Fighting Fire

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Chapter 10

Athena’s POV

Tonight had been fun, after checking out a couple of the bars and finding them rather sparse save a few drunk regulars, I had ended up at a bar/nightclub called ‘Della Luna’. I had been directed straight in by the bouncer, drank some good whiskey, even busted out some of my old bartending tricks. The poor kid behind the bar must have been relatively new, and had been stund when the bar was overrun by customers suddenly needing refills. Before I had started fighting in the underground circuit, before my father had… had… Never mind that, I just understood being short staffed and decided to help out.

After all was said and done, I made the kid some extra money, drank for free & even got a job offer. Although the head bartender seemed nice, and was apparently willing to pay, I declined his offer. I didn’t need the money, and all my time should be focused on the underground circuit if I ever wanted to make any progress finding out who… You know what, I’m not going there right now, not on a good night.

Sighing I pull my car into the garage, and there goes my good mood. It never lasts long, especially when all thoughts revolve back to that night. Brushing it off the best I can, I lock up the garage and then proceed to lock up the rest of my house once inside. It’s 1 o’clock in the morning, and my first class is at 7 a.m. I know I won’t be able to sleep right away, so I figure I’ll get a jump start cleaning my room before crashing. Who needs a full eight hours anyway.

All too soon I am jolted awake by my incessant alarm. Groaning I roll onto my back, I just have to get through today and then I have the weekend. Man was I glad that my first week at this new school only consisted of two days, because bruised ribs and jerky football players were not a good combination. So, after a hot shower, makeup for the remainder of my bruises, and finding the cleanest of the dirty clothes I had, I jumped in my car to grab coffee & a donut before class.

Eric’s POV

“Friday, my favorite of all days,” I sigh dramatically.

“You know I think you’re the first person ever to like fridays!” Alex holds his hand up to his heart in mock shock, then lowers it and scoffs shaking his head. “You are such a drama queen.”

Chuckling in return, I smile at my best friend, “Well can we at least agree today will be boring since Williams is suspended?”

“That, I believe we could agree on…” “Could” I ask, stepping into our first class and looking back at him awaiting an explanation but only being met with a smile. “So weird,” shaking my head, I turn towards our regular seats and immediately understand what he had meant.

In the same seat as yesterday sits Athena Williams, as if nothing had happened. Her fiery locks were braided off to the side of her head and her makeup was toned down since yesterday, more natural with just a hint of winged eyeliner. She wore a v-neck t-shirt, the color of her eyes, that had begun to slide off her shoulder revealing some of the dark grey lace that covered her chest. The front of the shirt was tucked into a pair of high waisted black cargo pants that fit like a second skin, and in turn the pants are pushed into the same black combat boots from the day before. She sits there absentmindedly, reading her books and tapping her foot to her music, unaware of my entrance.

Stumbling, I catch my footing, and realize that Alex had grabbed my sleeve pulling me towards my seat with a satisfied smile on his face. “You might want to wipe your mouth before she sees the drool,” he whispers mockingly.

“Fuck off,” I groan shaking off his hand. Once he turns back around and takes a seat, I pretend to stretch while secretly wiping my mouth since it was more than possible I had drooled while gazing at her. I thought I had covered it up, but I learned quickly that Alex had seen me when he erupted in loud laughter. I jumped slightly, but then regained my composure sending him an intense glare. Yet it only made him laugh harder and louder, by now he was doubled over. I. Will. Kill. Him.

Athena POV

I had made it to class early this time, even managed to read three chapters before people had started walking in. Turning up my music I continue to jamout, and read while sipping my very large iced coffee. About ten people had entered when a loud noise caught my attention, so I quickly paused my music and removed my earbuds. Turning around I see a kid doubled over in his seat, laughing his ass off. Next to him sits a very unamused Eric, meaning the red faced guy, almost on the floor, must be Alex.

Shaking my head at their antics, I start to turn back around, when instead I lock eyes with a black and blue faced football player. He is frozen in the doorway, his gang frozen behind him, and all the color drained from his face. Undoubtedly he thought I was suspended, if not expelled. Keeping eye contact, I slowly crossed my feet on top of the desk he had been sitting at yesterday. Drumming my nails on the desk, I let a sinister smile creep across my face as I watch a shiver go down his spine. Oh the glorious aftermath. Wanting to see what he’d do next, I continued to stare him down. I watch as the team kicks a group of nerds out of their chairs. Poor kids aren’t sure if they should fight for their seats or move next to me, So I remove my feet and go back to my book.

Eric’s POV

Alex finally regains his composure, gasping for breath. Meanwhile I am still pissed off and trying to burn a hole through his head with my glare. “Are you quite finished,” my teeth clench as I address the giggling moron next to me,

“For now,” He winks at me, still chuckling and taking deep breaths.

Shifting in my seat, I face the front of the classroom, where a group of football players are standing still. Issac stands at the front of the group, all the color drained from his face, making the bruises more prominent. There is no need for me to follow his gaze, I know he is shocked that Williams is here, but I look anyway. She has crossed her legs over his normal desk, and proceeded to drum her fingers as an evil smirk sits on her face. I have never seen the group of football players so terrified. Not even after the few run-ins Alex and I had with them when we had first started at the college.

Amused, I watch as the group kicks the nerds out of their seat, trying to remain as far away as they can from this particular redhead. I almost laugh out loud as I watch the nerds try and figure out their next step. Their gaze shifts from their normal bullies, the football team, to the new girl with a record. Athena slowly removes her feet and goes back to her book, signaling to the nerds that they are more welcome than the group of football players.

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