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Chapter Forty-Two

“HAYLEY!” I scream as I head to my car and drive towards the way of the gang house.

“HAYLEY!” I shout out the window, watching all around me. My phone rings via Bluetooth.

“KAT Have you found Hayley?” Craig asks.

“No, did my brothers tell you everything?” I ask.

“Nathan gave me a brief run down. I’m getting to the gang house now. If she’s going to head anywhere she’d be there” He answers.

“We have to protect her from Oliver!” I cry.

“We will. I should have killed the bastard as soon as I found out he was back” Craig growls.

I hear a girls scream as I squeal to a stop.

“HAYLEY!” I shout.

“MUMMY! HELP ME!” I hear her scream.

“Craig find me!” I say before I leave my phone in the car for him to track and run towards her screams down an alleyway.

I grab my gun from my pocket as I creep down the alley.

“MUMMY!” She screams again as I run towards a garden that had the fence kicked in as I raise my gun.

“Put her down!” I shout at the figure who was trying to bundle her into a huge box. He freezes as she keeps kicking.

“Put her down or I’ll shoot!” I repeat, he turns slowly.

“Mummy help me” Hayley cries.

I don’t recognise the man who has her.

“Drop her now” I snap again as he releases her and she falls to the ground, her arms and legs bound.

I step forward.

“Move back” I order as they slowly step back, arms raised.

“Kat! Hayley!” I hear Craig shout down the alley.

“Down here!” I shout back as I hear several pairs of footsteps come down the alley.

“Hayley!” Craig surges forward and grabs her as he helps untie her.

“Who the fuck are you?” I say as Tyson grabs the guy and binds his own arms.

“Fuck you” The man shouts.

“Craig, take Hayley back to Toby’s” I say.

“Mummy no, come with me” Hayley cries.

“Hayley, mummy needs to deal with the bad man” I say as I look back at Craig and Nathan.

“Come on Hayley, she’ll be back soon” Nathan says to her, picking her up.

“Nathan, you were supposed to be with Ollie” I snap.

“Jasmine, Bobby, Toby and Lucy have them. Toby and Jasmine have explained everything to them” Nathan says as I sigh.

“Fine. Go home” I order.

“Mummy!” Hayley screams in Nathans arms.

“Hayley it’s ok baby” I quickly go to her and kiss her head.

“Daddy a bad man” She cries.

“I’m so sorry baby, you shouldn’t have heard any of that”

“I prefer my mummies anyway” She sobs in Nathan’s arms.

“I love you Hayley, don’t ever run away like that again. Now go be good and I’ll be back soon” I kiss her once more as she nods and snuggles into Nathan’s chest.

“What we doing with this prick boss?” Tyson says as the man struggles against him.

“Put him in the box, he was about to put Hayley in it, let’s see how he likes it” I smirk as Tyson nods as the guy shouts and struggles against him as we push the guy into the box, it’s a real tight fit as we put a gag in his mouth and shut the lid.

“This guy is not light” Tyson grunts as we struggle between us to take the box to the car, stuffing it into the boot with a thud.

“Where do we take him?” I sigh getting in the drivers seat as Tyson sits beside me.

“Gang house?” He asks.

“No I can’t…” I answer.


“Long story” I roll my eyes.

“I can’t help you unless you tell me everything.” Tyson says and I sigh, driving around thinking of where to go as I head to the block of flats where Tommy and the others had died.

I end up explaining everything to Tyson as I hope he would be loyal to me too.

“I never trusted that prick” Tyson growled.

We drove near the flats when I noticed Connor’s car outside as I swore and drove off quickly.

“He’s fucking everywhere. Now where do we go?” I growl.

“Let me out!” The guy shouts in the box, somehow having got his gag out.

“Shut it!” I shout back.
“You got a shed?” Tyson asks.

“No…But I know plenty of people with derelict basements” I smirk as I turn the car around and head to Mason’s house.

“Call Mason for me and warn him we’re on our way” I say as Tyson nods.

I drive to Mason’s quickly.

“What the hell is going on?” Mason storms out the house as we are dragging out the box towards the house.

