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Chapter Forty-Three

As usual the whole family was in the house when I turned up in the drive, but I didn’t want to go in, I was covered in blood, so I rang Nathan to bring me out something to get changed into.

“Why do you need new clothes Kat?” He asks as I’m still in the car with the window rolled down.

I open the door and his eyes spot my jeans and t-shirt.

“Holy shit…” He sighs.

“I need a shower, but I didn’t want to go in dripping blood in Toby’s house” I sigh.

“Put this around you, take your jeans off and I’ll make sure the kids aren’t around” He says holding up a towel as I drag my jeans off my body and wrap it around me, putting my jeans into the bag with my bloodied jacket as we walk up to the house.

Nathan goes in first as I hear him talking to Lucy getting her to distract the kids.

“Let’s go. Go straight up to Toby’s bathroom. Jasmine will sort out some clothes for you” Nathan ushers me forward as I rush up the stairs with the bag and bolt into Toby’s bathroom.

“Hayley!” I squeal as I find her inside.

“Mummy…Why are you covered in blood?” She asks.

“I…I…That man…He had other girls…” I stammer.

“Bad man gone?” She sighs.

“Yes” I nod.

“Good. Shower mummy, you’re all gross” She wrinkles her nose as she walks out.

“Hayley what were you doing in there?” I hear Jasmine call out as she spots me through the door that was slowly closing.

“I was just washing my hands, Mason made them all sticky with paint. Then mummy came in all covered in blood. She’s having a shower” Hayley says before skipping off.

“Kat…” Jasmine peeks in and sees me stood in shock.

“That girl understands way too much” I sigh.

“I agree, but at least she knows of danger now…” Jasmine says as she places a set of clothes on the side for me.

“Was she ok when she got home?” I ask

“A little shaken, Craig was really upset with her, had a little chat and then Lydia got home and went crazy. Especially when she was told about Oliver”

“Oliver is going to be a nightmare” I sigh.

“Don’t worry about that now, go shower and get your ass downstairs” She says shutting the door behind her as I shower quickly.

I got out of the shower and was instantly embraced by Lydia as she kissed me hard.

“You got her you brought our baby home before he hurt her. Thank you” She kisses me deeply as I kiss back, pushing her against the door, towel forgotten around my body.

“I would die for that girl and you” I mumble into her lips.

“We have to get rid of Oliver” She sighs against me as I kiss her neck.

“We will” I say as I kiss her, leaving my mark on her neck, smirking as she moans against me.

“KKKaaatttt” She groans as she notices the mark in the mirror.

“Sorry, not sorry” I smirk as she pushes me off playfully, her gaze over my naked body.

“If it wasn’t for the fact this is your brothers bathroom and they are all downstairs right now, I’d take you right here, right now” She says biting her lip as I groan lustfully as I kiss her again, hands entwined in her hair.

“Be careful baby, unlike you, I don’t care where I am” I wink as she shoves me playfully again.

“You are insatiable” she laughs as I get dressed.

“Only for you” I wink.

I get dressed and Lydia helps me put the bloodied clothes in the wash as I clean up Toby’s bathroom of all blood before we went downstairs together.

“Mummy!” Hayley calls out as she jumps into my arms.

“Mummmmaaa” Ollie giggles as I hug him to me too.

“Hi babies” I smile.

I looked around and everyone was here, Nathan, Toby, Bobby, Jasmine, Payton, Lucy, Travis, Lila, Lydia, Craig, Mason and Bailey. Don’t forget the kids too. It was a full house.

“Where’s Tyson?” I ask Mason.

“He’s cleaning up the house with some of the boys, he’s going to keep an eye on Oliver for us too” Mason answers.

“Ok, great” I nod as I sit next to Craig and pull Lydia on my lap.

“Kids go play” Jasmine smiles at Hayley and Mason as they both agree and wander upstairs.

“No going out!” I shout out as Hayley comes back down and wanders over to me, places a kiss on my cheek.

“I promise not to go out on my own anymore, I shouldn’t have done it” She sighs.

“Good. I don’t want you to get hurt Hayley, we love you so much” I caress her cheek and she smiles slightly.

“I love you too, I promise not to do it again” She puts out a pinkie and I cross it with mine.

“HAYLEY! Come on!” Little Mason groans impatiently upstairs, I can hear him stomping his foot.

