We do things to protect our families, we do it to keep things safe. We only hurt bad people Hayley and I hope you never get into this life” I sigh.

“But isn’t he doing that too?” She faces me.

“I…Uh…” I mumble.

“I was Hayley, yes. I was trying to keep my family safe” Oliver stands behind us, leaning against the wall as he stares at us both.

“Forgive him” Hayley whispers in my ear.

“Hayley, go inside” I kiss her head and she skips off Oliver just watches her with a small smile.

“She’s cute…”

“She is, she’s real smart too, a little too smart” I smirk as I watch her wave at me as she wanders up the corridor as I laugh and wave back.

“I hurt you…” He says as he steps towards me until he’s right in front of me.

“You did…You dying hurt…Then this…It hurts even more” I answer as he looks in my eyes and his hand reaches my face as I whimper and close my eyes at his touch.

“I really am sorry Katrina. I know, that doesn’t help you forgive me, I will never be able to make it up to you because I hurt you more than I could have ever imagined. I know you’re in love with Lydia and I know I have no right to you anymore. But you still are the most beautiful woman I have ever known” He says as his face comes towards mine and he kisses me softly as I cry, I kiss him back for just a moment before pushing him away.

“I love Lydia, I can’t do this Oliver…”

“I know. I just needed you to feel it, just once more. Know that I will always love you.” He rests his head against mine as the tears flow.

“I love you too…But I’m IN love with Lydia…” I say as I hear footsteps behind as we back off from each other.

“Kat…” Lydia murmurs coming towards me as her eyes dart between us.

“Shit…Lydia…I…” I stammer.

“It’s ok. I saw you two kiss, I expected it… But if it ever happens again, I’ll make sure you ARE dead Oliver” Lydia comes to my side and kisses me hungrily.

“It won’t happen again, promise. Uh…Girls…I’m enjoying this but maybe you should stop before I …uh...enjoy it too much” Oliver clears his throat as I giggle as he adjusts his trousers.

“Boys” Lydia rolls her eyes and it makes me laugh harder.

“Kat, one thing, you should forgive Travis…He loves you and wants to keep you safe, it was my choice, not his. Don’t blame him for my mistakes…” Oliver says as I nod as he goes to go inside.

“Oliver” I call out.

“Yeah?” he turns.

“Want to meet our baby?” I ask as his face lights up.

“Your serious?” He smiles.

“Yeah” I nod.

“Your daughter too?” Lydia asks as his face gets brighter.

“That would be amazing. Thank you” He smiles as Lydia and I guide him indoors and go upstairs as he slowly follows us.

“Lucy, Jasmine, we’ve got it from here.” I smile as they look at me curiously.

“Are you sure?” Lucy asks.

“Yeah. Go down to the others” I nod as Jasmine picks up Mason who was groaning because he had to leave.

“Mason, I promise you can come back in a little while ok” I say, and he huffs and nods.

“Hayley…Do you want to meet your dad?” Lydia says as she goes into the room and sits with Ollie and Hayley.

“Yeah!” She smiles as I move aside and Oliver steps in slowly.

“Hi” He says as he sits on the ground.

Hayley looks between Ollie and Oliver.

“You have the same eyes” She smiles.

“You do too baby” I smile.

“Muuummmmaaaa” Ollie squeals and heads towards me as I chuckle and pick him up in my arms, sitting with Lydia, Oliver and Hayley.

“Do you want to hold him?” I ask Oliver as he looks uncertain.

“He won’t bite…hard…” Lydia smirks as I put him in Oliver’s arms as he just stares at him.

Ollie’s eyes are looking over Oliver’s face as he’s taking in this new person.

“Hi buddy” Oliver says with a smile as Ollie begins giggling in his arms, getting playful.

“Daddy, look, look I made a tower with this Lego and it’s super tall!” Hayley laughs as he begins to slowly play with both of them.

“That’s really good Hayley” He smiles.

My hand reaches for Lydia’s as she watches them all play.

“You ok?” I ask.

“Yeah…You did change didn’t you…” She faces Oliver as he gives her a genuine smile.

“Yeah…You can thank Kat for that” He answers.

“I forgive you” Lydia tells him.

“Me too…for the most part…” I say as his eyes light up.

“Thank you, I don’t deserve it, but thank you” He murmurs as I see a single tear fall from his eyes.

“I need to talk with Travis…Are you ok?” I ask Lydia.

“We’ll be fine. Go” She nods as I kiss her.

“Oliver, need I warn you that if you touch my girl I’ll murder you in your sleep?” I smirk.

“No warnings necessary Kat” He laughs.

“Good. Hayley, keep an eye on him won’t you?” I wink at her as she giggles and stares at him as I laugh and leave the room.

I got downstairs and took a breath, my family meant the world to me and I loved Travis and Lila like they were parents to me, I wasn’t happy with them, but I could forgive, if I didn’t forgive people for their mistakes, I’d never have anyone.

I walk into the basement where everyone is chatting normally as I walk up to Travis quickly, he turns to me and goes to speak but I embrace him in a hug as he stands in shock before hugging me back.

“I only meant to protect you” He murmurs in my ear.

“I know” I cry.

“Craziest year ever…” Lucy mumbles as I giggle and shove her playfully on the sofa.

“Hey! Watch it Kat, she’s got my baby in there!” Bobby shouts as I grimace.

“Sorry Lucy” I hug her as she giggles.

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