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Chapter Forty-Four

A gunshot rang loud in the house as our bodies tumbled to the ground.

“Kat!” Nathan screams.

“NO!” Mason shouts.

Blood…Everywhere, all over the floor seeping from the bullet wound.

“No, not my sister” Nathan comes to us as he separates us.

“He forgot about Luke’s two-gun rule” I cough, winded as Nathan looks at me astounded.

“You’re alive…Holy shit Katrina!” Nathan picks me up and holds me to him as if I was his lifeline.

“Can’t get rid of me that easily” I laugh as Karlos looks on in pride.

“Craig! No man! Come on!” Mason shouts as I’m pulled from my relief from being alive as I run to Craig’s side.

“Craig! Come on, you gotta hold on!” I cry as I put pressure on his leg.

“Get a fucking ambulance!” Mason shouts as Karlos gets on his phone quickly.

“Kat…Look after my girls…” Craig coughs blood.

“Look after them yourself” I say with a hand on his cheek.

“So cocky…You’re like a sister to me Kat…Be safe…Tell them I love them…” he coughs as his eyes begin to close.

“NO! Craig, stay awake! I can’t do this without you! You’ve helped me so much! Craig! Craig!” I scream, shaking him.

“Kat! He’s gone! He’s gone!” Mason drags me away from him as I scream.


I can hear gurgling across the corridor as I notice Oliver is still fucking breathing, taking a gun and standing over him.

“You missed” Oliver gurgles.

“I won’t this time” I growl as I shoot him dead between the eyes.

The ambulance arrives as Karlos guides me out of the house and sets me on the ground as my hand shakes.

I can hear the paramedics trying to revive Craig, but it wasn’t working.

“Where are they?” I whisper looking up at my grandfather talking with Nathan and Mason.

“My safe house nearby” Karlos answers.

“Kat…Some of them got hurt…” Nathan says.

“WHAT?! You’re only telling me this now! Let’s go!” I shout as Karlos calls for his men to bring a car to us.

“We got him!” I hear a paramedic shout suddenly as I whirl around to Craig being tossed onto a stretcher.

“Mason, go with him!” I order as he nods and rushes off with him.

I prayed Craig might make it.

“Let’s go Kat” Nathan says as we jump into a car and race off to the safe house while Karlos’s men dealt with the clean-up.

“Happy fucking birthday Ollie, your dad and your uncle are dead, while your other uncle is on deaths door…Great” I mumble as Nathan takes my hand as it shakes.

“At least he won’t remember it” Nathan sighs.

“Hayley will” I cry.

We came to a stop outside an old cottage on the outskirts of town as I saw men surrounding it.

Getting out of the car Karlos rushed us through the house as we went upstairs and found several rooms filled with different men and women.

“Kat!” Lucy screamed out as she was the first to notice us as she cried into my arms, hugging her tight.

“You’re ok? The baby?” I ask as she nods.

“Who got hurt?” I ask.

“Bobby got shot, so did Jasmine. The kids are frightened and sitting with Toby and Lila. Travis is helping your grandfathers medics patch them up” She cries.

“How bad did they get shot?” I said as she led us to the furthest end of the corridor.

“Bobby was shot in the leg, he’ll make it. Jasmine was shot in the stomach Travis is having to do surgery here” Lucy cries as we enter the room with Toby and the kids.

“Mummy!” Hayley screams as she runs to me and hugs me, crying her eyes out.

“Where is your mum Hayley?” I ask as I didn’t see Lydia.

“We don’t know” Toby looks at me, his eyes darting over my frame and then our brothers.

“What do you mean you don’t know?!” I shout.

“Why didn’t someone tell me this?!” Karlos says angrily as he rushes from the room.

“Hayley stay here with your uncles, I’ll find mummy!” I kiss her head as I rush out with Karlos.

“Grandpa! I have to find her!” I shout as he beckons me to the car, and we drive back to the house.

“I want men looking for the girl named Lydia! NOW!” Karlos shouts into his phone as we race on the roads.

“Please, not my girl, please, don’t take my girl from me” I mutter under my breath as we arrive at the house, I jump out before we even stop.

“Lydia!” I scream out as I begin searching the house. I dart from the house and into the back garden as grandpa’s men spread out looking for her too.

“Lydia!” I shout out again as I’m thrown a torch as it was getting darker.

I kick open the gate which was stuck as I bolt into the alley.

“Baby! Come on Lydia!” I scream as others call out for her too.

“K…ka..” I hear but I can’t pin point where it came from.

“Guys!” I shout as they run over, and I put a finger to my lips as I listen out.

“Lydia!” I call out.

“Help!” I hear as I tear down the alley as I see a trail of blood.

“Lydia!” I scream as I notice a leg beside the huge bin.

“Kat…” Lydia is holding her stomach as I notice a huge gash across her stomach.

“Shit! We need a medic now!” Karlos shouts as I pick her up.

“Hold on baby, I’ve got you” I run towards the front of the house as I hear another ambulance on the way.

“Hayley…Ollie…” She mutters.

“They’re safe” I kiss her head as I rest her back down as she whimpers.

“Here” One of Karlos’s men chucks me a bunch of gauze as I press it against her stomach as she cries out.

The ambulance races towards us as yet again paramedics come and take Lydia form me as I pile into the ambulance with her.

“Look after my family grandpa!” I shout as he nods, and we race off towards the hospital.

“Kat, where’s Craig?” Lydia whimpers.

“He got shot…He’s not in a good way Lydia baby” I cry as she whimpers.

