Blood Wars

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Lusting Blood

Chapter eight: Lusting Blood:

The war seemed as long as the summer. But not all the kills were on the battlefield. Yes, sir. Some were just for the food. Vampires would take out immortals left and right for their blood. The immortals couldn't take this. They to find a way to stop this. And one, (actually three), immortals would accidentally have the answer.

The immortals, Isao, Izo, and Sakamae, were out resting in the woods after a long battle. Sakamae decided to take a bath.

"Guys," she said. The boys looked up.

"Where's the nearest lake from here?" Sakamae asked. Both boys didn't know how to answer. They had a huge crush on her. And well, how would you respond to someone you had a crush on?

"One and a half miles from here," Isao answered quickly. He was always the outgoing one of the two brothers. His younger brother, Izo, was shy and always looked up to him. Izo wanted to be just like him.

"Thank you," Sakamae said as she bowed down. Then she hurried down the road.

"What an angel," Izo said in a dreamy tone of voice. But Isao was more clear-headed at the moment.

"We should follow her," he said. Izo looked at his brother.

"But Isao!" he protested. "Sakamae might think we're perverts if she sees us!"

"Better she think that way than her dead," his brother responded.

Izo thought for a moment, then said, "All right." Isao nodded and the two boys followed the trail of their female companion.

The lake was lovely by the moonlight. Sakamae was enjoying the warm water and the warm natsu breeze. The boys hid behind some willow trees. Sakamae looked like a heavenly angel in the moon's light. Izo couldn't take his eyes off of her. Neither could Isao, but they realized their duty and got back into focus.

Sakamae didn't seem to notice a thing. She was focusing on her bath. The boys would have watched on scot-free. If Izo hadn't slipped on some slick mud and fell into the water, dragging Isao along with him. Both fell in with a huge splash. Sakamae whipped around in shock. She saw the brothers staring at her.

"Uh...hi Sakamae..." Izo said weakly. All that came from her was a violent scream.

Nearby, a vampire soldier was scouting the area when her heard Sakamae screaming. A woman! The vampire used his senses to track her. An immortal woman with two immortals boys! And they are near by! And with that, the vampire rushed off to kill and feast on them.

Isao and Izo tried to quiet their companion down. Finally, Isao covered Sakamae's mouth.

"What are you doing here?!" she asked sharply.

"We were just trying to protect you." Isao whispered back.

"By spying on me?!" she asked.

"Never mind that," the older brother snapped. "We need to get out of here!"

But before the trio could move, they heard something rustling in the trees. They all paused.

"What was that?" Izo asked.

"I don't know." Isao answered. The three immortals looked around. Something or someone was with them. But who or what?Isao soon caught on.

"Izo." he whispered. His younger brother looked at him.

"What?" he asked. "Take Sakamae and go somewhere safe." Isao commanded.

"But what about you?" Izo asked.

"I'll be fine! Just do what I say!" his older brother yelled.

"All right," the young boy said. He turned to the girl.

"Let's go Sakamae!" he said.

"Right," she said. Then the duo started heading out. Isao looked up.

"All right you!" he yelled. "Come on you blood luster! Come out and fight me!"

And with that, the vampire leapt out. He looked hungry. Isao drew out his stake.

"A challenge." the vampire hissed. "How cute! I'll take it!" Isao glared at him with despite.

"Come and get it!" he yelled.

And there, the battle began. At first, Isao seemed to have the upper hand. But Sakamae caught on to the plot.

"Isao! Look out for his dagger!" she cried. The young man didn't turn around. But he nodded.

Despite all efforts, the vampire won the battle with one stab in the back of Isao's right shoulder with his hyne's blood dagger. Sakamae and Izo watched in horror. However, Isao would have the last laugh.

The vampire picked up the young immortal's body and sank his fangs into his neck. But no sooner did he do so, he was met by a bitter surprise. Instead of the sweet taste of blood the vampire sought for, the bitter taste of gaul filled his mouth. The vampire grew sick with disgust and flew off. Sakamae and Izo stood there lost.

"What just happened?" Sakamae asked.

"I don't know," Izo said. Then they walked over to Isao's dead body. Now what?

The duo decided to take the body back to the camp. On the way, Izo decided something else.

"Sakamae," he said to her on the trail.

"Yes Izo?" she asked.

The boy swallowed hard and said, "I like you Sakamae. I really like you." Sakamae blushed.

"So do I." she said. Izo felt much better.

At the camp, the duo explained the whole story to Sango. She too was puzzled and demanded a test run done on the body.

As it turns out, the lake had a rare substance called mica in it and had gotten into Izao's, Izo's, and Sakamae's blood through their pores. The physicians were so impressed with this discovery that they requested that every immortal have mica in their blood for protection. Sango agreed.

So the next morning, every immortal bathed in the mica lake. A spy of the vampires saw all of this and reported it to them. The vampires were enraged.

"I will kill you Sango!" Naomi swore. "Along with your whole army!"

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