Blood Wars

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The Flames

Chapter two: The Flames:

In late January, Lena's clan came to the castle of Hang and looted it. Then they vandalized the castle and set it on fire. Lucky for Hang and her family, they weren't harmed. But the flames were all ready started. Hang's mother decided to have justice brought to them.

So the next night, Hang's clan held a trial against the dead vampire's clan. Every immortal and vampire was a witness. The trial took days and days. It was really cheap too. The case didn't focus completely on the vandalism. It revolved around past crimes against Hang's family. The immortals were pleased with how the trial was handled. But the vampires were out raged. The trial was long and hard. But in the end, Hang's family won their case and Lena's was executed.

Such verdict angered all vampires everywhere. The case was unfair and was just a way to revenge. Something had to be done. It was time for a revolution. But who would lead them?

Two lady vampires, Naomi and Midori, decided to lead the vampires against the immortals and drive them out of Japan

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