Too Tasty

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This isn't the Medieval Times

"It's game time Karina," I heard somebody say to me as they shook me awake.

I rubbed my eyes and winced as I looked at the neon lights of the clock in Lincoln's car.

10 pm already, damn.

Lincoln grabbed a water bottle from the cup holder and tossed it to me after rolling down the window. I guess he realized that I needed a wake-up call.

I shivered for a couple of minutes and then I was ready to initiate our plan. I looked out of the window and saw that we were parked down the street from the apartment complex.

"You ready?" I asked, nervously looking at Lincoln.

He nodded and tossed me his truck's keys so that we could swap sides since I'd be his escape route.

My eyes widened when I saw Lincoln pull out a rifle. He checked the mag and nodded at me as he tucked the gun into his grey leather jacket. Military expertise, yup he's scaring me a little bit.

"Here's my phone. What room are they in?" he said before turning to walk towards the building.

"Wait, Lincoln. Maven and Teela won't come with you if they don't know you're with me. Take this to room 204 B," I said, taking my favorite dolphin necklace off to hand it to him and I gave him my spare key card to the building.

He pocketed my necklace and whispered in my ear, "Stay alert and stay low in the driver's seat. Wait for our text."

Lincoln walked as normally as he could towards the back entrance of the building. I could already tell he was a well trained military man because he analyzed where the exit routes were, the security cameras, and checked for black SUV's which was Seth's signature car.

I spotted two SUV's and a Jeep surrounding the front entrance of the building and near the back, there was another black SUV.

I hope Lincoln makes it inside safely. I don't want anything to happen to him.

My phone vibrated in my bag and I saw that it was Knox's number.

Now my ancient piece of crap wants to work.

Knox: I'm in front of the building. It looks like there are some people waiting in cars.

Me: Get out of there NOW! They're dangerous. Just drive away at a normal speed and drive past the back parking lot. I'm here with Lincoln in his Ford truck, he drove me here. Get ready to drive out of there fast. We have a plan to get my sisters out.

Knox: Copy that.

I waited for ten minutes and kept glancing at Lincoln's phone.

Unknown Number: We're coming to the first floor. Start driving to the back entrance in 3 minutes.

I started counting down from 3 minutes and was down to the last 30 seconds.

I revved the engine and slammed the gear into drive. My adrenaline levels felt so high. Partially from nerves and trepidation of something going wrong.

I pulled up to the back entrance quickly but it was too late. Maven and Teela had been spotted with Lincoln.

Lincoln shoved both of my sisters into the back of his truck as he pulled out his rifle to fire at Seth's friends. He bought my sisters a few second and himself an opening to jump into the back of his truck.

"Drive woman," he huffed out, filling another mag into his rifle.

I made a U-turn so that I could get us the hell out of this bloody parking lot. I made sure to turn on the headlights to the truck because the last thing I needed was to put all of us in a hospital because I couldn't see jackshit in the dark.

I sped up and increased my speed to 110 mph so that I could eventually lose the SUVs. Thank god I spent so much time behind the wheel on a racetrack. I spotted Knox's BMW in my rearview mirror and sighed in relief.

Maven raised an eyebrow at me and Teela chomped on her gum to distract herself from the commotion behind us.

I hope Knox follows us.

"You're bleeding sir," Maven said, worriedly biting her lip. I glanced into the upper mirror to meet Lincoln's eyes but he was looking out of the window. I need to pull over soon.

"Jeez Maven, this isn't the medieval times. Nobody uses sir anymore," Teela snipped.

Maven glared at Teela and said, "That's rude. Be more grateful. He just saved us from pyscho Seth."

At that remark, Teela balked and mumbled a thank you to Lincoln.

Lincoln glanced behind us and said, "We lost all of them except one. There's a BMW following us."

"Yup, that's Knox. I'm going to pull over at a nearby beach so we can talk and look at your wound," I said.

"Don't worry about it," Lincoln said, shrugging his jacket off but holding onto his rifle. Maven and I shared an incredulous look as we processed what he said.

