Blood Wars

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Spy Games

Chapter three: Spy Games:

The vampires held secret meetings underground. The meetings were about the revenge for the immortals. This plan was to be big!

"My fellow blood drinkers!" Naomi said aloud. "Our enemy is the immortals! For centuries, we have kept our hatred to ourselves. We have been their scapegoats for too long! But, now is the time to take revenge! Stand up and drive the pigs away!"

"Yeah!" the followers yelled.

"We will attack on the Harvest Night!" Midori screamed.

"Yeah!" they all screamed.

But within the dark walls, Mai, a young immortal, heard the whole plot. I've got to save my people, she thought. Then Mai rushed out of the walls and up to the countryside.

Mai warned all of the immortals of the soon-to-be battle. The immortals called a meeting of their own. Sango was their leader.

"The savages are moving against us!" Sango yelled. "Will we take it?"

"No!" the immortals yelled.

"We will fight back on the Harvest Night!" Sango shouted.

"Yeah!" the followers yelled. The vampires had sent a spy to spy on the enemy. Once he heard everything, he fled back to the vampires.

For weeks, the two enemies sent spies on each other. Some were caught and killed. One of the vampires spies was even dragged through streets in noon dead behind a horse by Sango. The vampires responded by taking hostage of one of the immortal spies, beheaded him, and drink his blood dry. And to top it off, they dismantled the body and sent the limbs back to the immortals. When they saw this, the immortals knew the "Blood Wars" had begun.

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