Blood Wars

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Chapter ten: Tourniquet:

The fighting caught on. Some on both sides wanted a quicker end. They were all falling apart.

A small group of immortal were wandering around. They were lost and hungry. The group wasn't a part of the immortal army. In fact, they were neutralists. But to a vampire, immortals looked the same.

The immortal neutralists wandered ton this fort. They immediately saw hope. But sadly, it was a vampire fort. Even worse, they didn't even know it was one.

Two vampires, Sao and Kuro, were on guard duty. Sao spotted the group from a distance.

"Kuro!" he whispered. The other guard looked.

"Huh?" he said.

"Shh!" Sao whispered.

"Look," Kuro complied. The immortals were coming closer.

"What should we do?" Kuro asked.

Sao thought about it for a moment. Then said, "Let's kill them."

"Right!" Kuro replied.

The immortal neutralists made it to the gate. Sao and Kuro stood still.

"Excuse me," the leader of the group said. Kuro looked up. "My crew and I are lost and we need food..."

"We have plenty of food here!" Kuro spoke up. The leader's eyes lit up.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yep," Sao replied. The group was overjoyed.

"Thank you!" a woman yelled.

"Come with us." Sao said. The immortal neutralists followed the guards, walking into a trap. They all walked to the volt. There, the trap set off. Sao and Kuro killed the group without any mercy. Afterwards, the guards told the army the neutralists were a secret militia send to attack the base. And the vampires completely believed them!

When the immortals heard the news, they were enraged. The whole army swore revenge to the fallen neutralists.

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