Blood Wars

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Blood and Leaves

Chapter nine: Blood and Leaves:

Fall arrived. The wars were still going on. The smell of blood grew stronger. Most battles ended in a stalemate. But one battle would speed things up.

It happened on the day now known as Halloween. The moon was new. Three young sergeants, Honda, Eichi, and Kobo were wandering the night. They were bored and sick of not getting the recognition they deserved. But soon that would all change.

On this very path, Midori was resting in the countryside. She wasn't aware of the sergeants' presence. So all seemed normal.

Midori was resting in the hot springs. The boys were walking there. Then, Honda stopped in his tracks.

"Guys," he said in a low voice. His two friends stopped.

"What is it Honda?" Kobo asked.

"Smell that?" Honda asked. The other two boys smiled the air. They fell stunned.

"A vampire!" Eichi gasped. "A strong one at that!"

"Yeah." Honda said. "What should we do?"

Then, Kobo had an idea. "Let's kill them," he said. His two companions eyed him.

"You can't be serious!" Eichi yelped.

"Think about it," Kobo went on. "If it's a powerful vampire and we kill it, we'll get the recognition we deserve, get it?" Honda and Eichi thought about it for a moment. Then they finally agreed.

The sergeants followed the trail to the hot springs. They found Midori relaxing in the water. She was a lovely site to see. Her sea green her was like a waterfall. The boys were overtaken. But they overcame it.

Honda, Eichi, and Kobo split apart. They each took different sides up top. Kobo nodded to the other two. They nodded back.

Honda threw a deep red rose below to the water. Midori saw it and picked the flower up. She looked above her. No one was there. But Midori knew, someone was there.

Then, the Eichi and Kobo pulled a bamboo covering overhead. Midori looked around in bewilderment. She was powerless and unarmed. There was no escape for Midori.

"Now!" Honda yelled telepathically. The three of them jumped down to the ground. Honda, Eichi, and Kobo began stabbing the walls of the their trap with steaks. They kept stabbing thirteen times each more brutally than the last.

Finally, they stopped. Honda, Eichi, and Kobo opened the door. Midori lie dead in the water. They had done it! They had killed the second commander of the vampire army.

The sergeants dragged the body back to the immortal army. The boys got high praise for their kill for once. They were even promoted to the next rank.

When Naomi heard the news, she was devastated. Midori was like her younger sister. Now, she was dead at the hands of three kids.

"Sango!" Naomi yelled. "You took my best friend! Now you will join her!"

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