“Go play” I chuckle as she runs off.

“So, Oliver…Karlos…What are we doing about that?” Travis sighs.

“Until I hear off our grandfather again I don’t know what to do. We have to keep an eye on him, don’t leave him alone with the kids and always keep a weapon nearby.” I answer.

“It’s not the kids I’m worried about” Mason mumbles looking at me.

“We make sure that Kat is never alone either. When Karlos calls us we can devise a full proof plan” Bobby says.

“A full proof plan, the man killed my father who has been on the run for years! Do you think it’s coincidence that Tommy and his idiots came after her? What about Billy? Oliver is behind this, I know it. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park Bobby” Mason argues.

“What about Connor?” Lucy asks.

“My brother is so far up Oliver’s ass right now that he wouldn’t believe a thing we told him” Mason answered.

“Only problem is, with Connor still a leader of The Kings, Connor is still in his way to take over completely. Is Connor in danger too?” Nathan asks.

“Craig too” Lydia adds.

“We’re all fucked” I sigh.

We all discuss what we can do, making sure no one was left alone, and we had to pretend we still got on with Oliver, as much as we all hated it.

For the next week it was fairly quiet, Oliver didn’t come near any of us, he stuck with Connor as we prepared for Ollie’s first birthday.

I was excited for today as we hung up banners and balloons, yeah he wouldn’t remember it, but we would. We had decided to do a barbeque for the family, all together at Travis’s house.

“Hi baby boy, happy birthday!” I smile as I pick up Ollie as he slowly wakes up.

I wash him and get him dressed in an outfit with the picture of a suit on it, he looked so cute, I had got multiples for if he made a mess with one too.

“Oh there’s the birthday boy!” Lydia and Hayley smile as they are getting breakfast sorted in the kitchen.

“He looks great right? I can’t believe he’s one already” I smile kissing him on the cheek multiple times until he giggled.

“Happy Birthday Ollie!” Hayley squeals.

The burner phone began to ring for the first time as I took it out of my pocket and Lydia took Ollie from me, nodding for me to go take it.

“I wondered when you would ring” I answered.

“Sorry, I’ve been a little busy Katrina. Now, I take it you have confirmed who I am?” He asks.

“I have…”

“Oliver must be stopped, and I think he’s going to make a move on you tonight.” Karlos says

“On my sons birthday! You have got to be kidding me” I groan.

“Where will you be celebrating today?” He asks.

“Travis’s. We were having a barbeque from lunch time onwards we were making a day of it” I sigh.

“Then, what I want you to do is go about your day normally, however, I will have myself and my men stationed around the house. We can then be there at a moments notice. Plus, I’d quite like to meet my great-grandchild” Karlos says.

“Ok. I’ll text you the address. Does that mean you’ll be at the party, or just watching?” I ask.

“I will watch from a distance, young Katrina. But know that I will never let harm come to you or your son. I will take Oliver out” Karlos booms down the phone.

“Thank you” I murmur.

“Go back to your son and I will see you soon. Prepare the boys and the others. If things go wrong I will have cars out the back of the house ready for you to get out. If things go down, get out as soon as you can”

“I will. Thank you. I hope it doesn’t come to that”

“Neither do I. But Oliver is ruthless and doesn’t care about fatalities” Karlos sighs.

“See you later then” I say as we say goodbye and hang up.

“What did he say?” Lydia says with Ollie on her hip.

“Oliver is going to do it tonight. I don’t know what or when exactly. Karlos is going to have men surround Travis’s house and have cars out the back for us to leave in just in case it goes bad” I sigh.

“We’ll be ok” Lydia kisses me but I can see she’s worried too.

“We need to tell the others” I sigh and comprise a message letting them know.

“We should go a little earlier.” Lydia says and I agree. We finish breakfast and load up the car with Ollie’s gifts and birthday cake as we head to Travis’s.

My phone rings.

“Hello” I answer

“Kat, it’s Tyson, I lost him…” He says.

“What do you mean you lost him?” I sit up straighter, my eyes darting around us, just to make sure we weren’t getting followed as Lydia drove.

“I was with Connor and Oliver, then Oliver said he had stuff to do and Connor grabbed me and began asking about how you all were seeing as he knew you were still pissed. Oliver left and now I can’t find him” Tyson says.

