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Chapter Eight

“Ignore it” He groans as I put my legs down.

“I can’t” I kiss him hard before answering.

“Where the hell did you go?” Nathan’s voice growls.

“Kind of busy here Nathan” I reply.

“Where are you?” he snaps again.

“With Jay…”

“WHERE?” He shouts.

“Bar office” I sigh and sort out my clothes as I knew he would rush in here.

Jay fixes himself too as he stands behind me, his hands on my hips and head resting on the top of mine.

“Smoke! We need to go!” Nathan snaps as he enters the room.

“Why?” I ask.

“Can you just trust me for once and come right now without question” He begs.

“Does this have anything to do with Liam?” I ask as his eyes widen.

“How do you know about Liam?”

“He was here…He told me about the debt…Warned me that I shouldn’t be doing business with you boys as you were holding secrets about a debt that was owed and your secret sister was the price now. He showed me the letter from Benji asking him to protect me…As Kat not smoke…” I said.

“Tell me you didn’t tell him who you were…” Nathan urges as his hands are on my shoulders.

“He showed me the letter…I thought…I thought he was ok…” I answered as I felt Jay stiffen.

“Who did she talk to and what the hell is going on?” Jay asks.

“Kat, Liam was found dead two days ago!” Nathan says as Bobby and Toby rush to the door.

“Who was that man I talked to then?” my hands shake.

“We need to leave now!” Toby orders.

“Go! I’ll call you when my shift is over. Nathan get me a photo of the guy who was with her and I’ll keep an eye out” Jay says as he kisses my cheek and rushes off to the bar.

My brothers surround me as I walk in shock with them out of the building. I had been tricked. The guy who talked to me…Was he the man that was after me?

“You all lied again” I said as we got into the car.

“Dad made us swear never to tell you” Nathan answered.

“We promised no more lies!” I scream out as they all wince.

“After this, that’s it I swear, you’ll know everything” Toby said.

“So…What’s going on and who the fuck is after me?”

“Dad used to make huge bets on fighters and one day some big gang came to the ring and brought several of their own fighters. Dad put Benji in the ring and bet everything he had on it. But the gang didn’t need money, they wanted something else. They wanted to take on one of his children as one of their own. Dad had no idea what he was getting into and made the bet, if they lost one of his own kids would become part of the Locke Gang. If he won, then they would leave and never come after them again, they would protect the clubs name and all in it. Being in an illegal club like this, it’s not easy to keep going and Dad needed more help, we were still too young in his eyes. So he made the bet and put Benji in the ring. Benji went down in the second round. The leader, Oliver, he chose the child he wanted, he wanted Dad’s only daughter…You. Dad begged and begged for them not to and they said his debt would be paid if he was to die…They lied. Dad and Mum died but the gang had no idea who you were…until now…because you told them…” Toby explained as I sat in shock.

“So now they’re after me? But they will only know me as Smoke, they haven’t seen me as myself… Have they?” I ask.

“Yes, but that means no more fights…” Bobby says as I slump into my seat.

“But the fight with King…”

“We are not losing our sister because you want a fight with King!” Nathan shouts as we park.

“How haven’t they found me before? I lived with Uncle Benji and surely they would be watching you guys?” I say as we get out of the car and head indoors.

“I thought that too, but they have no idea who our sister is. I think they think you are Benji’s daughter…” Toby answers.

“Is that why you left me with Benji?” I ask.

“Yes” Bobby nods sadly.

“God damn it boys!” I shout as the grimace.

“I can’t skip on the King fight” I groan as the boys are talking back and forth on how to keep me safe.

“What if Oliver and his gang are there? Everyone knows that Smoke will be there and now they know that Smoke is our sister!” Nathan argues.

“If I don’t show up, more people will come after me for wimping out. I can’t show weakness!” I reply.

“I hate to say it…but she’s right. If she shows she’s weak now, she’ll never get another fight again” Bobby sighs.

“Good, no more fighting, perfect” Nathan snaps.

“I’m not quitting. We will sort out this gang problem and get on. This is our family legacy we are talking about here!” I reply.

“Ok, just stay calm. We’ll figure something out. Nathan go find me an image of Oliver and then show it to Kat to see if it was the guy she was with. Then if it is send it to Jay so he can keep an eye on the club” Toby orders as Nathan huffs and heads into the office.

“I’m going to call Travis and let him know what’s going on” Bobby sighs and walks out the room.

“This the guy you saw?” Nathan comes back in and shows me an image.

“Yeah, that’s him” I nod.

“Fuck” He groans and begins typing furiously on his phone as he takes a photo of the paper and sends it to, whom I was guessing, Jay.

“You’re staying with Travis for the rest of the week” Bobby comes into the house.

“Like fuck am I…” I snap.

“Get off your high horse. Lucy was your friend first, you need each other. You can at least be civil” Bobby groans.

“She cheated on me! Wait…Nathan give me that photo back!” I said as he passes the image back to me as I look in the background.

“Who are they?” I point to a few men in the back behind Oliver.