“Can you help?!” I growl as he nods and helps us carry the guy into the house.

“Help me!” The guy shouts in the box as Mason’s eyes widen as he opens his basement door.

“Fuck it, drop the box” I smirk as Tyson and Mason nods as the box rolls down the stairs, the guy screaming.

“Mind explaining why there’s a man in a box” Mason says a we walk down.

“Tyson, mind explaining while I deal with this fucker” I state as I open the lid of the box, the guy had a huge gash across his cheek as I pull him from the box onto the hard cement floor.

“Why did you have MY child?” I kick the guy in the gut.

“Don’t kill me!” He screams.

“Explain what you were doing with my daughter!” I shout as I drag him up and slam him against the wall.

“I…I…I was…She was pretty…” He stammers.

“That’s not an answer” I growl and slam my fist into his face.

“Kat give me a minute with him” Mason growls as I smirk.

“Uh oh, the King wants a go” I smirk as the guy begins to freak out as Mason’s fists pound into him.

“Who told you to take her?!” He shouts angrily.

“What the hell?” Bailey and Payton are at the top of the stairs.

“Tyson” I nod my head towards him, and he heads up and explains what’s going on as I notice the guy look up the stairs and get hard in his trousers.

“Bailey, Payton come here. Mason stop” I say as he looks at me with confusion.

I kneel beside the man as I make him face the girls as they get downstairs.

“They are pretty girls too aren’t they…What do you do with pretty girls? What were you going to do with my Hayley?” I make him face me as his eyes watch their every movement.

“I just wanted to have some fun…” He whimpers.

“Fun? You were going to have FUN with Hayley?” Bailey exclaims as she comes closer.

“So innocent, it’s a tough world” He begins to laugh like a loon.

“You were going to rape her?” Payton gasps.

“I was going to love her” He smiles as I kick him in the face.

“Do you work for anyone?” I growl.

“No! I don’t share!” He shouts.

“Do you want to take my girls home with you? I can see you like them” I whisper in his ear as he shivers.

“Yes” He bites his lip.

“Girls, I think we should go home with him” I say.

Bailey seems to get what I’m doing whereas I feel Mason tense.

“Are there others at yours?” Bailey asks kneeling by him.

“A few…All my pretty girls” He shudders.

“Where?” I ask, my lips near his ear.

“I’ll show you!” He cries as I lift him.

We drag him out to the car as he guides me and the girls to a house, its derelict.

The boys were keeping up with us in a car behind, ready to jump in.

“This your house?” I ask.

“Yes” He mutters as I shove the gag back in his mouth as I get out the car.

“Tyson check the back, Mason stay with the girls” I order, and they nod as I get out my gun, Tyson and I used our phones to keep in contact as he went around the back.

“It’s clear back here” He says.

“Go in through the back door as I go in through the front…Ready…3…2…1…NOW!” I say as I kick down the door.

It’s quiet as I walk through the house, clearing each room as I notice rags with blood on the ground, it was filthy, dark and damp in the house.

“Last room” Tyson met up with me in the middle as we got to the final room, it was bolted shut from the outside as I slowly opened the bolt and we burst into the room, guns out as screams filled the room.

“Oh my god” My eyes teared up as several girls bunched up in the corner, varying ages.

“Please don’t hurt us” One of the older ones cried.

I put my gun away and lifted my hands as Tyson did the same.

“We won’t hurt you, we’re here to save you” I murmur as the girls begin to cry and hug each other.

“I’m going to call the police” Tyson mumbles.

“Tell the girls to take the guy back to the basement, he’s not going to jail” I growl.

“Will do” he nods.

“Girls, I need to know, who did this to you?” I ask.

“A man, he…he…he said he liked pretty girls. Tricked us into following him, then dumped us in here. He raped us, hit us…Layla died the other day” One cried as my heart skipped a beat with pain.

I messaged Bailey to text me a photo of the guy as she did it in an instant.

“This him?” I ask showing the girls.

“Yeah” One nods.

“Is that the only one?”

“Yes, just him” They cry as I hear police sirens.

“Ok. I promise, he will never come near anyone ever again” I say as they creep towards me, hugging me from all around.

