Blood Wars

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Sakura Dance

Chapter five: Sakura Dance

Not long after the first battle, another one took place. But, this one was a more personal battle. Hideki, one of Sango's high generals and her lover, was invited to a duel in an abandoned field. Sango tried to talk him out of it, but with no success.

"Dear," Hideki said to her. "I will return by morning." Then he headed out. But fate had other plans.

Cain, the vampires' general, was awaiting him. He had set a huge trap. Cain's ax was ready and waiting. I'll cripple Sango so much, that she falls to her knees!

Cain was polishing his ax when he heard footstep coming. The target's here, he thought. So the vampire flew out to the battle field.

Hideki stepped onto the battle field. He slowly looked around. The sakura petals glistened in the moonlight. It was like a dream. But he kept his guard.

"The enemy is crafty" he had been told. Hideki was definitely alert and ready to kill.

Then, he heard footsteps. Hideki had his hands on his kantana. The enemy was near. Hideki was ready. At last, Cain arrived to immortal opponent. He was dressed for battle. Both men said nothing.

"Any last words?" Cain asked Hideki. The immortal smirked. "Do you have any last?" he asked the vampire. Cain grinned. This will be over quickly! Hideki heard him.

"Don't be so sure of yourself." he said with a grin.

And so, the battle started. Hideki made the first move by charging at Cain. The vampire disappeared. The immortal paused and looked around. Then, he sensed someone coming up from behind.

It's him, Hideki thought. But before he could do anything, Cain struck the immortal hard onto the back with his wooden kantana. Hideki fell face down to the ground.

From then on, fate was against Hideki. Cain had most injured him badly, but there were some turn-arounds. Hideki managed to do some damage to Cain. But in the end, Cain defeat Hideki by beheading him.

The next morning, Hideki's head and body were sent back to Sango. When she saw her dead lover, the leader was enraged with sorrow.

"They will pay!" she screamed. "They will pay!"

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