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Chapter Six

I had gone home and locked myself in making sure I bolted the place shut so no one could come in and bother me.

I screamed and shouted, threw things across the rooms as I released my anger. This had been easily one of the worst days in my life I had ever had.

“Kat! Open the door!” I heard Toby bash against the front door as I ignored him.

“Katrina! Come on hun, open the door” Travis tried next as I threw a vase at the door.

“Leave me alone!” I scream.

Toby: Please let us in little sis. X

Lucy: I’m so sorry, please forgive me! Dad said you won’t let anyone in the house. Just tell me you’re ok…Please x

Bobby: I know we are the people you hate most in the world right now and I get it but let me know you’re alive and ok. I love you Sis, I’m sorry we lied x

Nathan: Get your little ass out that house now!

Kat to all: Stay the fuck away from me. You all betrayed me today and I will never forgive that. I’m ok and need time…Just leave me alone.

Bobby: What did Lucy do? She’s a mess right now…

Kat to Bobby: Ask her who I caught her fucking…

Bobby: She cheated on you!

Kat to Bobby: Yeah…Tough night huh…

Bobby: Just don’t do anything stupid, please Kat. I love you we don’t want to lose you too. X

Kat to Bobby: Then maybe you all shouldn’t have lied to me. But don’t worry, I won’t kill myself like Dad did… Just leave me alone for a while Bobby. I can’t deal with this all right now.

Bobby: Ok…Message if you need anything. I’ll make the boys come home.

Not long after I heard two cars leave the driveway as I sighed, my head against the corridor wall as I sat amongst glass and water.

I couldn’t say that I hadn’t considered suicide, because I had. They had broken my heart in so many ways.

My uncle was dead.

Lucy cheated on me.

My mother had had the same cancer Benji had just died from and my father finished the job by committing suicide and I never knew.

It was like my whole life had been one huge lie!

I went to bed and sobbed most of the night as I woke up with dark rings under my eyes from exhaustion as I made some breakfast.

I began cleaning the floors after the mess I had made from last night as I put on some music to clear my head.

I felt bad that I had trashed my uncles house, even though he was gone. I wanted to make him proud still, no matter the lies.

I had thought about it all night, I understood their want to protect me, but they should have told me, they should have given me the time to understand what was really going on, I wasn’t a child anymore and now he was gone and it was all too late. If I had known I would have spent more time with him, less fighting, more fun. But I didn’t. I knew he enjoyed teaching me fight but we could have done so much more.

When I had finished cleaning up the house I sat and looked at the giant canvas on the wall, it was the family photo I had on my phone of us all before our parents died. We had been so happy and then the world was shattered into pieces.

I didn’t want to be alone…I hated it.

I decided to make a phone call.

“Kat?” They answer.

“I can’t do this alone…” I cry, shaking against the sofa.

“I’m on my way, hold on Kat” they said as they stayed on the line. I got up and unbolted the door before returning to the sofa as I heard the door burst open.

“Kat, I’m here. I’ve got you little sis” Bobby held me tight to his chest as I just sobbed.

“It hurts…” I cry as he coos at me, rocking me in his arms.

“I know, we hurt too” He says kissing my head as I feel a tear drop down from his cheek.

“Katrina?” Another set of footsteps made their way in as I lifted my head.

“Nathan…I’m sorry” I cried as he rushed to the sofa and took me from Bobby.

“No, I’m sorry, we should have told you. We just wanted to keep you safe” He said holding me tight.

“Room for one more?” Toby entered as I bolted from Nathan and jumped into his arms with a sob.

“We’ve got you Kat” He said as we all sat as a family together on the sofa as we grieved together.

It had been a week and Bobby had decided to move into the house with me as he rented a tiny apartment that really wasn’t needed and cost him way too much. I hated being alone, so he jumped at the chance to move in with me.

Travis and Lila popped over sometimes to check on us, but I hadn’t seen Lucy since the day she cheated on me and I didn’t care. Travis had been furious with his daughter when he found out and had barely said anything to her.

I had been given the all clear by Travis that I was completely healed and couldn’t wait to get back in the ring to let go of some of my anger I still felt.

We had had the funeral a few days ago and so many people had turned up to honour my uncle, fighters from around the country had known him and come to see him off.

I had heard even King had been there, but I hadn’t seen him.

As I was blaring music loudly through headphones as I trained, my phone pinged as I received an email.

Dear Miss Smoak.

After reading your application we would like to invite you to an interview in three days-time on the 28th June….

