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There's No Escape

“I’m in Colorado. But you already knew that. I saw Seth tailing me on the train ride to Boulder,” I said. I scowled as I spoke to my father.


“Very good. I’ll meet you there in a couple of hours. Stay at the lodge near the Rocky Mountains. Seth will follow you there,” he said with a cackle.

I hissed in annoyance and ended the call. I saw Quinton face timing me and frowned as I saw that Seth was watching me.

“Hey Quinton,” I said.

“Heyyy Karina, how’s the train ride going?” he asked as he scribbled down notes on some paper.

“Well, it’s going,” I said with a forced laugh. He looked up at me and eyed me.

“Text me when you get there. Mario said he’ll miss you. I’ll miss my favorite baker!” Quinton said with a grin.

“I’ll miss you all too,” I said and waved goodbye.


My father had flown out to Colorado with his private plane and took us to an extremely hot location at my request. I chose Barbados, Caribbean Islands because why not?

If I was stuck with a monster, I might as well be near a beach.

Surprisingly, my father didn’t question me because as a kid, I’d always loved the hot weather. Ironic how he remembered that but often forgot to buy proper groceries for our household.

All of my electronic devices were tapped and I couldn't go anywhere without having a set of guards with me.

It was awkward when I went to the bathroom.

Sheesh, I couldn't even piss my guts out in peace.

I was lying on a beach chair while reading a book when my father came closer to me. The hair on my arms stood up and I tensed when I saw his eyes grow colder when he looked at me.

“Good news Karina, you’re getting married!” he shouted. There wasn’t a single soul around because my father had bought his own private beach house which was really more of a fortress.

I slammed my book down and rose. “To fucking whom?” I asked as calmly as I could. I didn’t want him to hit me or do anything painful to me.

“The jail warden’s son, Luthor. He’s around your age; 35 years old,” my father said, squinting in the sunlight.

I covered my gag with a cough. I was in my late twenties...the age gap was huge. That disgusted me. An arranged marriage, shit.

“That wasn’t part of the deal,” I bit out.

“I call the shots. Don’t question me or you’ll get a matching set of scars on the front of your body. I could’ve sold you for money and power but I didn’t. So be grateful,” he said as he sauntered away from me.

I shivered in fear of being carved up again and stopped talking back.

I threw up my ice cream as I replayed his words in my head.

Be grateful my ass.

I’ll never survive the marriage if the guy is an abusive or sadistic asshole.

Unless Teela and the guys figure out how to decode my message, I’m stuck here until the day I die. Running away would be futile. My father always finds me eventually.

There’s no escape.

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