Fighting Fire

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Chapter 2

Athena POV

Groaning, I unsuccessfully rub the sun out of my eyes. Damn slatted blinds. Without thinking I roll over and stretch, only to be met with blinding pain that shoots through my body. “OH FOR FUCKS SAKE!” I don’t know how I could have forgotten, anytime I tried to move last night I was rudely awakened by the pain. Wanting nothing more than to stay in bed, I let out a long groan as I force myself up. Today is going to be a long day, so it’s time to start otherwise I would be late. Gingerly walking to the kitchen I grab another beer and two more Aleve. I don’t give a fuck that it is 6am, I need this. Chugging the rest of the bottle I leave it on the counter and walk towards a much needed hot shower.

Ten minutes later I step out and quickly dry off. After checking the clock and seeing I have an hour before my courses start, I realise I need to speed it up so I have enough time for the drive itself and a coffee stop. I’m still down about last night, and anxious about today so I’m determined to make myself feel better through the simple things. First my favorite set of black lace underwear, just cheeky enough, and beautiful against my fair skin. Next my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, strategically splattered with paint, followed by my signature combat boots which I lace up with much difficulty. Sighing I checked the clock again, ten minutes. My room is a disaster, I will have to take care of this later… Shirt, I need a shirt. Grabbing a white shirt from the top of the pile I sniff it and decided it would work. Double checking the new white wrap around my ribs, I double check making sure it’s tight enough and not visible through my shirt. Check. Quickly I grab a power bar, my school bag and my leather jacket and walk toward the garage to head out.

Thirty minutes later I pulled my car into the lot. I try so hard to ignore the looks, but it gets to me everytime. I should try harder not to attract attention, but I’m a sucker for a beautiful muscle car. My gorgeous 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429, in its black jade glory always looks fine as hell inside and out. One of my pride and joys, I smile. Grabbing my leather jacket from the passenger side seat I take a moment to admire the custom art on the backside. All in black in white, the stunning skull with a rose blooming from the empty eye socket then surrounded with the quote - “With Much Pain, Comes Great Strength” in beautiful calligraphy. Now time to face the day.

Taking the first step up the walkway, I hear the final bell ring. “Fuck me”, No matter how hard I try life is determined to pin me down. Little does life know I am a professional. Deciding to skip a stop at my locker and just carry my bag, I try to hurry to class without having to run. Every step I take sends a stab of pain towards my ribs. I had done my best to hide the bruises on my face. Good coverage and blend in a foundation, ointment on my split lip followed by a sheer chapstick, black eyeliner and mascara, and a smokey eye with just a touch of dark green on the inner corner of my eye. Pushing open the door to my new homeroom, I am met with a sea of eyes.

“You are late. Take a seat and don’t let it happen again.”

Ignoring the professor, I’m already halfway to my seat by the time he ends his sentence. Desk location - Back of room, furthest from the door and up against the window for surveillance. Sliding into the chair I grab a piece of gum and my current read, “The Book Thief”. Taking a second I look up towards the front of the classroom and jot down the assignment sighing. I know it may seem snobby, but I’m here as a formality only. I’m smart and a quick study, so I will have no problem making up for the lost time. Reaching up I grab my hairband and pull, my fiery locks tumbling down over my shoulders. There’s a wolf whistle from one row over two chairs ahead, so I raised my middle finger to flip them off and continue copying down the assignment. My teachers always “try” to maintain some form of authority, but they’ve never had a reason to test me further when my grades are this high. These professors would soon learn the same. Now that I have the assignment I move my eyes back to my book and pick up where I left off.

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