Too Tasty

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Don't Tell Me to Calm Down

“Maven, Teela. We’re home,” I called out into the apartment. A few moments later Teela stomped down the stairs.

“Who is that?” Teela asked. She eyed Max lazily and walked up to him.

“I’m Max,” he answered.

Teela honed in on the Diner bag in his hand and asked, “Are those baked goods?”

“Yup, you want a brownie?” Max asked. I raised a brow and silently watched the exchange.

“Do you want a new haircut?” Teela asked to counter his proposition. She leaned against the back of the couch and waited for him to answer.

Max hesitated and then said, “Can I have a style like yours?”

Teela barked out a laugh and said, “You need longer hair pretty boy. But I can give you a new cut and dye it with any color you choose. I basically have them all.”

I snorted in agreement. Teela had several different colored dyes because every couple of months, she changed her hair color.

Max and Teela ran upstairs like they were best friends and I smiled. This was exactly what Max needed. Teela would learn a few things from him, I hope.

My phone pinged and I smiled when I saw a text from Tyler.

Tyler: Join the group chat.

Me: Okay Ty.

I joined the request and texted my name into the chat. Everybody’s contact was already saved to my phone for the most part. I’d never texted Lincoln but I was surprised to see Siobhan in the chat too.

Quinton: I’m bringing over some dinner. Did you eat yet?

Me: No, are we going to talk like you mentioned yesterday?

Quinton: Yup.

Lincoln: I’m watching Trini tonight so I can’t come over.

Quinton: Don’t worry man, Knox will fill you in.

Knox: Yup, just shoot me a text when you’re free. It’ll take a while.

Siobhan: Sorry I won’t be able to come tonight Karina. I have an art show at the gallery in New Jersey.

Me: No worries, congrats on your show. You’ll do great!!

Siobhan: : ) Thanks.

Tyler: Knox and I will pull up in a couple of minutes.

Quinton: Me too. Italian or sushi night?

Knox: Definitely sushi.

Tyler: Ditto.

Me: Whatever you guys want.

Lincoln: What’s up with Maven? She wasn’t happy when I dropped her home.

Me: Not sure. I haven’t seen her face yet actually. Let me check on her. I’ll see you guys soon.

I ran upstairs and smiled at all of the noise that Max and Teela were making. Good to know that they were getting along. Maybe I should bring Max along more often.

“Maven, can I come in?” I asked as I knocked on her door.

No answer.

I waited for a moment before opening the door. She was lying on the floor with a bottle of pills near her hand. I screamed for Teela and Max as I checked her pulse.

It was too slow. She might overdose.

I whipped out my phone and called an ambulance.

Please come soon. Maven can’t die like this.

Max squealed in horror when he saw Maven lying there on the ground before grabbing the pills with a cloth and tossing them to Teela.

He picked up Maven and started carrying her down the stairs as fast as he could.

“Don’t touch the bottle with your hands. What if someone forced her to O.D? I watch Criminal Minds too,” Max said in a seriously high pitched voice. Teela blanched and followed his directions.

The doorbell rang before the door was pounded on. I rushed to open the door, and the EMT grabbed Maven from Max.

“She’s going into cardiac arrest. Pulse is too low. Prepare the defibrillator,” shouted an EMT member.

Quinton’s Infiniti pulled up to the apartment complex and I saw Knox, Tyler, and Quint run towards us as they noticed Maven.

“Let me go with you,” I screamed at the same EMT woman who had one of the others restrain me in a tight grip.

“You need to calm down. You can’t help that girl in this condition,” answered a man with salt and pepper hair.

“Fuck you asshole. That’s my sister! DON’T TELL ME TO FUCKING CALM DOWN,” I screamed again. My voice was hoarse and my fists were clenched in anger.

I saw Tyler break formation and head straight towards me as I started to take a swing at the man. I grunted as he tackled me into the grass but I was now pissed at him and the other man who’d already left without me.

“If you don’t let me go right now Tyler, I’m going to punch you in the face. And it will hurt. That’s a promise,” I hollered at Tyler as we wrestled on the ground.

Tyler’s arms tightened around my waist as we rolled around the grass.

Teela screeched as the ambulance drove away but then stepped away, reeling from the shock.

“It’s going to be okay. I’m right here,” said Max. He grabbed Teela in a bear hug who just stood there as the ambulance drove to the hospital.

A minute later Max called an Uber to take us to the hospital since we wouldn’t fit in Quinton’s car.

Quinton and Knox pulled me off of Tyler but didn’t let me go when I saw the Uber pull up.

I faked a hook towards their faces with both arms but aimed for their stomachs. I was free from them and I ran towards Uber but wasn’t fast enough.

Tyler grabbed me in a bear hug and climbed into the car with me. His glasses were missing but his stormy blue eyes were tracking my every movement. I was currently sitting sideways on his lap because he refused to let me go.

What did he think I was going to do? Throw myself out of a fucking moving car?

I was beyond pissed at him and I couldn’t handle being separated from Maven.

I’d get even with whoever did this to her. That’s also a promise.

Tyler's hands played with my black hair as he pulled out blades of grass and chunks of dirt from my hair. After he finished, he used my hair tie to tie off the simple braid he’d woven into my hair.

I tried pulling away from him but it was futile. Tyler was sticking to me like glue and he was the last person I wanted to be around.

I wanted to know if Maven was okay ASAP. His tackle kept me from being with her.

What if she... no I can't think negatively. She has to be okay.

I glanced down at my shitty appearance once and then gave up trying to salvage my clothes.

No amount of detergent would ever fix my white jeans.

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