“Thank you miss” One cries.

“My god…” A police officer comes in with paramedics in tow as they begin working with me and Tyson to get the girls out. Each were taken to the hospital and the police were trying to figure out where they were from so they could get them home.

Of course they wanted to know where the man was, but I used my pull with the gang to quieten them as one of the officers was the one from the flats who shot Harper.

“You’ll deal with the bastard?” The officer growled looking to the paramedics trying to calm the kids down.

“Of course” I nod.

“Give me a call when you need to get rid of the body, I’ll deal with it myself. It won’t fall on you” He says passing me his card as I nod in thanks.

“Tyson let’s go” I nod to Bailey heading back to us as she was picking us up.

My eyes didn’t leave the little girls as they were all carted off. I got in the car and sighed against the chair.

“He nearly did that to Hayley…” I cried.

“But he didn’t, you got to her in time” Bailey placed a hand on mine and Tyson took over driving.

We got back to Mason’s and I made my way through the house down to the basement where Mason was already beating the shit out of the guy as he cried on the ground.

“Stop” I order Mason as he backs off, huffing and puffing with anger.

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it anymore! Don’t take my girls from me!” He says as I grab him by the hair dragging him up so he’s standing.

“You took my daughter, you were going to rape her, beat her, maybe even drug her. You did it to those girls, you’re going to pay” I spit, kicking him in the nuts as he goes down hard.

“Call Oliver, he needs to know what this bastard was going to do with his daughter…If you think I’m scary, just you wait” I growl.

Twenty minutes of kicking the shit out of this guy and he was a gibbering wreck as Oliver made his way down the stairs.

“You took my daughter!” He growls angrily taking the guy by the throat, a knife at his gut.

“He tried” I growl.

“You get the girls?” He asks.

“Yeah, they’re at the hospital now” I smirk as the guy began to cry.

“NOOOO not my girls!” He cries.

“He’s all yours Oliver”

Oliver begins to slowly and painfully shred the guy to pieces with his knife as I watch and wait for the guy to bleed out, it took an hour. Oliver was making him suffer.

Oliver and I were both covered in blood by the time he was done, at one point I had joined him.

“Tyson! Call clean up. I want this place cleaner than what it was when we got here” I order as Tyson nods and gets on the phone he was incredibly loyal to me.

“How is Hayley?” Oliver asks

“She’s at home with family, she’ll be fine” I answer.

“Why was she on her own in the first place?!” He growls angrily.

“I’ll sort it when I get home” I snap.

“She’s MY daughter. I will deal with it” He snaps.

“You go near her like that right now and you’ll scare her. I’ll get Lydia to deal with it. Ok?!” I shout as he gets in my face.

“You don’t tell me what to do with MY child” He growls.

“Oliver! Get your ass upstairs and shower” Mason shouts from the stairs as Oliver glares at me.

“They are my children too” I smirk as he begins to walk off.

“Ollie might be, but Hayley is not”

“She’s more mine than yours Oliver. It would be me she goes to if she had a choice” I smirk as Oliver comes towards me once more.

“Don’t bet on it” He growls pinning me against the wall.

“Aww, are you scared I’m taking your kids from you?”

“Oliver, think what you’re doing man” Mason steps behind him.

“Be careful Oliver, your showing your real feelings for me” I whisper in his ear.

“You’re mine, Hayley is mine, Ollie is mine. Don’t forget that” Oliver shoves himself away from me as I watch him go upstairs.

“I’m not yours!” I shout as he chuckles.

“Oh you are sweetheart”

“Tyson! Get Kat out of here” Mason calls out as I shed my blood-soaked jacket and chuck it into a bag that Bailey holds out for me.

“I’m going to go home, Tyson call that cop and get this guys body out of here” I say as he nods.

“We’ll come over once Oliver is out of here” Mason places a hand on my shoulder.

“Be careful” I place a kiss on his cheek, and I leave the house. My jeans were still sticky with blood as I went in the boot of my car that had been dropped off for me, I grab an old blanket out the back I had in there and cover the seat with it before driving off back to Toby’s.

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