Too Tasty

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Team Work Bitch

I practically shoved myself off of Tyler after tossing a couple of bills at the Uber driver.

Apparently it was more than the ride was worth but I didn’t care.

It’s just money.

Money is replaceable.

Maven isn’t.

The lady at the reception counter told me to fill out a bunch of paperwork and that I’d be notified shortly for visitation. I growled quietly but starting filling out the blanks on the form as fast as I could.

Tyler hadn’t said a word to me after tackling me to the ground. I was glad because I’d probably say something rude to him and regret it later. He sat down in the rigid plastic chair next to me and watched me fill out the forms in my barely legible script.

I rose to give the clipboard back to the receptionist but Tyler beat me to it. I waited for an hour before I was allowed to see Maven.

Quinton, Max, Knox, and Teela were crowding the small area in the hospital’s lobby around Tyler and I.

“Ms. Teller?” a male called out.

“Right here,” Teela and I said in unison as we practically ran over to the doctor.

“Maven’s in critical condition. She had an abnormal amount of drugs in her system. Why would she try to O.D. without a drug abuse record?” asked the doctor. He waved our whole group into Maven’s room.

“She wouldn’t,” Max said. He was being stubborn about his theory that Maven had been blackmailed into doing it.

“Max’s right. Someone wanted Maven to die,” snapped Teela. She pulled out the drug bottle and said, “Run the prints.”

“Smart woman,” said Quinton as he grabbed the covered pill bottle and dumped it into a nearby plastic bag.

“It was actually Max,” I retorted. Teela glared at me and her eyes flashed in fury.

Uh oh.

“Listen Doc, did you fix Maven or not? Get to the bloody point,” Teela said in a deadly quiet voice.

“Well, she’s stable but if she’s exposed to that much oxycontin again, she won’t make it,” said the doc. He pulled me aside to ask me questions about Maven’s health history. When he turned to put the pen back, I snapped a picture of his clipboard with the drug results and his analysis of Maven’s health.

That brought a reaction out of Knox who smirked at me in approval. Tyler was still on silent mode and Quinton was whisper yelling at someone on the phone down the hall.

Teela and I shared a look. “Was the intent to kill or to maim?” I asked, trying to look innocent and meek.

I cued Teela by batting my eyelashes who started her own waterworks.

“Please Doc, just tell us what’s going on. Can’t you show us the records of the patient who was prescribed the oxycontin? Pretty please?” Teela sobbed, trying to look hysterical.

Her tears were real but the real Teela was never hysterical. Not now and not ever. Max caught onto what was going on and decided to chime in a couple of seconds later.

“Sorry Ms. Teller, patient confidentiality is actually important here,” the doc responded as he continued rifling through his files.

Apparently, Maven would be kept in extensive care for a couple of days to make sure she doesn’t “relapse.” It was clear the doctor thought that we were full of shit when we said she didn’t take drugs.

“Can I get my physical done while I’m here? I’ve lived in an orphanage for most of my life but last year, they forgot to give me my shots and do my bloodwork,” Max said with a pout.

“Sure, I’ll take you up to the counter to get you set up while I grab Maven’s prescription,” said the doc. Max turned subtly and flashed me a thumbs up.

Teela and I rolled the doctor’s laptop into Maven’s room quickly.

“You know what you’re about to do is illegal right?” Knox warned us. His muscles were straining against his shirt and his jaw ticked as he watched us.

Tyler stood outside the room to keep watch but wouldn’t say a word.

He’s mad at me. That’s fine. Right now, Maven is a priority.

Teela glanced at me for permission and I nodded.

She typed in the name from the patient’s pill bottle into the hospital’s database. I tossed her my phone and she took snapshots on every page of Dakota Lee’s medical history.

“He’s coming guys,” Knox hissed at Teela and me.

“Shit! Just shut the tabs Teela!” I whispered. By now, my blood pressure must’ve gone through the roof.

“It’s frozen,” she hissed back at Knox.

“I’ll stall him. Figure it out or shut the whole thing down,” I said as I walked out of Maven’s room. Knox kept an eye on Teela and an unconscious Maven.

I slipped past Tyler and swiped at my watery eyes but I forced a smile onto my face and swayed my hips as I walked over to the doctor.

Quinton paused in his whisper rant to suspiciously stare at me and I could feel Tyler’s glare burning holes into my head.

Not my problem.

I squinted at his nametag and channeled my inner Marilyn Monroe. The Doc’s name was apparently Tristan Schuler. He wasn’t eye candy but he certainly wasn’t fugly either. He was bald but he was still young for his age.

I pranced up to him and rested my hand on his buff arm.

I batted my lashes and said, “Do you want to go out for a coffee sometime?”

Tristan was baffled by my sudden change in mood but responded, “Yes hopefully next weekend, I’ll see you soon?”

I nodded and noticed Knox cueing me to cut it out because Teela had worked her magic.

“For sure, baby,” I cooed and kissed the doctor on his cheek.

Internally, I gagged because I was half of his age but I didn’t wipe my lips.

Anything for Maven.

Instead, I grabbed his phone that he extended to me and programmed my number into it. My number was correct except for the last digit.

"It's a date," Tristan said and I nodded again. This time, I got out of his way so he could go into the room.

"Why's my laptop cart inside the room?" he asked and everybody froze.

"The janitor wanted to clean up but your cart was in the way so he told us to move it," Knox said.

Tristan the 40-year-old doc nodded in acceptance. He handed me a referral for Maven's prescription and diet once she was released from the hospital.

"Visiting hours end at 11:30 pm tonight. There will be another nurse who'll come to make sure that Maven is okay. Your friend is down the hall, getting his bloodwork done. You guys can leave when you're ready," he said as he rolled his cart out of the room.

Teela and I high-fived each other at our slyness.

"Teamwork bitch," Teela said with a smirk.

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