Blood Wars

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Frozen Blood

Chapter Eleven: Frozen Blood:

Winter set in. The snow came down hard. But not enough to cover the sickening scent of blood. Yes! The war was still going on. The winter just made conditions even worse. The food supply was running low for the immortals and for the vampires and their blood supply. Both sides were even low on weapons. The wars seemed to taking their toll.

Living proof of this was the battle at Sargo fort. The ban was cold and harsh. A blizzard had started to form and was on its way. A small group of immortal soldiers had captured a vampire fort and killed 7,000 of the enemy. Now, the soldiers had set up camp there.

However, seventy-two of the 7,000 dead vampires were still alive. They had been hiding in a cave for the past three days since the attack. Boy! We're soldiers the pissed! As a matter of fact, the vampire soldiers had been plotting revenge.

On December nineteenth, the plot fell into action. Ironically, the vampires' plan was... how should I put this? Sadly inadequate. Here's the proof.

First off, the weather wasn't on their side. The blizzard had grown worse since this morning. The only thing one could see was, well.... snow. And the wind wasn't helping at all. But the vampires weren't giving up. Sad to say it was a huge mistake.

The second problem was direction. How the vampires failed on that was they let Shizo lead the way. Shizo a good fighter but the vamp was a complete egotist with a huge mouth! He would get into fights with not only the other students but the leading officers. Naomi and the others would punish Shizo but they needed him to win the war. There was nothing they could do with him.

"Are you sure this is the right way?" one of the other vampires asked.

"Sure!" Shizo yelled. "This is the way we found that rusty old place!"

"But we set traps along that way to keep those pigs away, remember?" a wise old vampire called back. Shizo laughed.

"Don't worry old man!" he yelled. "We know where the tarps are! So walking through the path will be easy!"

That would be the end of Shizo's huge mouth. Because during a blizzard, it snows so hard that one cannot see too well. And that's exactly what happened. The vampires walked blindly into their own deadly traps they had set for the immortals. As a result, sixty vampires were lying dead along the path. The remaining twelve had to process. Shizo's followers glared angrily at him.

"It was a little mistake." Shizo said. Then they kept on.

Lack of rest was another problem. As a result, half of the vampires burned away by the sun for they wandered away. Now, six vampires remained.

It took Shizo and his crew three days to walk to the fort. In the end, only Shizo himself remained.

Shizo made it to the fort. Unfortunately for him, the immortals were watching the whole thing. So they seized him and killed him. Thus, eliminating the problem on both sides!

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