“Shit. Stick with Connor, there’s nothing else you can do. If you hear anything let me know” I answer.

“Yes boss” He answers and hangs up.

“Oliver disappeared from the gang house already?” Lydia whispers so Hayley doesn’t hear over her music in the back seat.

“Yeah” I nod. My eyes dart everywhere.

“Stay calm Kat” Lydia says as we park up outside Travis’s. I kiss her softly before we get out the car.

“Hayley! Kat! Lydia! And there he is! The birthday boy!” Travis comes out to help us with our gear.

“Oh he looks so cute!” Lila cries out as she takes Ollie from my arms and disappears with him indoors.

“I’m not getting him back am I?” I laugh.

“Probably not” Travis chuckles.

A series of cars roll past us as I look into them while Travis and Lydia take Hayley and the stuff indoors.

Suddenly, I’m bumped into as I fall to the ground with a thud.

“What the fuck!” I shout as a pair of arms help lift me.

“Sorry about that…My, my, you are gorgeous” The man winks at me as his hand slides down my arm to my hand as he puts something in it.

“Call me if you need an escape from this boring white-picket town” He winks and walks off.

Karlos: Sorry about him, he’s a flirt, harmless though.

I chuckle at the message, the guy was one of Karlos’s men, obviously the number was to get out in a pinch.

Kat: If he touches me like that again he might lose a hand, just a warning…

Karlos: Noted, programme that number in. If you ring it, we’ll get there in seconds. Give it to the others too…Just in case.

Kat: Will do.

Karlos: I know we haven’t ever had time together, but you are precious to me, as are your brothers. I protect my family. Your brothers weren’t cut out for this life, which is why you were next in line, I could tell you could do it in the ring and you prove yourself every day. Keep fighting little Kat, we will become family once again.

Kat: Just keep everyone else safe, keep the kids safe.

Karlos: Of course. Go enjoy his birthday while you still can little Kat.

I sigh and put the phone back in my pocket after programming the new number in and sending it to everyone, so they had it.

“Are you coming mum?!” Hayley shouts out the door as I smile at her and make my way in.

There were banners and balloons everywhere and I took so many photo’s as the day went on. Lila had outdone herself, there was so much food that we could pick at it all day.

Music played as everyone began to arrive, each person taking Ollie and playing with him, giving him his gifts, but what he wanted was the paper and boxes as I chuckled at him sitting in a box as Mason and Hayley coloured it in to be an aeroplane.

“When do you think he’ll turn up?” Bobby asked.

“I have no idea” I sigh.

“Has everyone got access to a weapon?” Lucy asks.

“Yeah, I haven’t got one on me, because of the kids, but I know where a few are” Jasmine answers as I nod.

“All the boys have guns. Karlos is outside with his guys watching, I have my gun. We’ll be ok” I say as I watch the kids playing.

We tried to forget that Oliver was out there somewhere plotting his move to wipe me out and possibly take the kids as we continued to party.

The barbeque was in full swing when I heard a thud on the door.

There’s a loud bang on the door as all of us go quiet.

“Craig, come with me, Lydia take Mason and grab the kids” I order as they nod and move quickly.

Tyson: Oliver’s coming! I just found Connor dead in the basement!

“Shit! Oliver took Connor out. Travis, take the kids and get out. Take the phone, try and contact Karlos!” He nods as I throw the phone at him and he rushes off to grab Lucy, Mason and the kids as I go to the door. But Mason rushes to my side.

“My brother is dead?” He says as I see the sadness and anger in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Mason”

The door thuds again.

The others bolt out the back door with the kids, leaving me with Craig, Mason and Nathan.

“I’m going to kill him” Mason growls.

“We have to give the others time to get out of here” I whisper. He nods.

I open the door as the boys stay on either side, guns in their hands.

“What can I do for you Oliver?” I raise a brow.

“Kat, where the fuck are my kids?” Oliver growls.

“Oliver calm down, the kids are playing, and they don’t need your shit right now” I say leaning against the door, pretending not to care as I look at my nails, so he doesn’t see the boys.

“Let me see my fucking kids” He shouts.

“Not while you’re this angry” I bring out my gun as he just laughs at me.

“Put that down. You won’t shoot me sweetheart you know you still love me” He smirks.

“Do I?” I smirk.

“Katrina, do not test me…” He growls.

“Test you? What sort of test would you like? Math? English? How about family trivia?” I smirk.

