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Chapter Nine

“Let’s go” Jay drags me away from the alley.

“No, what about King?” I say in a panic.

“He can handle himself!” Jay shouts as he drags me to my bike as he makes me get on before running to his car and following me to Lucy’s.

“Kat! Are you ok?” Toby rushes out.

“King turned up. Jay made me run with him, I wanted to make sure King was ok!” I growl.

“He’ll be fine” Toby sighs as he walks away and begins making a phone call.

“Kat! Are you ok? I’m sorry he sweet-talked me, and I believed him. I never meant to cheat, I didn’t, I love you Kat” Lucy sobbed as she found me in the lounge with the others.

“Let’s give them a minute alone” Travis says as the boys leave the room.

“What’s done is done. I don’t like cheaters Lucy though, you know that. I can’t go back to how we were…” I shake my head.

“I’m sorry” She sobs on her knees next to me.

“I love you Lucy, you know I do, but I can’t forgive this. We can go back to friends, but I think that’s all I can do” I sigh as her hand entwines with mine.

“I’ll take anything right now as long as I don’t lose you. We’ve been friends for years I can’t lose you now” She sighs and hugs me tight.

I let out a sob as she hugs me to her, my emotions getting the best of me.

“This whole thing is a mess” I exhale as I finally finish crying.

“We’ll figure something out” Lucy says

I nod and get up walking to the kitchen where the boys are.

“King is fine” Toby nods and I sigh in relief.

“Maybe we need to get King’s help. He has connections, maybe he could help” Travis says.

“King won’t be talking to anyone from now until the fight, he wants time to prepare without distraction. He wishes the Kat and Jay well, not that he knows she is” Toby answers.

“Who did you say she was?” Jay asks.

“Your girl” Toby sighs and I laugh.

“Why is that funny?” Jay raises a brow with a smirk.

“Me? Your girl…Jay we would never work” I chuckle. But honestly, I didn’t know why I said that…

“Why?” Jay asks…Oh shit…

“I…Uh…You know I like girls…” is all I can come up with.

“Never stopped us before” Jay smirks as Nathan slams a hand on the table.

“Nathan” Toby warns.

“Boys, my wife will be home soon, and she doesn’t know a thing about the ring, so if there is anything that needs saying, do so now” Travis says.

“How do we keep Kat safe from Oliver?” Lucy asks.

“She won’t be fighting he doesn’t know who she is otherwise” Nathan says.

“I’m fighting, don’t try stop me. Find another way. I’m pretty sure Oliver will begin to place the pieces together and figure out who I am anyway. It’s not difficult. Anyone with half a brain could work it out” I answer.

“You’re right. He’ll figure it out. If you’re going to fight then you’ll make sure you are with one of us at the very least all the time. I know you can fight Kat, but these are bad men” Toby sighs.

“Ok. I’ll make sure I’m always under someone’s watch. We’ll just have to work out how we get out of paying the debt…” I answer.

“We’ll talk to King. I think he might be helpful…But he’ll have to find out who you are too” Bobby answers.

“Do you trust him? No one knows who he is” Jay replies.

“He’s never done us any harm, only helped. We have no other choice. At the fight we will talk to him. Once Smoke wins of course” Bobby smirks.

“Do you think you can really beat him?” Lucy whispers.

“I can certainly try” I laugh.

“You’ll do more than try, you will win” Nathan says with a nod as I smile.

“Hello! Anyone home?!” Lila comes through the front door as she stands still at the sight of all of us in the kitchen.

“Hello baby girl” Travis smiles as he gathers her in his arms and kisses her.

“Sorry for the intrusion Lila, we were…we were holding an intervention between Kat and Lucy. They needed to make up” Toby says.

“Oh! Are you two back together?” Lila smiles with her hands clasped, she loved the fact we had been with each other.

“Just back to friends Lila” I smile, and her face dimmed a little.

“Well at least you’re back together in the same room again. You two have always been there for each other, I wouldn’t want you both to lose something so precious.” She says and I smile. Lucy runs up to her mother and hugs her tightly.

“We should get going. Things to do.” I smile.

“Oh! Well, will we see you soon? I miss you in my house all the time” Lila laughs.

“Soon. I promise” I nod.

“Oh, wait…Who is this?” She asks as she points to Jay.

“Sorry Ma’am, I’m Jay, a friend of the boys” Jay holds out his hand and shakes Lila’s as I watch him, he gives his gorgeous cheeky smile which makes hearts melt at the sight.

“Oh! Well hello Jay. Nice to meet you” She giggles.

“Did you just giggle like a school girl my love?” Travis smirks.

“Oh, I…I’m sorry dear, he’s a good-looking lad…” She says and I burst out laughing.

“You’re mine” Travis growls playfully and nips her neck as she giggles again, and he seems content.

“Something funny Kat?” Jay raises a brow.

“You certainly get the ladies going huh?” I smirk.

“Yeah, but there’s only one girl I’m after” He says with a wink.

“Let’s go!” Nathan pushes me to the door as the boys laugh.

“Oh! Kat! Can I meet Smoke Friday?” Lucy calls out from the door. Friday night was the fight.

“Sure, you and your Dad can” I say as they both nod.

“OH! Is this the girl the boys like?” Lila’s eyes light up.

“No! Not anymore!” Nathan shouts out as he bails into the car.

“What happened?” Lila asks.

“They had…A little fall out” I smirk to Lucy as she giggles.

“Oh dear. I’m sure the boys will find someone else” She says before waving as we get into the car.

“Call me!” Lucy calls out as I nod as we drive off.

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