Bullets and Bandages:Bond of Brothers

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Bullets and Bandages:bond of brothers, has a new look and new cover, it was inspired by the true stories of a US Army Field Medic, Vietnam 68-69. Through those stories, the author was given the unique insight into the Bullets and Bandages of war. Parts of this book are also about the author's own experiences, and that time period in our history. The trials and victories of Rob and his comrades pull you into a world of survival through willpower, tenacity, and wit. Bullets and Bandages, a story of love, faith, friendship and humanity. What was it like for our military, and their time of war, as they fought together to survive in the Jungles of Vietnam.

Robert J. Saniscalchi
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Some memories exist because they are etched onto one’s mind - by fire and the anguish of true experiences, rather than by choice. I am filled with experiences from my tour of duty in Vietnam, which cannot be wiped away.

I can recall events, names and faces, as if they were right in front of me, but a short time ago. To this day, I thank the Lord in my prayers, for helping me to survive. Sometimes, I dream of the tranquil rice fields, or of the hot, steamy jungles, when everything was very quiet and peaceful. Occasionally, I dream of the men that I could not save, and of the ghastly shadows of my enemies. These images are a contradictory and discordant collage of the horror of war. I have no misgivings about what was done: I was a soldier, doing my duty for my country, in a war far away from my home.

It was a war in which our forces were not allowed to fully engage the enemy; the American military could move neither north or west, nor go on strategic offensive, to take the ground war to Hanoi or Cambodia. If I had not learned this new type of warfare, I would not have survived; it was a guerrilla war and I learned to adapt.

In time, I began to know the enemy and to anticipate his movements.My unit travelled through the jungles, in platoons, in search of Charlie (enemy forces), our nerves constantly on edge.With a little time, my platoon began to work together; we learned to think like the enemy, and to use our instincts, to fight together as a team.When the enemy would stand and fight, we fought back, until they ran.My only regret is that we could not be more aggressive - chase them down and attack them more often.Instead, the enemy would slip away into the jungle and hide.Unfortunately, I knew that, before long, those same troops would try to sneak up on us again.

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