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Chapter Seven

“Come on Kat! We’ll be late!” Bobby shouts from downstairs as I’m finishing my make-up for the club.

Tonight I was wearing black leather trousers that hugged my curves and a red crop top with my black leather hooded jacket as I tied my hair up but didn’t bother with a hat. I hated that hat so couldn’t be bothered any longer, the make-up was enough.

“I’m coming!” I shout down as I grabbed my phone and purse as I slid down the banister with a laugh as Bobby shook his head at me.

“Such a child still Kat” He laughs, but I could see in his eyes he wanted to try it too.

“Just do it…You know you want too..” I wink as he looks up at the stairs and runs up them, sliding down with a laugh as he stumbles to my side.

“Not so elegant as me though” I laugh as he shoves me but puts an arm around my shoulders as we lock up the house, giggling to ourselves.

“Smoke!” Someone shouts excitedly as we get out the car at the warehouse.

I wave to the person as they high-five their friends.

“Admirers, you could have pick of most people in here you know?” Bobby laughs.

“I could, but I’m too picky” I chuckle as my eyes look over the crowd.

“The boys are over there. You coming?” He asks as I stop and see our brothers.

“I’m going to get a drink. Want one?” I ask as he smirks.

“No but say hi to Jay” He winks and runs off with a laugh.

“Well hi there, pretty lady” Some random guy takes my arm in his as I make my way to the bar.

“Not interested” I yank my arm from his grip and begin to walk away as he grabs me once more, tugging me to him.

“Come on baby, come and play outside with me” He winks trying to drag me away before a hand thuds onto his shoulder as he turns.

“Smoke said she wasn’t interested.” King said as the guy looked on in fear.

“I…I…I was just joking dude!” The guy stuttered.

“Apologise” King said gesturing to me.

“I’m sorry Miss Smoke” He said before running off.

“You get quite a bit of attention around here.” King smirks under his hood.

“It would seem so. I just never noticed before” My eyes dart around as I see people are watching us.

“Look after yourself better Smoke. There are people here who would take you out in an instant. Fighters you’ve never met before. It’s a dangerous game and I won’t always be here to stop them” King said before disappearing as quick as he arrived.

“Smoke!” Jay shouted from the bar with a smile as I turned and walked to him.

“Hey Jay” I smile as I take a seat at the bar.

“How are you?” He asks, looking into my eyes earnestly.

“I’m ok. Getting there, you know?” I reply and he nods.

“Look, I wanted to come see you, but I didn’t, I wanted to give you time, but, will you take my number? I know you don’t want me as much as I do you, but I care about you Smoke” He says passing over a piece of paper with his number as I take it and programme it into my phone.

I send him a message, so he has my number too.

Kat: Jay, thank you for caring. X

His eyes light up as he receives the message as he hands me a shot and doesn’t let me pay.

“Thanks Jay” I smile as he’s called over to another customer.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have royalty in the house tonight! Our King and Smoke are in the house! Let’s give them a show to remember!” The announcer shouts out on the mic as the crowd goes wild as I sit at the bar watching.

Nathan jumps up onto the ring as my back straightens, he didn’t tell me he was fighting tonight.

“Isn’t that Nathan?” Jay asks behind me.

“Yeah. I gotta go Jay” I say as he nods, and I rush up to the boys.

“Before you even ask, I had no idea he was going up tonight” Toby said as I stood next to him.

“Who is he fighting?” I ask.

But before he can answer another guy pulls himself up as I begin to laugh. I had fought the guy before and got him down within minutes, this guy had no skill.

“Nath!” I shout as my brother looks to me as I point to my shoulder hoping he would understand. This guy’s shoulder was busted, one wrong hit and he wept like a baby. Nathan smirked and nodded at me.

“You know these guys Smoke?” Another man comes up to us as the fight begins.

“What’s it to you?” I ask as Nathan dodges every punch.

“They are not the company a girl like you should keep.” He says as I eye the guy.

“And why is that?” I ask, Bobby and Toby were so into the match they hadn’t noticed.

“They hold a lot of secrets. Including a sister no one knows about” He answers as I raise a brow.

“A secret sister? Really, now why would they hold something like that back?” I laugh.

“Their father owed a debt, committed suicide with his wife hoping that that would pay the debt. Instead it just moved down and now they are trying to protect their sister, because the person they owe wants her” He says.

“Who do they owe?” I ask.

“Just stay away from that family Smoke. You don’t need their shit” He said dismissing me.

I followed him quickly as I pushed him into the office as we went past.