“Some of his men…Why?” Toby answers.

“Because that’s the fucking guy!” I said pointing to a man in the back, I was sure that it was him that Lucy was fucking when I came in.

“Ring Travis, find out where Lucy is!” Toby orders Bobby as he nods.

“Travis, do you know where Lucy is?...Who with?...You have got to get her home dude…Because he’s in with the Lockes…Don’t let her panic, just get her home and ring me when you know something…” Bobby says.

“Where is she?” I ask.

“The guy took her on a date to the fair” He answered as I rush up off my seat and grab my keys.

“Where are you going?!” Toby rushes behind me.

“Making sure Lucy gets home safe” I say.

“At least get changed first! You’re still in Smoke gear” Bobby calls as I rush up the stairs and put my leathers on, on top of my clothing as I wipe off my make-up.

“Better?” I ask as I run down the stairs, grab my helmet and rev the engine on my bike.

“We’ll be right behind you!” Nathan shouts getting into the car as I ride off towards the fair.

I park up quickly as I put my helmet on my arm, watching for my brothers, although I had raced ahead.

“Travis…Have you heard from Lucy?” I ask as I ring her dad.

“No, I can’t get hold of her. Kat, I cannot lose my girl…” He sobs.

“You won’t. I’m at the fair. I’ll find her and bring her home” I said.

“Be careful Kat, I love both of you” He says.

“She won’t be hurt on my watch. See you soon” I said and hang up.

I still didn’t see my brother’s car so decided to pay and go into the fairground.

“Where are you?” Nathan growls down the phone as my eyes dart around looking into the crowds for Lucy.

“Near the bumper cars. I haven’t seen her” I said.

“We’re going to spread out, message if you see them. Do not go after them yourself” He orders.

“Yes boss” I smirk as I hang up and begin walking quickly around looking for the little blonde in the crowds.

“Come on Lucy…” I mumble to myself.

I decide to try and ring her, but it goes straight to voicemail.

“Kat!” A voice shouts at me as I see Jay run up to me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask as he keeps up with me as I continue to look around.

“Bars closed and I rang your brother, he told me what was going on. Thought you could do with an extra set of eyes. Although I don’t know who I’m looking for…” he says as I bring up a photo of me and Lucy together.

“Cute…Wait…Does she have a phoenix necklace?” He asks as I whirl to face him.

“Yes, have you seen her?”

“I think so, come on!” He says taking my hand as we head in the opposite direction towards the haunted house.

“She hates haunted houses…” I say.

“Perfect place to make a girl get closer to you” He smirks.

“God damn it…we have to go in don’t we…” I groan as I show my tickets to the guy in the booth.

“Have you seen this girl?” I ask him quickly as I showed him the image.

“Yeah, went in not a few minutes ago” he nods as I drag Jay with me and send a text to my brothers telling them where we were.

“We’ll find her Kat” Jay says as I’m trying not to focus on the people who keep leaping out and frightening me.

“I just want to get her and get out of here” I say as we walk quickly.

“You don’t like haunted house either do you?” He laughs.

“Never been a fan of horror” I shake my hand as I scream when a man with an axe jumps out at me and I nearly punch him.

“I thought you were about to kill him” Jay laughs.

“That’s not funny Trev!” I hear Lucy shout in front of us.

“That’s Lucy!” I say as we speed up.

“Come on baby, it’s just a bit of fun” The guy has his hands all over her.

“Fuck…how do we do this…” I mumble.

“Your friends…be her friend…You’re on a date, make it a double” Jay smirks as his arm goes around my waist.

“This could be interesting seeing as the last time I saw her she was cheating on me with HIM” I whisper.

“That makes it a little more difficult…” Jay sighs but I drag him forward.

“Lucy!” I call out as she turns to me with shock on her face as I plaster on a smile.

“Kat?” She frowns.

“Hey, isn’t that the bitch from the other week?” Trev says

“Listen, me and Lucy have been friends for years and there is no way I’m letting her go so easily. So…Besties?” I put out my pinkie like we used to as she smiles and links hers with mine as I pull her into a hug.

“Act cool but your guy is part of a gang trying to take me out” I whisper in her ear.

She lets go and I see the shock in her eyes before she nods slightly and gives her award-winning smile.

“Babe, it would be so cool if we do this double date style…don’t you think?” She places an arm on Trev’s arm as he glares at her.

“You sure baby? I thought we were heading home soon” He winks at her.

“We should give the girls some time to catch up dude” Jay says with a kiss to my neck as we walk through the house, nearing the exit.

“They can catch up another time, this was supposed to be a date” Trev growls.

“Ok big fella, we get it, we crashed the party. But can I just have her for one minute for a bathroom trip?” I bat my eyelashes.

“What is it with girls and bathrooms?” Jay rolls his eyes playfully.

“We’ll be back in a second babe, ok?” Lucy says to Trev, but he looks unsure as his eyes dart around.

“But my brother will be here in a minute, I wanted you to meet him” Trev says.

