Blood Wars

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Darkness of Edo

Chapter six: Darkness of Edo:

From then on, the blood wars grew worse. The days may have been peaceful, but the nights were blood-filled. Everywhere one looked a slaughter fest was everywhere. But only at night. However the vampires' tactics would change.

This occurred April 12th. It was a cloudy day and a small group of immortals were returning from training in the forest when one of them sensed something. He stopped and turned around.

"Guys," he said. The others paused and turned.

"What is it?" another soldier asked.

"It's them!" the first one replied.

"Don't be ridiculous!" a third one spoke up. "They only fight when the sun's not out."

"But... the sun's....not out." the first one argued.

And sure enough, five female vampires began flying down to them. They were armed with axes and katanas. The trainees prepared for battle.

One thing was for sure, the trainees got their first real battle. They hadn't eaten yet, so their powers were weakened some. Plus, their holy water supply was low. The lady vampires seemed to have the upper hand.

Ah! But the immortals had secret on their side. They would use that last.

Overall, the battle seemed even. About two or three immortals were dead. More were wounded. The lady vampires were injured as well. But they needed to be finished off. And right now at that.

"Okay guys!" the leader yelled. "Bring it out!" The trainees nodded. They opened their bags and pulled it out. One of the lady vampires saw it.

"Stakes!" she exclaimed. The girls grew worried.

"Ready?" the leader asked. The trainees were prepared.

"Attack!" the leader yelled. The trainees complied.

By the end of the battle, the lady vampires were dead. The immortals took their bodies back to Sango. She hung them on the immortal fort.

When the vampires found out, they were enraged. They swore revenge for the ladies.

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