The Relentless

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Two distant sisters find themselves on a foreign planet fighting for their lives. In search for a safe haven they get seperated and learn the true meaning of being the relentless.

Action / Romance
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Not Alone

The dessert ground felt like shards of glass that I pranced over on my eighth birthday. At the time my mother had just put the birthday cake down on the dining room table. She was trying to usher us rambunctious candy high children to come inside from the unexpected storm.

The glass came from a party light that got whipped down into the soaking grass. As soon as my delicate little foot trampled over the broken glass a blood curdling scream escaped my mouth. I remember the heaviness when I realized that the red in the grass was not the ketchup that had been thrown from the picnic table, but was instead my blood.

My feet refused to hold me and I toppled over when I had seen the blood oozing from my newly glass decorated feet. My mothers face is what bothered me the most. It had etched to one of sheer fear just before I saw black. It was the sort of fear you see when you watch a squirrel race from a snarling Doberman with no trees to scurry up. I had seen this many times thanks to Ed our neighbors dobey.

I thought then, that I knew what fear was but it was three months ago I had experienced true fear, not long after they had arrived. They referred to themselves as One. Little difference could be seen between us and them. Like us they came in many skin tones with facial structures. The Ones however did have unique features that made them stand out in a crowd. They are all tall. Six feet was considered small to their species. Staring into their orbs as dark as night with a blue hue seemed to lighten their dark hair. The ones physique screamed power. Our species looked weak almost sickly compared to them.

It was obvious even their weakest could defeat a strong full grown man. They could move at a exhilarated pace for longer periods of time. They even surprised us by speaking all of our old and new languages gracefully while knowing all languages as One.

To kick start the human races demise they came as peaceful problem solvers that were highly advanced than us. Most nations welcomed them while others fought to gain the upper hand on earth. It was a lost battle.

They proved through example that they were more practical at taking care of us. Within two weeks every human in every nation was fed, clothed, and was given a space to live. They cured cancer and most sicknesses with a touch. The Ones valued life and could not comprehend what money did.

All nations began to become one. Wars stopped and enemies became brothers again. Religion was irradicated as people believed that the Ones were our saviors or deity. Women around the world had a voice and could finally live an equal life. Racism was a word of the past. So they fixed us externally and internally. But no one asked them what they wanted from us.

Two months after their arrival they invited us to there world, Unumus, to cohabitate. They allowed anyone who wanted to see Unumus to go. Many people left. They communicated back to earth with excitement over the vast land that Unumus contained. They claimed it was similar but unique just as the indigenous Ones that habitates it.

It wasn’t until the third month since the ones arrived that things changed in such a ricochet matter that we didn’t have time to prepare.The few of us that are on Unumus are being hunted. It was an attempt to completely eradicate the human race.

What was left of the human race broke off into two groups: the Breeders, and the revolters. The Breeders were mostly made up of men who believe that the only fight was in the repopulation of the human race. They say the Breeders are what was left of our military and prisoners. I have a hard time believing the two would stand so ignorantly together bit desperate times can make people pause and react not as they normally would.

The Revolters were not much better. Most of the Revolters are common men who focused their rage into hunting the Ones. They will kill anyone who gets in the way of their mission. If it benefited their mission the Revolters would kill everyone of us. The leader is said to be crazed and only responds to being called Dad. I suppose it reminds him of what we all had once. I felt for the crazy bastard. Family was so precious and unlike my sister and I, most people only had themselves. The Revolters missions are known to be crazy and suicidal. To them any hindrance to the Ones was deemed a success.

Then there's us. The few women that haven’t been captured by the Breeders. These days women were the hot commodity. There are stories of women joining to fight with the Revolters only to be traded for guns to the Breeders. Ones however didn’t value us. In fact the Ones would kill you whether you are male or female. The fact is that there is no safe place for us females. Running is the only way to survive this mess. What little running my feet can do and boy they are trashed and it’s only a matter of time till I cant run.

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