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Chapter Forty-Five - Epilogue

5 Months Later

“Kat will you hurry up!” Bobby shouts at me as I’m putting up the finishing touches to Lydia’s birthday banner.

“I’m doing my best Bobby” I snap as I climb back down the ladder.

“It’s crooked” Nathan sniggers at me.

“You fucking do it then!” I smack him around the head as he runs off sniggering.

“It’s not crooked Kat” Bobby laughs standing back.

“Nathan you’re an asshole!” I shout as I hear him laughing outside.

“Come on, you need to go get ready, she’ll be home soon with the kids and Craig. Everyone else is outside already”

Craig had healed up well after physio for his leg and a few blood transfusions, he was back to his happy self and was now even happier without the worries of gang life on his back as he became a huge part of our family, he was like another brother to me…Not that I needed anymore…

“I am so nervous right now Bobby, how did you do this with Lucy?” I feel my hands getting sweaty.

“Just breathe and think of why you’re doing it” He smiles as he ushers me upstairs as I take a quick shower and put on a bright red halter neck dress that hugged my curves perfectly as I did my hair and make-up.

“Kat you got three minutes!” Nathan shouts upstairs as I swear and hurry, grabbing the small box from my draw that I had hidden away and an envelope of paperwork that I had for Hayley.

“Are you ready for this?” Lucy smiles as she sees me racing down the stairs, which is not easy in heels.

“Not in the slightest” I laugh nervously.

“She’ll love it” Lucy smiles before waving and going back outside.

“Get in the lounge Kat” Nathan shoos me in as I grab the flowers I had bought Lydia and hide the box behind the bouquet.

“Hey Nathan!” I hear Craig exclaim, I can hear the excitement in his voice as everyone knew what I was doing today, we had it planned.

“Hey guys, everyone’s in the garden. Happy Birthday Lydia, let me take Ollie. Kat needs you in the lounge” Nathan says as I shake my hand out trying to rid myself of nerves.

“What about me?!” Hayley asks.

“Come with me.” Craig says as I hear their footsteps go outside.

The door slowly opens as Lydia comes in, looking stunning in a mid-thigh black dress.

“Happy Birthday Gorgeous” I smile as she grins at me and steps forward as I lean in to kiss her passionately before pulling back and handing her the flowers.

“Thank you baby” She smiles, before her face changes to confusion and shock as I get down on one knee and open the ring box in my hand.

“You’ve been with me through thick and thin, we’ve nearly died together, we’ve created a beautiful family whom I love and adore. You are beautiful, smart, caring and totally a badass mumma bear. So, Lydia Benson, will do me the honour of making me the happiest woman alive and marry me?” I ask as she squeals and drops the flowers as she kisses me hard.

“Yes, a million times yes” She squeals as I get the ring and put it on her finger, before revealing my own underneath as her smile gets bigger and she puts it on me.

“I love you Lydia” I grin as I lift her and twirl her around with joy.

“I love you too. Best birthday EVER!” She laughs.

“One more thing” I put up a finger and hand her the envelope.

“What is this?” She asks as she opens it and begins reading the paperwork within.

“I didn’t want to say anything to Hayley without asking you first”

“You want to adopt Hayley as your own…” She says as tears flood her eyes.

“If you’ll let me…That’s not the only one in there though. You can become Ollie’s too” I say as she jumps into my arms.

“I would love that” She smiles as I wrap her legs around me as I kiss her long and hard.

“You’re my life Lydia, I love you and can’t wait to call you my wife” I smile.

“I love you too” She grins as we kiss again.

“We better go out and announce it” I smirk as I let her down.

“Let’s go” She smiles, taking my hand as we leave the room and go into the garden.

“Happy Birthday LYDIA!” Everyone shouts as I grin at her surprised face, I don’t think she was expecting a huge party like this.

“SO?!” Craig smirks at me.

“Well…She said…” I start as Lydia grins and lifts her hand as the others all cheer excitedly as we get a rush of them all coming up to us, congratulating us.

“Mummies!” Hayley squeals and jumps into my arms as Ollie is passed to Lydia.

“Hayley, I need to ask you something too” I smile as she looks at me confused.

“What?” She cocks her head.

“Would you like to officially be my daughter too?” I smile as her face lifts up and squeals hugging my neck.

“YES!” She cries out excitedly as I laugh and link hands with Lydia.

“You guys make a beautiful family” Payton smiles at us.

“You’ll be one of us soon enough I’m sure” I wink, and she giggles as Nathan stares at me wide-eyed. He was scared of going too fast with Payton, but she had become a great friend to me, and I knew she loved him so much.

“So, what last name will you guys go with?” Jasmine asks.
“I…Never thought of that” I laugh as I look at Lydia as Hayley runs off to play with Mason and Lila steals Ollie from us.

“Maybe a double-barrelled name. Benson-Smoak” Lydia smiles.

“That sounds perfect. Lydia Benson-Smoak…Katrina Benson-Smoak…” It rolled off my tongue perfectly, I loved it.

Lydia begins to go around from person to person as they lift her hand and look at the ring I had gotten her. What she didn’t know yet was that that ring was my mothers.

“Katrina Smoak!” Lydia shouts at me as she was talking to Toby as I grimace with a cheeky grin as she looks at the ring with shock.

“Yes my love?” I laugh as she comes up to me.

“You never told me this was your mother’s ring…” She says as I put my arms around her waist.

“Is that a problem?”

“No, of course not, it’s beautiful. I just feel like this should be yours” She sighs.

“It belongs on the finger of someone special to our family. My brothers and I all talked, and we agreed that you deserve this ring. Mum would have loved you” I smile as a tear falls down her face.

“Thank you, I wish I could have met her” She kisses me softly.

“Me too” I kiss her deeply before I hear a knock on the door.

“Who the hell could that be?” Travis grumbles nearby as I look around, everyone was here already.

Well…except our grandfather, he’d gone as quick as he’d turned up. He called occasionally to check up on us and was doing his best to keep in contact but being part of a huge gang, it was difficult, especially when The Kings were no longer a gang and he had taken on a lot more as Craig and I stepped down.

I had decided to just go back to the club and fight, back to my roots rather than deal with the mess of gang life. I still kept the gun though, everyone had theirs locked up, just in case, seeing as our family was still connected to the Snakes we would still be at risk.

“Katrina!” Travis calls out from inside the house.

“Stay here, I’ll be back in a minute” I kiss Lydia and go indoors.

“You have a visitor” Travis smirks as I turn the corner as Travis goes back out into the garden.

“Who?” I ask as he shoos me to the door.


“Grandpa!” I squeal happily as I jump into his arms, we had gotten close over the phone calls.

“How are you? Did I miss you asking Lydia?” He smiles.

“I’m good Grandpa, yes you did, she said yes” I grin as I take his hand and lead him out the back.

“Congratulations little Kat.” He grins and kisses my cheek.

“Karlos! I didn’t know you’d be here” Lila smiles as we exit the house.

“I couldn’t miss this. The family is getting bigger by the year. I promised to make an effort and I will jolly well do it” He smiles.

“Thank you for coming Grandpa” I smile.

The family was all together, and I couldn’t be happier. The day went perfectly for once, not a bullet, not a scream…Well except for the kids who were hyper from all the chocolate.

I felt like Smoke again, I felt powerful and was excited for what life would bring us as I watched my family, all smiling and enjoying themselves.

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