Blood Wars

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Summer Slaughter

Chapter seven: Summer Slaughter:

Spring changed into summer. The Blood Wars dragged on. More and more were dying every day. The wars weren't going as planned. Most expected it to end before summer began. But the wiser ones knew better.

The vampires were bored with their strategies. They wanted something new. One vampire would the answer.

Sanju, a major in the vampire army, was out wandering around the forest one night when he found the answer. He found a young bathing in the lake. Her beauty captured his lust. Sanju became hungry. I want her blood, he thought. So, the vampire began to creep over to the woman. But this was no ordinary lady.

As she bathed, the woman heard a sound. She grew nervous. Someone's watching me! she thought. The woman looked around.

Sanju could sense her heart pounding in fear. He grinned with satisfaction. This will be a sweet kill, Sanju thought. When he got in view, the woman panicked. She leapt up and ran. Sanju flew and up gave way to chase.

Sanju chased the woman through the woods. Then, the woman paused. There is no other way out! She began to change form. However, Sanju stabbed her in the back with his dragger. The creature fell over dead. Sanju took a good look at her. A hynes, he thought. Then he remembered the rumor about the hynes blood dragger and how it could kill an immortal. But it had never been tested. Sanju decided to test this for himself.

The next night, another battle broke out. It looked like a close one. Sanju waited with excitement. One of the more powerful immortal generals moved close to attack him. The vampire grinned. Here he comes, he thought. Then as fast as lighting Sanju stabbed the general in the chest with his new hynes blood dragger. The general froze stiff and died. Everyone stopped fighting and stared at Sanju and the dead general. The vampire said nothing. It works!

So impressed were the vampires by Sanju's new weapon that they asked him to make more. He gladly complied. The vampires' fighting skills changed drastically with their new weapon.

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