“You’ll look after Hayley if I die right?” She stammers.

“Yes, but you’re not dying Lydia” I say sternly, taking her hand tightly.

“I love you” She says.

“I love you too” I reply.

She cries out and then passes out.

“What’s happening?” I cry as the paramedic begins working on her quicker than before.

“LYDIA!” I scream as we are at the hospital and she’s torn from me.

“We need you to go to the waiting room. Please” The nurse begs as she leads me to the waiting room.

“Kat?” Mason says as I fall to my knees.

“Lydia…She’s bad Mason…We can’t lose them both” I cry.

“Oh Kat” He says before pulling me into his lap as I break down.

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes into hours as time went by and we hadn’t been given any word on either Craig or Lydia.

We’d heard word from Nathan that Jasmine and Bobby were stable, which was good at least.

The waiting room began to fill up as more of the family came to support us. Lucy and Bailey were first, then Payton and Nathan. Bobby, Jasmine, Toby and the kids were staying behind. Grandpa turned up next with Tyson battered and bruised behind him. Travis and Lila were last as we sat in silence just waiting.

“Mr Kingsley” A doctor came through the door.

“Yes” Mason stood, wincing at his now sore leg, he’d done too much today.

“We’ve managed to stop the bleeding. Mr Benson is stable right now and we hope that he’ll make a good recovery. It’s not guaranteed though, but the results are promising” The doctor said as I cried, I cried with relief that Craig was going to live.

“Thank you. Is there any news on Lydia Benson?” Mason asks.

“I don’t know, I’m not her doctor but I can find out for you” He smiles and nods to us all.

“Thank you” I squeak out.

“Pleasure” he says before leaving the room.

“I thought he would die” I cried as Mason hugged me to him tightly.

“He listens to you, he wouldn’t leave, he knows he belongs here” Mason says.

“Mason, I’m sorry about Connor” I cry as he hugs me tighter and begins to sob.

“Bailey” I gesture her over as I move out his arms and she hugs into him, cooing at him.

“I’m proud of you kids” Karlos/Grandpa says.

“Me too” Travis smiles.

I sat on the floor between Lucy’s legs as she began playing with my hair to calm me down like she used to.

“I don’t think I’ve ever known someone so prone to nearly dying as you though Kat. You scared me again” Nathan smiled.

“I must have made a really bad deal with the devil” I laugh.

“I think you’ve had quite enough of this life for now. I will help Mr Kingsley over their with The Kings if he wishes until you and Craig are back on your feet.” Grandpa says.

“I don’t want it” Mason growls.

“Me neither” I answer.

“You’re sure? I can disband the gang and offer the men a place with me or they may leave if that’s truly what you want. But what about Craig?”

“He’s done, if he makes it through this. No more gangs, no more shit like tonight.” I answer.

“Understood. I’ll disband the Kings. Tyson? You are a member are you not?” Grandpa asks him.

“I am…But I think I need to concentrate on my kid…And my girl” He smiles at me.

“Good choice.” I smile back.

“We could do with a few new bouncers at the club, you’re welcome to a job there if you need the money” Nathan pipes up and I nod at him with gratitude.

“That would be great man, thanks” Tyson nods and smiles.

“Miss Smoak?” Another doctor comes in as I stand up quicker than I had ever before.

“That’s me” I say as everyone stares waiting for her to talk.

“Lydia’s cuts ran deep into her stomach…We did our best…” She began as my heart thudded harder than before as Travis stood beside me and took my hand in his.

“Out with it, Dr Strast” He growls at her.

“I’m afraid we had to remove her womb and give her a full hysterectomy. She is recovering right now, and we believe she will make a full and healthy recovery.” She says as my breath leaves my chest and I begin to laugh.

The doctor looks like I am going crazy.

“Excuse her doctor, she took a one-way ticket to looney-Ville” Nathan smirks as I can’t control my laugher, tears leaking from my eyes.

“Sorry! I thought you were going to tell me she was dead! I was prepared for the worst. She’s got a kid already and I’m pretty sure I can’t impregnate my girlfriends anyway” I laugh as the doctor’s eyes widen.

“Oh, I understand. Well, you’re welcome to go see her soon, I’ll have a nurse come by to get you when she’s ready” She smiles and leaves the room.

“Kat’s lost it” Lucy giggles as I can’t stop the chuckling.

“I lost it years ago Lucy” I laugh.

“I’m going to go call your brother and give them the update” Grandpa smiles, kisses my head and then leaves with a grin.

An hour later and we were allowed to visit both Craig and Lydia. I had asked them to put them in a room together to which, after a lot of complaint and then money changing hands via our grandfather, they did it.

“Hey guy” I whimper as I see them both in their beds, connected up to tubes but they were alive.

“Kat!” Lydia smiles.

“Hey baby” I walk up to her first and kiss her soft lips.

“I’m sorry if I scared you” She whimpered.

“I’m just happy your alive…Both of you” I say as I go over to Craig.

“Hey Kitty Kat” He smirks before wincing at the pain in his chest.

“You died…You died right in front of me…” I cry.

“But I’m here” he grins.

“If you ever scare me like that again, I’m coming after you” I warn as he laughs and winces again.

“I don’t doubt you would.” He smirks.

“She did, she nearly got herself killed by Oliver, I’ve never been so scared to lose my sister than when it’s happening right in front of me” Nathan walks in as I glare at him.

“Did they really need to know that?”

“Kat! What happened?” Lydia asks as I sigh and begin telling them exactly what had happened.

I could see their heartrates go up myself.

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