“Who do they owe?” I growl, blocking his path out.

“Why are you so curious?” He smirks.

“I need to know what I’m getting into if I’m with them.” I say hoping he wouldn’t put the pieces together.

“I don’t know who, not yet. But I made a promise to my friend Benji that I would help those boys, but they make stupid mistakes and I do not want to see a second girl destroyed as they just might their own sister” He growls.

“Who the fuck are you? Benji has never mentioned you before” I ask.

“My name is Liam Bonsworth. Benji and I haven’t seen each other in quite some time. When he found out he was ill he called me and asked for me to help protect his niece and that is exactly what I am here to do. Now please, just do as I ask and stay away from that family Smoke. You’re a great fighter, but they are not what you need” He says.

“Prove it to me. Prove Benji asked you to do this” I say as he brings out a letter from his pocket.

The letter was truly in Benji’s handwriting and I had never read anything so quick in my life. He was telling the truth.

“We have a huge problem…” I say as Liam raises a brow.

“What problem?”

“I am Katrina, Benji’s niece …” I say and his hand goes through his hair in shock.

“Benji…What have you done…” Liam groans.

“No one knows who I am. No one but people I trust” I say.

“Good. Keep it that way. If anyone was to find out who you really were, you’d be in so much danger. The outside world right now believe that Katrina is Benji’s daughter and not Jacob’s. I swear Kat, I will find whoever wants you and I will keep you safe” Liam says as he looks in my eyes.

“Why you?” I ask. Why would my uncle call for this man who I had never met before and why had my brothers lied to me again!?

“I can’t tell you everything today. But I will, with time. Now please, stay safe. Here’s my number, ring me if you notice anything weird. Your brothers may want what’s best for you, but they have no idea the fire they are messing with” Liam sighs as he caresses my cheek and bolts out the door.

Everything was going crazy, was there truly more lies?

I calm myself as I walk towards the ring and my brothers once more as Nathan is still fighting, but now, another bigger man was against him.

“Where did you go?” Bobby asks.

“We’ll talk about it later” I reply as he looks at me with confusion.

“Get back up!” Toby shouts as my eyes dart to Nathan.

“Fuck him up!” I shout as Nathan catches my eyes and smirks before kicking the guys face as he tumbles to the ground and falls right in front of us.

“Winner! Nathan!” The announcer calls once more as Nathan jumps off the ring with a huge grin.

“Enjoy the show Smoke?” He laughs.

“She missed half of it” Bobby says as I groan when Nathan gives me a glare.

“How did our King rate that show of force?” The announcer laughs as he gestures the King on the opposite side of the ring as we look towards him.

“I’ve seen better!” King shouts as the crowd laughs.

“How about our lady of Smoke?” The announcer calls to me.

“He won didn’t he?” I smirk and wink at my brother as he puffs out his chest.

“So when will we be getting the fight of a lifetime? King Vs Smoke?” He calls out.

“Three days!” King shouts as the crowd shout in joy.

“You’re going down King!” I call out over the ring as the crowd cheer for me.

“Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!” They cheer.

“We’ll see about that princess” he winks.

“You’ve heard it here first folks! King Vs Smoke in three days. Be there, place your bets and get ready for the fight of a lifetime!” The announcer calls as the crowd cheer.

“I need a drink” I say as I laugh and go to the bar.

“Big fight coming up soon then” Jay says leaning against the bar.

“Yeah” I nod as I order a vodka and coke.

“Is this life really what you want?” He asks.

“It’s all I know Jay” I say taking a sip of my drink as I hand over my money.

“Payton. Going on break” Jay calls as he takes my hand and leads me to the bars office as I put my drink on the table.

“What do you want Jay?” I ask as he stands in front of me, his eyes drifting down my body.

I can’t help but feel the heat in my stomach and between my legs as he looks at me.

“Tell me not to and I won’t” He says as his hand runs down my face, gliding over my skin to my breast as my eyes close and a moan escapes my lips.

“Jay…We said no more…” I sighed.

“Then tell me to stop…” He breathes in my ear as his lips catch my neck.


“What? Tell me what you want” He says as his lips kiss my neck and shoulder as he finds the soft spot.

I push him away and face him as my eyes glide over his face and back to his eyes.

“Fuck it” I say as I kiss him passionately as I jump into his hold as he backs me up onto the wall as my legs wind around his waist.

“God Kat…” he moans as we grind against each other.

Our hands wander over each other’s bodies as we moan against each other, his fingers gliding over my hot bud in my trousers as I rub his hard cock.

And then…my phone rings…

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