Blood Wars

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Harvest Night

Chapter four: Harvest Night:

On April 7th, the harvest had began. The day was normal but the ban would make history.

Both sides were ready to fight. It was only a matter of time. Soon, the sun set and the immortals moved to the east. And at night, the vampires moved to the west. The two enemies met in the middle. Sango, Naomi, and Midori came to each other face to face.

"You have ten seconds to retreat." Midori said to Sango.

"Never!!!" Sango snapped.

"So be it!" Naomi barked.

Sango drew out her kantana and immortals began to attack. The vampires just smirked. They had axes behind their backs. The plan was to behead as many immortals as possible. One immortal boy saw this.

"Sango!" he yelled. "Look out for their--" Sango turned, but it was too late. A vampire had beheaded the boy. Sango was enraged. Naomi grinned and pulled out her ax. The immortal dodged her in time and flew into the battle. The vampire flew after her.

The battle raged on. Little kids were even fighting long and hard. Sango's third older brother was even beheaded and hacked into pieces. The immortal leader felt pain and anger, but kept fighting.

But soon, the battle would be cut short. The sun began rising. The vampires hissed and ran off. The immortals just snickered. Some looked around. More vampires were dead than immortals. So the army just piled the dead vampires on top of each other and left them to rot.

But as they were burying their dead, the immortals heard a loud crackle.

"Sango!" the voice yelled. The leader looked up.


"You may have won the battle!" the vampire leader yelled. "But you haven't won the war!"

Then the crackling faded away.

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