Too Tasty

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Trust Issues, My Arse.

“She’s waking up!” said a woman’s voice which I recognized as Siobhan’s.

I forced my eyelids to open and saw Lincoln, Trini, Siobhan, Quinton, Maven, and Teela surrounding me.

“There was a fire. I was talking to Quinton. And Max was... Why am I at a hospital?” I asked in general.

“You passed out after I pried Max off of you. He was responsible for the fire,” Quinton responded.

“I’m assuming something’s wrong with me after inhaling so much smoke,” I said. I adjusted my covers and reached for the glass of water near me.

My chest burned as I reached for that glass. Why?

Teela rolled her eyes and handed it to me.

“It’s not that far Karina,” she said as she chewed on her signature piece of bubble gum.

“You have bronchitis and a horrible cough,” Siobhan said with a worried frown.

Amazing, just keep piling it up. I'll be miserable about my sorrows when I'm alone.

I smiled and said, "Awesome. Am I fired yet? Because if you've watched your security tapes, then you'll be up to speed with the whole football tacking scenario that Max was talking about."

I was surprised when Quinton and Lincoln chuckled at me.

"No actually. All of the customers talk about how delicious your baked goods and cooking is. I'd be a fool to replace you. As for the whole tackling situation, I think you should consider becoming a quarterback. You'd be very successful just based on how you handled that tackle landing like a pro," Quinton said.

I groaned in embarrassment and covered my face.

"I'm assuming you watched the earlier feeds too Mr. Thompson," I stated in mortification.

"Don't worry, nobody needs to know about your little Windex adventure," Quinton said.

I lowered my hands from my face and said, "Well, at least you saw it first hand and didn't hear about it from Mario. He tends to exaggerate more often than not."

Quinton smirked. "That's true but enough about work. Do you need anything before you're discharged?" he asked politely.

I smiled and answered, "No thank you. I'm okay."

Maven finally walked up to me and started helping me sit up. She grabbed me in a shoulder hug and tucked my strands of hair behind my ears.

"I'm glad you're okay sis," she said and my eyes misted as I thought about Max.

I was still in shock about him starting the fire.

I nodded as she pulled away from me.

"I'll get the nurse so that we can take you home," Siobhan said. Quinton and Siobhan walked out of the room together, probably to talk about what happened.

"You should've woken me up this morning Karina. I heard you shower but I wanted to see if you'd trust me enough to help you. That's why I sent Siobhan downstairs because I thought you'd feel more comfortable with her," Lincoln said.

I frowned at his comment and said, "Not at all Linc. You're an amazing guy but I just have trust issues. It's not personal and I'm trying to work on it. I don't have a lot of friends for that reason."

"That's b.s. Karina. Trust issues, my arse. You're paranoid," Teela said and winced when Maven stomped on her foot.

I smirked and said, "Yeah, well that too. My sisters and I are a package deal. Accept the craziness and I'd love to be your friend Linc."

"You and I will get along just fine. Siobhan and Trini will match your levels of craziness. Maybe even exceed them," he said with a chuckle.

I snickered and said, "We shall see."

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