“Let me in Katrina” He snarls.

“No, what’s got you in such a mood Oliver?” I ask.

“I know that you know I killed my uncle Kat” His hand goes to his gun as I grab mine too.

“Why did you do it?” I growl.

“My father was the head of The Kings it should have become MINE! Not Connor’s. The Lockes was given to a child and now you, you are taking everything. I find out that YOU of all people are to become leader of the Snakes. Why is it always YOU?!”

“Are you scared of me Oliver?” I laugh.

“Not a fucking bit” Oliver laughs and aims a gun at my head.

I step back a little as he takes a step forward so the boys see the gun in his hand, aimed at me.

“You should be” I snap.

“What because Karlos is here? Don’t you think I’ve got men surrounding the place too Kat. Use your head sweetheart.” He laughs as he gets out his phone and begins a text.

“What do you want Oliver?”

“My children and then you dead will do” Oliver smirks.

“Not going to happen” Mason comes out pointing his own gun at Oliver.

“Nice of you to join us cousin, are there any others?”

He steps further in as he smirks seeing Nathan and Craig pointing their own guns too.

“You killed my brother! Your own cousin!” Mason shouts angrily.

“Do calm down Mason, I’m not here for you” Oliver rolls his eyes as cars squeal outside, several guys with big guns coming up to us as Oliver pushes his way in.

“Put the guns down!” One of Oliver’s men shouts.

“Boys” I nod as they drop their guns.

“They’re gone Oliver, you won’t find them” I smirk as he sends men to each room, looking for the kids.

“Where are my CHILDREN?!” He shouts punching me in the face as I spit blood into his.

“Don’t touch my sister!” Nathan shouts as he struggles against the guys holding him.

“Tell me where they are, or I will shoot one of them!” Oliver shouts, aiming at the boys.

“No, Oliver, I swear I don’t know where they are!” I cry out.


“NO!” I cry as I see blood spurting out of Craig’s leg as he’s held back from stopping the flow, screaming in agony, Mason and Nathan still fighting to get out of the men’s grips.

“Where are they?!” Oliver punches me again.

“Just shoot me, I don’t know where they are. Get it over with!” I shout.

“Fine” He growls putting the gun to my head.

I hear the whizz of a bullet as it flies past my head and into one of the guys holding Craig as he jams a finger into the hole on his leg and with his other arm rams his elbow into the other guys crotch.

Bullets fly as Oliver is taken off guard, I grapple with him for his gun as it shoots and takes one of his own men out.

Sweeping his legs from underneath him as gun shots sound everywhere, I punch him in the face as he catches me with the butt of the gun as I fall to the floor, a little dazed as Craig comes flying at him, they fight for a moment before a gun shot sounds and Craig falls to the ground.

“No!” I cry as I storm forward punching Oliver as much as I can, knocking the gun from his hand before being tossed to the wall by one of his men as we dodge bullets flying past us.

“KAT! Duck!” Nathan shouts as I duck down and he shots the guy that had tossed me to the ground.

“Kat!” Mason tosses me a gun as I catch it and whirl to Oliver as he’s trying to get up and run.

“Don’t move” I call out as he freezes.

“You won’t shoot me baby girl” Oliver turns, wiping blood from his mouth.

“Mason, get Craig out of here!” I shout as I hear Craig gurgling for breath.

“Katrina!” I hear Karlos yell, his voice flooded with worry.

“Grandpa! In here!” Nathan yells.

“Come on Craig!” I hear Mason yell it distracts me as Oliver manages to disarm me and put the gun to my head as Karlos enters the house and I’m in Oliver’s arms.

“Put the gun down Karlos” Oliver wheezes.

“Don’t do it” I tell them.

“Grandpa!” Nathan snaps.

“Nathan, it’s ok” I smile.

“No it’s not ok! You can’t die Kat!” Nathan shouts.

“Are they safe?” I ask my grandfather.

“Yes. They are all safe” He nods.

“Promise me you’ll keep them that way” I sigh.

“I promise”

“I’ll find them you know I will Katrina” Oliver laughs in my ear as he kisses my neck.

“KAT!” Nathan shouts as Karlos holds him back as I turn in Oliver’s arms.

“Over…My…Dead…Body” I smirk as he gives me an evil grin.

“That can be arranged” He smirks.

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