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Destan is the sequel of The Alpha's Runt. Get ready to have fun and enjoy the adventures of Destan and Waverly who have to combat each other before a decent relationship can even begin.

Action / Romance
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Friends With Benefits

Start writing here…PROLOGUE

Destan, the little brother of the Alpha’s Runt, Mira is all grown up and ready to take over his father James’ position as Alpha. The only problem, he will need a Luna to lead by his side. Destan was informed by Beta Dalton of a female warrior that no Alpha has been able to claim. After seeing a picture of the brown haired and honey colored eyes beauty, Destan was intrigued and decided to sign up for the challenge. Will he be able to finally claim the unclaimable warrior, or will she send him back home with his tail between his legs?

CHAPTER 1: Friends with Benefits

“OH FUCK, DESTAN!” Muriel moaned with each hard thrust. She clawed his back and bit his shoulder making him groan with excitement.

“What’s the matter huh?” His hands squeezed her ass as he kept banging her hard against the wall. “You always liked it rough.” Muriel bit her lower lip with a smile. They have been friends with benefits for about three years. They tried the dating thing, but it just didn’t work out due to the constant cheating on each other. Just like Destan had a wandering dick, Muriel had a wandering pussy, but they never judged each other and only laughed about it at the end. They were about to climax when they heard a banging on the door.

“YO Destan, Muriel,” they heard Jaxon shout from the other side of the door. “Are you both almost finished? We gotta go to Destan.”

“Give us a few minutes.” Destan shouted back. “I think we need to finish this. What do you think?” Destan didn’t bother waiting for a response as he sped up his thrust until they both came undone. He gently lowered Muriel until her feet touched the ground. Destan pulled up his jeans, adjusting himself as she smoothed out her mini skirt. Destan grabbed his black T-shirt from the floor and put it on just as Muriel walked over to him with a smile.

“Hey, be careful over there ok.” Muriel tied her blonde hair up in a messy bun.

Destan saluted her with a smirk. “Sure thing boss.” He kissed her cheek as he walked by her to leave. “Take care Muriel.” She winked at him as he left.

Destan only packed two bags and threw it in the back of his truck along with his future Beta Jaxon and Delta Boris’s bags. He walked around to hug his mother Luna Jenna who could only smile at her son. “Mom, please don’t start knitting baby blankets.”

“Are you actually trying to deprive me of making my future grandchild his or her blanket?”

Destan pinched the bridge of his nose then sighed. Instead of arguing with his mother, he simply embraced her, kissing the top of her head. “I would do no such thing mom. Knit away.” Seeing the smile on her face was enough to make him hope that he finds his Luna to bring home just for his mother. The thought of it made him laugh inside. His father came out to stand beside Jenna. Destan shook his father’s hand and without another word, he went to his truck.

Destan turned on the radio to listen to some music for the long drive. Three days it will take them to get to the Silver Lake pack. He hoped that this journey wasn’t a waste of his time. “Hey,” Jaxon broke his train of thought. “I just want to understand what you’re getting yourself into.” He placed his finger on his short bearded chin as if in thought. “In order to win her, you have to fight her….Actually fight her, as in hand to hand combat or some shit like that?” Destan only nodded without saying a word. “This will be easy for you. She’s as good as yours.” He spoke with confidence as he tossed some chips into his mouth, not noticing the crumbs on his shirt.

“Won’t there be other Alpha’s there?” Boris asked from the back seat. “Also vying to win this female over?”

“Vying?” Jaxon turned to look at Boris. “Since when do you use words like vying? Have you been sleeping in the pack library again?” Jaxon teased, earning him a chuckle from Destan. Boris rolled his eyes as he laughed along with his childhood friend.

“Shut the fuck up you asshole,” Boris punched Jaxon’s on the back of his left shoulder earning him a grunt. “I’ve heard of the she wolf warrior that no one can beat and I’m talking about Alpha’s.” He snatched Jaxon’s bag of chips, sat back and began eating. “This Waverly girl is one bad ass wolf,” he mumbled with a mouth full of chips. “I bet $50 she will kick your ass Destan.” He laughed, Jaxon joining him.

“Fuck you both,” Destan chuckled. “I have to admit, I find her intriguing and look forward to watching her kick ass, not mine, but others.”

Jaxon turned to look at Boris. “Put me down for $100 dude.”

Waverly glared at her opponent as they circled each other. Alpha Franz was holding the side of his left ribs, trying not to groan everytime he moved. His platinum hair stuck to his face with the sweat that dripped off his chin. She did a good job in breaking his ribs with three fast punches he didn’t see coming. He came to respect his opponent for her fighting skills. Alpha Franz underestimated her ability to take him down due to his Alpha status. A mistake that cost him three ribs. One for each punch. He stood at 6 feet 4 inches, but his height was no match for her lethal long legs. Waverly came at him, but fooled him when she slid on the floor using her powerful legs to knock him off his feet. Alpha Franz fell face first, grunting loudly when his ribs made contact with the floor. Waverly quickly jumped on his back, grabbing his left arm and pulling it back to break it when he tapped out. She smirked, leaning down to whisper in his ear. “Good call.” She jumped off him and walked away as if she didn’t make another Alpha look foolish.

Waverly showered, then dressed in comfortable red sweatpants and a black tank top. She trotted down the stairs and into the kitchen that was already occupied with her sister Jaime and her brother Benz. They were both stuffing their faces with leftover lasagna. Waverly grabbed a fork and began digging into the reheated food. She moaned when the delicious pasta hit her taste buds. “This is so damn good, Jaime.” She mumbled with a full mouth.

“I know right?!” Jaime mumbled back, also with a full mouth.

“Don’t talk with your mouths full,” Benz mumbled with a full mouth. “It’s gross.”

They all looked at each other and began laughing. Waverly grabbed a cup and filled it up with Ice T, drinking the entire beverage, then refilling it.

Benz took out a small spiral notepad, flipped the cover open, then wrote in it. “That makes….11 Alpha’s that have failed to beat you.” He then tossed it on the table for both his sisters to see. “Which means...Jaime owes me...hmmm….Ah yes, $400.” He placed the palm of his hand in her direction. Jaime rolled her eyes as she reached into her pocket and placed $400 in his hand.

“You betted against me J?” Waverly looked at her sister as if her feelings were hurt.

“I thought for sure that he would beat you and I will finally get your room.”

“Well, sorry...not sorry.” Waverly flipped her off as she and Benz high fived each other. Jaime rolled her eyes at her siblings.

“Well I have exciting news,” she rubbed her hands together. “Dad said that four more Alpha’s are coming, which means….”

“TOURNAMENT!!!” Both Waverly and Benz yelled out in excitement.

“Who’s coming and when do they arrive?” Waverly asked as she stuffed her face again.

“Alpha Brian Daytees, Alpha Norman Hamil, Alpha Ken Judd and upcoming Alpha to be, Destan…”

“You mean the brother of the infamous Luna Mira?!” Waverly asked with raised eyebrows.

“The one and only,” Jaime folded her arms in triumph. “He’s huge and will be here on Friday, so good luck.”

“Pfft, I don’t need luck,” Waverly said with full confidence. “I got this.”

Later that night, Waverly lied down on her queen size comfortable bed thinking of the upcoming tournament. She managed to keep away Alpha’s from claiming her and she will be damned if she is to lose now. She knew she had to train extra hard before the end of the week and try new combat tactics.

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