Too Tasty

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Please Tell Me You Didn't Drink That

Knox turned his car onto Burberry Street and pulled up near the curb after an hour of us just going for a long drive to enjoy the serenity of the early morning.

I felt bursts of happiness when I was with Knox. It felt odd but good because it had been a long time since I'd ever been happy.

"I'll see you soon. By the way, Mario hired some guy named Max to help you out while he's gone. He'll be here at 9 am so don't be alarmed. I trust that you both can handle locking up tonight. I left emergency contact numbers that I'd like you to save to your phone in case you ever need anything," Knox said.

He gazed into my eyes to make sure I understood that he cared about my wellbeing. I could understand the man in front of me without him even using words.

I smiled and nodded as I swept strands of black hair out of my face.

"Will do boss," I said with a mock salute as I climbed out of his BMW.

Knox waved goodbye and drove off after handing me the diner's keys.

It was only 6 am but prepping the meals took a lot of time especially since Mario wasn't here. I'd have to do more work but that was fine because I liked what I was doing.

What I've always wondered is who the owner of the diner is. I was hired by Mario but never actually met the owner. You'd think he/she would care more about the bakery but I guess not. When you have money, some people are consumed by it and can't see anything else.

I hummed a happy tune as I chopped up vegetables and prepared meat for the day. Chopping vegetables was easy but I was still learning to use a large chef's knife so I had to make sure I didn't get distracted.

Finally, I finished all of the meal prep and set a fresh pot of coffee to brew. I was wide awake and having a good time especially since my morning with Knox was a lot of fun.

I swept the floors and glanced around the walls of the bakery. It felt like a piece of Italy was right here in the USA.

The walls were covered with Italian artwork and even the types of mini chandeliers were regal. Mario's cultural traditions left an impact on the diner and it made all of the customers feel like they were at home.

After several hours of serving customers, I glanced at the clock and frowned. Max was supposed to be here at 9 am and it was already noon.

I can't stand when people don't value time.

My father never showed up on time to take me to the one school event out of many that he ever came to. That man acted like he was bipolar and mentally deranged. One minute he was charismatic and charming but then he turned into a violent psycho.

I sat on the chair behind the cash register as people settled down to eat their meals that I'd cooked. That's when an extremely flamboyantly dressed male walked into the diner.

I chortled and tried to hold in a giggle. He was trying too hard to look like a cool gangster.

His shirt was a neon yellow color with the Nike swish across it and he was wearing black cargo pants with a metal belt that had spikes. His ensemble was complete with a black bomber jacket. The man's eyes were an odd shade of green with specks of yellow that matched his shirt while his hair was dark brown.

I watched as he walked towards me, no strutted towards me, and stuck out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Max, the new waiter," he said and I couldn't help the laugh that fell out of my mouth.

"Okay Max, I'm Karina. You're several hours late so tomorrow, I expect to see you here at 9 am sharp. So why don't you help me by wiping down the empty tables and cleaning up the kitchen surfaces? There are rags and Windex on the back shelf in the kitchen," I said.

What was Mario thinking when he hired this guy? I doubt he's ever cleaned a single table in his life, let alone used a cleaning agent like Windex.

I snickered as he emerged from the kitchen, looking confused. He held the bottle of Windex upside down and had too many washcloths in his hands.

I have my work cut out for me, don't I?

He strutted towards me and asked, "How am I supposed to use this bottle of blue water?"

Oh shit, I hope he didn't drink that. "Uh Max, please tell me you didn't drink that!" I said, panic filling my voice.

I glanced around to see if anyone was listening to our ridiculous conversation. Nope, thank God! Everyone was chilling with their coffee and apple pie.

"I did. Are you telling me that this isn't water?" Max deadpanned, his yellow-green eyes boring into mine.

My mouth dropped open and I froze.

"I should call an ambulance and you should try to throw up whatever you just drank," I snapped at Max as I scrambled to look for my phone.

I stopped moving when I heard Max laughing at me. He actually snorted too and wiped tears from his eyes.

"Wow, somebody's uptight. It was a joke sis. Jeez. I know this ain't entirely water. I was just wondering whether I was supposed to dump all of the contents on one table or several," Max said as he wiped his watery eyes.

Laugh all you want, you jerk.

"Well, it wasn't funny Max. And no, use a spray bottle. Pour a quarter of the Windex into a spray bottle that's under the kitchen sink in a basket," I answered, pissed at his actions.

Max was about to respond when I decided to cut him off. God knows what he would've said to me. My patience was running low.

"You know what, why don't you stick to just sweeping the floors for now. Can you handle that or will you try to eat the mop?" I said with a snarky tone.

"No need to get all prissy Kari. Of course, I can sweep," he said, looking amused at my reaction.

First he shows up late. Then he proves that he doesn't know how to use basic cleaning supplies. What'll be next?

"Get to it," I said as I turned to help another customer who placed his camera down near the counter where there was an open stool.

Please have mercy on my soul. I need to keep it together so I don't lose my shit with Max.

"You look like you're about to punch someone in the face. Ya good?" asked a man who seemed to be slightly older than I was.

What is with all the hot men I've been meeting lately?!

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