“Your brother?” Lucy asks.

“Yeah, my brother Oliver” He smirks

My eyes dart to Jay’s as he squeezes my hand.

“They’ll be a minute in there, dude, I’m sure your brother can wait a minute to meet her” Jay says pushing me to Lucy as I take her hand and lead her towards the bathrooms.

As we get into the bathroom, I’m panicking.

“What is going on?!” Lucy whisper shouts as we go into the corner, pretending to do our make-up.

“Long story, dad made a bet, bet went wrong, I’m the winnings. Trev’s in the gang that wants me…Oliver is the leader…” I rush.

“What the fuck…So what do we do now?” She asks.

“I don’t know Lucy!” I snap as I bring out my phone and call Toby.

“Where are you?” He asks.

“Bathrooms near the haunted house, Oliver is on his way here. We’re fucked. Jay’s outside with Trev, we’ve got a few seconds before we have to go out there again. What do I do Toby?” I ask as my eyes dart around us.

“Oliver doesn’t know who you are in real life, stick with Lucy, keep Jay with you and we’ll come up with something” He says.

“Come on girls!” I hear Trev shout outside.

“Hurry Toby” I say before hanging up.

“Lucy does he know who I am?” I ask quickly.

“He knows you were my girlfriend, but that’s it. He keeps asking who your parents are, but I keep changing the subject, I thought something was a little odd” she whispers.

“If he asks, Benji is my dad” I say, and she nods slowly as we exit the bathroom.

“What took so long?” Trev says angrily.

“Calm down little brother, girls like time together in bathrooms, no problem with that” Oliver says as he appears out of nowhere with a grin.

“Everything ok?” Jay says in my ear as he comes up behind me, nuzzling my neck as Oliver watches with a smirk.

“Yeah babe” I answer.

“So this is the famous Lucy, you weren’t kidding, she is gorgeous” Oliver takes Lucy’s hand and kisses it.

“Thanks” Lucy answers as Oliver turns to me.

“And who is this delectable dish” he grins at me, his eye gliding across my body.

“My girl for a start dude” Jay growls.

“Sorry, my bad” Oliver raises his hands in mock surrender.

“Kat” I put out a hand to shake.

“You look familiar Kat…Do I know you from somewhere? Your name? Short for Katrina?” He asks.

“No, don’t think so…Unless you’ve been in the library lately? Katherine” I smile sweetly.

“You don’t look like a library kind of girl in those leathers” He smirks.

“Just a nerd in disguise I guess” I reply as he laughs.

“It suits you” He nods, his eyes drifting again as Jay’s arms wind around my chest.

“Anyone fancy going to a party tonight?” Trev smirks as he takes Lucy into his arms.

“I’m kind of tired, maybe next time” She fake yawns.

“Aww come on, it’s just a few friends, we can take your friends here with us if you like” Trev kisses her neck.

“Baby, I don’t want to” She pushes away from him a little.

“Lucy” He growls possessively as I notice my brothers not far up ahead.

“Hey, she said she doesn’t want to go” I snap as his eyes dart to me.

“Who the fuck asked you?” He snarls.

“Now, now brother. I apologise Kat, he has quite the temper. But this really is just a small party, nothing huge, just come with us, just for an hour at least” Oliver says.

“Can I talk to you guys a minute please” Jay growls behind me.

“Of course…” Oliver gestures to the small alley nearby as he and Trev follow Jay as I eye him with worry. He quickly mouths for us to leave, but I’m worried for him.

“Lucy, my brothers are right over there. Go!” I point to them.

“Not without you” She says.

“I have to get Jay, he’s not a fighter Lucy. Go with the boys and I’ll be over as soon as possible. Tell them I’m right behind you” I say as I kiss her cheek and push her off as she runs quickly to my brothers as I watch them scarper off to the car.

“You can’t just order girls around like they’re possessions!” I hear Jay shout.

“Or what? Lucy is MINE!” Trev shouts as I see him shove Jay to the wall with a thud as Oliver stands there smirking.

“Everything ok boys?” I ask, acting timid as I enter the alley.

“Where’s Lucy?” Trev glares.

“Her Dad called, family emergency” I answer as he goes to exit the alley.

“Go near her and I’ll rip your balls off” I growl, putting an arm in his way.

“You think I’m scared of a little girl…” He laughs as Jay looks at me scared.

“Tough cookie this one…Where’d you find her?” Oliver smirks at Jay.

“Listen here princess, Lucy is MY girl and she’ll do what I want, when I want and you can’t stop me” Trev growls, grabbing me by the collar.

“Please take your hands off that girl, right now boy” A voice calls in the dark as Trev and Oliver whirl around.

“Whose there?” Oliver asks as Jay inches towards me.

“Don’t you recognise me?” The voice laughs as he comes out of the darkness.

“Holy shit!” I whisper in shock.

“King!” Oliver shouts as he enters the alley with his hood up like I’d seen him in the alley, and yet he looked different…He was wearing a suit underneath.

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