Too Tasty

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What's the Plan?

"Visiting hours are almost over. Please wrap up your visit and proceed to the exit before 11:30 pm," said a voice through the loudspeaker.

Teela and I were standing next to Maven. She looked so fragile. There were so many tubes sticking out of her and I just couldn't bear to look at her.

"Do you think she'll be okay?" Teela asked as she ran a hand through her dyed hair.

"I hope so. All I know is that whoever did this to her is going to face my wrath. I've already contemplated several methods of maiming him or her. Run that shithead over with my racecar, punch him until he blacks out, etc," I deadpanned.

Teela cringed because she knew I was being serious.

"Do you think Seth is behind this? Nowadays, he's been awfully quiet. It's like he's setting a trap and luring us into it," Teela pondered.

Well said, Teela.

I glanced behind me and saw that Knox, Tyler, and Quinton were in a heated debate. I could only hear a few words but I decided to rip the bandage off.

"What do I deserve to know?" I said, parroting Knox's words. I heard Teela shift from Maven's bedside as she walked towards me.

"Tell her Quinton," Knox prodded and Tyler nodded.

"It wasn't Max who set the diner on fire. It was Seth, Max's cousin brother," Quinton forced out. I released the breath I was holding and tried to form a response.

Teela and I knew something was off anyways. It's only a matter of time before daddy comes to find us.

Teela shoved past the guys and ran towards the bathroom as she clutched her stomach.

It's possible that Seth set up the whole drug overdose on Maven to make it look like she was an addict.

Suddenly Max's theory seemed plausible. What if Seth paid the pill bottle patient in exchange for dropping off a threat and the pills?

I know my dad very well. He's afraid to ruin his reputation but he'll use others to exploit what he wants from them.

No matter the cost.

My father probably ganged up with his sister Abigail to ruin our lives. Abigail was quite the drama queen and actress. She pretended to help my sisters and I but then revealed our plan to run away to our father.

She was too slow but she's the reason that I struggled to find a job. Auntie Abigail used her status to put a bad word out there tied to my name but not my father's.

I snarled in contempt as I remembered that bitch from Hell.

I need to do something fast before he gets to Teela.

"Say something Karina," Knox demanded from me. I was staring off into blank space because I was lost in my own thoughts.

"Let's go. I'll come back tomorrow," I said, snapping out of my own headspace.

I shrugged off Quinton's attempt to squeeze my hand and walked towards Teela who had a sheen of sweat covering her face.

"What's the plan?" she whispered to me.

"We have those pictures. I'm going to track down that bastard who probably gave Maven those pills and then we'll confront our father," I responded.

Teela paled but accepted my answer. "What about the guys? They won't let you do anything like that," she asked as she leaned on me to walk towards the exit.

Max was already in the lobby waiting for us to leave.

"That's why we won't tell them. Let's finish this, once and for old time's sake. For Maven," I whispered to her.

Little did Teela know that I'd let her help me track that asshole down but not confront our dad.

Max walked over to Teela and grabbed me in a bro-sis hug but gave Teela a longer hug.

"Max, thank you for staying. It was very kind and mature of you," I said with a bit of pride.

"That's what a brother is for Kari," said Max with a cheeky grin.

I couldn't return his enthusiasm, let alone muster a smile.

I rubbed my eyes to stay awake as I waited for the rest of the guys to catch up.

"You guys can head home. Teela, Max, and I will take an Uber home. Max, you can sleep over if you want. It's late anyhow," I said. Max's face lit up and it brought a small smile onto Teela's face.

"That's not a good idea. Especially after everything that just happened," said Quinton. His eyes were pretty bloodshot and his voice was off because he'd been yelling at someone on the phone for a while.

I shrugged and said, "Thanks for everything Quinton."

"I'll take Max, Teela, and Knox home with me. Tyler will take the uber to your apartment and stay the night. It's not safe for you to be alone right now. I'll message you all once I've got more info on the pills. Stay safe Karina," Quinton answered. I walked over to him and squeezed his hand in gratitude. He returned the gesture.

Everybody except Tyler and I were standing in the lobby waiting for the uber. I had memorized the license plate number so that I wouldn't get into the wrong car.

I shivered from the cold and realized that I'd left my jacket at home.

Tyler continued his silent streak as he glanced at me. I wondered how well he could see without his navy blue glasses.

I walked out of the double doors and saw the Nissan Uber pull up to the parking lot. I climbed into the back seat and Tyler settled next to me.

I could feel his leg heat next to mine and I knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to me. I could pack a mean punch but against several goons, I wouldn't stand a chance.

I yawned quietly and leaned into the door for a quick nap. The ride was only a couple minutes long but I doubted I'd be able to sleep after knowing that Teela and I were being targeted.

Fifteen minutes later, I felt someone lift me bridal style. When we finally reached my apartment room, I could make out Teela's form and Max's bright outfit but my eyes were bleary with sleep.

I clung onto whoever was holding me because I was comfy and warm despite the cool weather.

My last thought before falling asleep was hoping that all of my friends would stick around. After all, they'd be missing out on my baked treats if they left.

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