Too Tasty

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"Me Want Cookies"

---Max’s POV---

My stomach rumbled as I listened to Kari ramble on about how to make cinnamon cookies next. I wanted another chocolate chip cookie.

“Me want cookies” as Cookie Monster said. Words to live by. Truly inspirational.

I was actually having a lot of fun playing with this squishy flour. I giggled as I remembered Kari slipping on my Windex smiley face and getting up with bits of gooey flour in her hair.

She yelled at me but she didn’t fire me.

That’s how I knew she was my sister. She has to be, especially if she can tolerate this much awesomeness.

My phone buzzed and I saw that it was Seth, my cousin brother, calling.

“Bro, what do you want? My hands are kind of busy,” I said, smiling at the cinnamon dough in my hands. It was like playing with playdough.

“Fuck outta here. Are you still at the bakery?” Seth asked. He sounded irritated but that sounded more like his problem than mine.

“Yeah man, why? Do you want a red velvet cupcake too? Kari makes the best ones,” I said with a cheeky grin. I relished the taste of the last two that I had eaten.

“Karina is at the bakery? Are you in the kitchen near the back door?” he asked. Why is he being so nosy? Just get to point bro, I want MORE CUPCAKES AND COOKIES.

“Yup,” I said as I made more balls of dough and placed them on the steel tray. They reminded me of my soccer ball.

“Prop the back door open now,” Seth said.

I groaned and answered, “Do I have to? I’m playing right now.”

“NOW,” he growled.

I sighed defiantly and stomped over to the back door. I used a spatula to leave the door open and frowned when I saw Seth standing there.

He was smoking a cigarette that smelled very nasty and I swatted the air to diffuse the smoke.

“Why didn’t you just knock?” I moaned in mock anger.

Seth shoved past me and looked around the pristine condition of the kitchen.

My sis was a neat freak and extremely clean. She never left stuff lying around.

Seth walked over to the table that I was working at and looked across it, towards the fryer.

He grinned and I grinned back because why not?

“Don’t tell her that I was here okay?” Seth said as he tossed his cigarette butt into the fryer.

I still don’t think cigarettes belong in oil but what would I know? All I know are that French fries taste good without cigarettes.

The fryer looked like a rectangular prism and it was hideous just like Seth’s personality.

Seth reminded me of Maleficent. He was downright weird and sometimes creepy but at least he owned it.

But hey, Seth usually came with sugary treats so who was I to argue?

Even on the wall above the fryer, there was a disgusting yellow cloth with a paisley print sewn across it to prevent the wall from getting splattered with oil.

My fashion sense was way better. I should’ve been a model, not a soccer player. I would’ve done so much better at designing this bakery’s kitchen.

Seth fiddled with some knobs and messed with the flame at the bottom but I was bored so I stopped paying attention.

I extended my hand out for payment and waited patiently. Seth rolled his eyes and slapped a Twix bar into my hand. He knew how I worked. You need something, you pay in sugar not diamonds or cash.

Kari was still busy outside near the counter with customers who were eating up all of the baked treats from the showcase.

They better save some for me. Me want my cookies.

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