Too Tasty

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If it had been Knox

---Sunday Morning---

The sunlight filtered through my living room windows and caused me to flinch from the sudden brightness change.

I stiffened when I felt someone's arms around my upper back and waist. Slowly, I untangled myself from his chest to rub my eyes so I could wake up.


Oh yeah, the shitstorm from yesterday. I remember. I have work to do. Fuck laundry and grocery shopping. I have more important business.

I didn't want to leave Ty's body heat but my snooping wouldn't do itself. I hoisted my legs off of the massive armchair but wasn't fast enough because Tyler's eyelids flashed open.

I didn't brush my teeth last night so I wanted to make sure I did that first. But letting me go didn't seem to be Tyler's plan. Instead, he took my hands and planted them around his neck. He grabbed my legs and draped them across the armchair again.

I stared into his blue eyes and waited for him to say something. But he didn't and it was driving me crazy.

He should just tell me that he's pissed at me and get it over with. Just do it Ty. Break me so that I can focus on Maven and use my pain to help me.

I guess it's my turn to make a move. As much as it pained me to, I undid his precise actions and headed upstairs for a shower.

Once I finished showering and freshening up, I walked over to Teela's room and knocked.

Max was probably sleeping on the floor or near her. He's not the type to leave anyone completely alone. Good on him.

She mumbled a response and I said, "Breakfast in twenty minutes. Better hurry."

I slowed my descent down the stairs and braced myself for Tyler to be gone from the living room.

I didn't see him lying on the armchair anymore so I frowned but walked into the kitchen to prepare some tea and waffles.

If he left, that's good because he'll be safer away from me than with me.

I heard the downstairs toilet running and turned to see Tyler walking towards me. His crumpled shirt sleeves were rolled up and I saw that I had actually injured him when he and I were wrestling on the grass yesterday.

A wave of guilt crashed into me.

That was my fault. But I couldn't help myself. What if that had been his brother Knox?

Tyler settled on a chair at the dining table and I walked over to him with a steaming cup of green tea and a plate of strawberry waffles.

He still didn't say a word to me.

"Tyler, let me clean those scrapes please," I asked softly. I twisted the spatula in my hand nervously as I waited for his reaction. He dug into his waffles and ignored my request.

Silence. Complete, utter silence.

I lowered the heat of the waffle maker and walked over to the small supply closet in the bathroom. I grabbed peroxide and cotton swabs so that I could fix his arms. Those scrapes were red and probably hurt a lot.

My heart hammered in my chest as I walked over to Tyler and rested my cold hand on his right arm. I wet the cotton swab with peroxide and started dabbing at his scrapes. It lasted for a split two seconds before he pushed away from me.

He pried the swabs from my fingers and callously dabbed at his arm for a second just to mock me. "Congrats! You've successfully pushed everyone away."

Tyler grabbed his wallet and headed straight for the front door without looking back.

"If it hadn't been Maven, and it had been Knox, wouldn't you have done the same?" I asked. I couldn't keep quiet while he walked out. It felt like goodbye.

"Actually no Karina. I would've just asked my friends who were around me at the moment for help," Tyler snapped as he quietly shut the door.

I stared at the closed door but pasted a smile onto my face when I heard Max clomp down the stairs.

"I smell waffles. Yummy!" shrieked Max.

I did what I had to Tyler. One day you might understand.

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