Holy shit! Kingsley Industries wanted to interview me!

I couldn’t believe it!

“Oh my god!” I squealed in delight as I went to call Benji, before frowning and forgetting he wasn’t around anymore.

I pressed the button anyway as I heard his voicemail.

“This is Benji, I’m not at my phone right now so leave a message for me at the beep…Beeep..Just joking” He said as I smiled at his joke.

“Hey, I miss you. We all do. I got an interview for Kingsley Industries! I’m going to do you proud uncle, just like I promise. I love you. Bye” I said to his voicemail as if he would receive it.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one who still does that…” I jumped at the voice to face Nathan.

“I can’t help it. It’s like I’m sending him a message beyond the grave…” I sigh as I sit on the ground, fiddling with my phone, the email still on the screen.

“Did I hear you have an interview?” He asks with a smirk.

“Yeah! I applied before…before it all happened, and I have an interview in three days-time!” I smile

“Congratulations little sis!” He smiles as he picks me up and spins me around.

“Thanks Nathan” I smile.

“What are we celebrating?” Bobby enters the room.

“She got an interview for a job” Nathan answered as our brothers entered the room.

“Oh! That one at Kingsley?” Bobby asks, I had only told him where it was.

“Kingsley industries?! That huge book publishing place?!” Toby exclaims as I nod enthusiastically.

“That’s huge Kat” Nathan’s smile grows wider.

“We’re proud of you Kat” Toby smiles hugging me.

“Thanks” I smile.

“Wait, it’s in three days…So is the fight with King…” Nathan says as my eyes widen.

“Oh shit, that’s going to be a crazy day!” I exclaim.

“Toby will help you get ready for the interview. Bobby will deal with the club and I will help you train. Sound good?” Nathan says as I nod.

“Talking of the club…Jay’s been asking about you” Bobby wiggles his eyebrows.

“Really? What did he say?” I ask.

“He wanted to know if you were ok. He’s worried about you. Not a bad guy you know…” Bobby smirks.

“Guys a dick” Nathan grumbles.

“Nathan, she’s eighteen, nearly nineteen, if she chooses to date Jay or whoever, we will let her. We will do our big scary brother acts and be there if something happens, but we talked about this, Kat is old enough now to make her own decisions and we will support her” Toby says as I grin.

“Seriously? You’re not going to keep anything from me anymore, no fighting against me, no pushing people away from me?” I replied.

“You’re an adult now and after everything that’s happened we agreed that you need a say too. We should have done it sooner and we’re sorry” He smiles as I hug them all tight.

“I love you guys!” I squeal happily.

“Ok, but Jay is still a dick” Nathan grumbles as I laugh.

“There’s nothing going on with me and Jay, we’re just friends” I shove him playfully.

“Does he know that?” Bobby laughs as he begins to punch the punchbag.

“I always made it clear to him. It’s not my fault he likes me more” I shrug as I join Bobby at the bag.

“Can we just train?” Nathan snaps as he takes off his jacket and turns me around, so I face him as he beckons me towards him.

“You really want to go against me?” I laugh as he beckons me once more as Bobby and Toby watch.

“Come on, give it your best shot” Nathan laughs.

So that is exactly what I do. I dodge his punches and hit him in the side as he grunts, giving advice as we go.

I dive under his kick as I pull his leg and he tumbles to the ground as I pin him. But he manages to get out from my hold and flip us over as he kicks me up and over with a thud as I’m winded from the fall.

Ignoring the pain I get up and manage to get a few more punches in once more as he goes harder and harder. I hadn’t realised how good of a fighter Nathan was.

“Come on! You can do better than this, I’ve seen you do it Kat!” Nathan growls out as I’m bent over catching my breath.

“I’ve been a little out of the game Nath” I snap.

“Focus!” He says as he comes at me again as I duck, feint left and jab him in the ribs, kicking his legs from under him and coming down hard on his jaw.

“That better?” I say as he holds his jaw, rubbing it from the pain.

“Better” He nods as I help him up, Bobby clapping behind me.

“You’re going to be unstoppable” Bobby laughs.

“King won’t know what hit him. With what you’ve learnt from Benji and Dad. You have your own moves and now we can teach you ours, you’ll be stronger than ever” Toby adds.

“As long as you keep your head in the game” Nathan says as he grabs his water bottle taking a sip.

“My head will be fine” I say as he nods.

“Fancy going to a fight, tonight? Just to watch” Toby asks as I smile.

“Yes!” I grin.

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