The man took a bullet to the leg for my sisters and then said NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT. He's a keeper.

A couple of minutes later, we pulled over at Myriad Beach and I got out of the car.

Knox parked behind me and jogged up to all of us. The cool wind made me shiver again as the breeze ruffled the dress I was wearing. I didn't have a chance to change and honestly, I really didn't want to. It was too much work.

"Are you guys okay?" Knox asked, looking at all of us. He gaze lingered on mine but shifted to Lincoln's wound.

My sisters and I nodded but Lincoln looked pale and a sheen of sweat covered his forehead.

"You good man?" asked Knox, frowning at the blood flowing from his thigh.

"It's just a graze. I'll wrap it while we talk," said Lincoln as he perched on his truck's seat with the door open.

I cringed when he cut a hole into his cargo pants to dress his wound. Teela and I looked away from the blood at the same time because we couldn't bear to look at it.

But Maven grabbed the white bandage from Lincoln's hand and started wrapping his leg as best as she could.

"I didn't want to ask you before Karina but I'm going to now. What are you mixed up in? It's not normal to have a bunch of buff goons after you in the middle of the morning. And why were your sisters in danger? I saw you yesterday morning and you were fine. What's going on?" Knox asked, his eyebrows scrunching up in concern.

I sighed and decided to just get to the point. "Basically, my father strangled my mother to death and is pissed at my sisters and me because we ran away from home. He was an abusive man and thrived on controlling us. He's spent most of his life treating us like shit and Seth, the guy who sent his bodyguards after us, is partially responsible for causing drama in my family. My father's goal is to hit me where it will hurt the most. My sisters. If they get captured again, I'll never see them for the rest of my life," I responded, meeting his blue eyes that darkened as he heard the truth about me.

I left out the story behind my scars. I didn't want anyone to worry about me.

Maven stood to wipe her blood coated hands with the towels from Lincoln's duffel bag while Teela stared holes into the sidewalk.

Lincoln and Knox remained pensive as they processed what I'd said.

"I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that guys," Knox said as he looked at my sisters and me.

"But you can't possibly be considering trading yourself in exchange for your sisters' lives Karina," Knox continued and my eyes widened.

What the hell? How did he know? He read me so he always this observant?

"Karina, no," Maven said, startling me because she was always silent unless the matter of discussion was important.

"Don't you dare. Teela and I can stay at your place in Burberry. We'll relocate. But don't even think about leaving us," she said, wiping her eyes as she cried.

The street light flickered on and off near the beach as the wind picked up again.

"Listen, I won't make any promises that I can't keep Maven. You know I'm the one he wants. He'll spare you because he knows that he can't break you again. He can step on me no matter what because I'll always do what puts you all first. Even if it means trading my freedom. I'm not going to be in a position to say no and I accept that price," I said darkly.

", I don't think so" said Lincoln, as he got out of his truck to stand.

"People like your father don't change when they get what they want. So come up with a better plan because that shit ain't happening," Lincoln said and Teela grinned, high fiving him. Her strawberry blonde hair swished side to side from the whistling wind.

I shrugged, unable to think of a better idea.

"I have a better idea, Karina. Why don't you continue to work at the diner while Mario is gone and I'll get the girls a job at the boutique down the street? That way, you guys will be together no matter what. You also need to buy a car," Knox responded, with a no-nonsense look on his face.

But I was saving up for a house. I guess I'd have to wait for a few more years. The car is more important.

"Or, I could pick you all up after the end of your shifts and drop you home. The only condition is that you keep Knox and me on speed dial," Lincoln responded, leaning against his truck. His grey eyes looked even more beautiful under the moonlight.

"Hey, I'm not complaining Karina. I'll get to shop more," Teela said with a grin. Knox laughed while Maven rolled her eyes. Everyone could tell that Teela was a handful but she meant well.

"It's a deal," I said to Lincoln and his lips quirked up.

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