Too Tasty

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If Max didn't Smoke, then who did?

It’s been two weeks since I’ve talked to Knox, Lincoln, or anybody else.

Lately, nothing feels right. Everything around me is too calm. Even Teela, who spends most of her time messing around with Maven, has been quiet.

I was slouching on my bed with a cup of raspberry tea in my hands as I contemplated what the hell I was doing in my life. I had to deal with the fact that I currently had no job since the diner was in reconstruction.

Maven and Teela work at the Boutique on Mainstreet so they weren’t home most of the time until after 5 pm. Lincoln was kind enough to offer rides and he’d even tried to come up to my apartment to see me but Maven told me that Teela said, “not now.”

Teela was a handful but she was wise enough to understand that I needed to process what happened.

I wasn’t scared of stepping into the diner again. I actually missed baking and seeing new faces every day. I was more afraid that another freak accident would happen and this time, I wouldn’t make it out alive.

Middle child or not, nobody would be around to watch out for my sisters. At least, no proper family members.

Ever since that night at the hospital, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what happened at the diner. But nothing seemed to add up.

I spent two days with Max and at that time, all he ever did was annoy me. He certainly didn’t try to kill me or sabotage the diner. Max was just having fun.

In fact, I don’t even remember Max owning a pack of cigarettes because if he did, I would’ve yelled at him.

So how did the fire really start?

Think, Karina, think. What did Max say when Quinton asked about what he was doing before the fire began?

I scrunched up my eyebrows and tried to recall the conversation but the end of it was kind of hazy.

“Cookie Monster wanted a candy bar and so did I. So I kept quiet when I saw the cigarette,” said Max.

Wait, "I saw the cigarette." Does that mean that Max was bribed with a chocolate bar in exchange for his silence?

It's definitely weird but the way Max responded to Quinton made it seem like he wasn't the one who put the cigarette into the fryer.

If Max didn't smoke in the diner, then who did?

I need to call Quinton now.

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