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The Mysterious Blue Box

---Tuesday Morning---

Teela's POV

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning and started saving the list of numbers that Karina had left for me.

My sarcastic self had flown out the window and all I was now was extremely depressed.

I needed to call Lincoln, Tyler, Knox, and Max about the box that probably held the answers I wanted.

Knowing Karina meant that she'd be prepared and leave behind all sorts of clues. She was smart but stupid at times too.

Like the time she left the curling iron in my hair for 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES. After that, Maven and I agreed to never let her touch any hair styling tools again.

I laughed at that memory but stopped when I realized that all I had were memories of her.

I set up a conference call with the guys and I even included Max as I rolled out of bed to go to Karina's room.

I winced as my back cracked when I reached down to pull out a blue box.

Max: Teels, why are you calling at 5 am? I need my beauty sleep.

Lincoln: What's going on?

Knox: Are you okay?

I heard Tyler's voice near Knox. I guess they lived together still.

Me: I need you guys to come over to Karina's apartment. I'm not dead or dying but it's an emergency.

Knox: We're coming in 20 minutes.

Everybody else confirmed and hung up the phone.

I trudged downstairs and opened the box. I saw a letter with my name on it. My eyes watered as I read her words and saw the birthday cards for me and Maven.

Maven's letter wasn't in the box but I saw that her birthday card message was really long. Like a whole ass two pages.

The doorbell rang and I dropped the box to go open it.

Everybody was still in their PJs and waiting for me to enlighten them.

I shut the door and picked up the box from the couch. I handed each one to all of the guys and waited for them to read.

"She's not coming back is she?" Max said with a quivering chin.

I shook my head as I looked around at the guys.

"Why did she leave?" Knox asked. His eyes glittered with rage.

"Do tell, since it seems like you're the only one who knows what's going on," Lincoln said. His voice was calm and soothing but I knew he was equally pissed.

Tyler raised a brow and waited.

"She made a deal with my father. Our safety in exchange for her captivity with my father. We're never going to see her again. That bastard will take her off the grid," I said in a rushed breath.

Everybody was silent for a few minutes.

"We have to get her back," Max demanded. The look on everyone's face was either anger or sadness but also agreement.

"Let's do it," Lincoln said.

This isn't going to end well. I can already sense that. But we had to try. For Maven. Because she'd be heartbroken when she wakes up to see that Karina is gone.

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