Fighting Fire

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Chapter 3

Eric POV

‘Monsters’ by The Fire and Fury blaring through my headphones. Just another day in this shithole. Walking into the classroom I throw my bag on the desk, and take a seat. Taking one earbud out I turn to my buddy in the next seat to give him a low-five and quick nod.

“Hey dude, what’s up?

“You know, same shit different day”, Alexander (Alex for Short) rolls his eyes. “I hate Mondays man, the weekends are way too short and there is way too much shit to get done at home. It’s total bullshit having to finish college, we all know I will be taking over the family business no matter what! I don’t understand what a degree is going to change, when I have been training for this since I was old enough to comprehend…”

Alex’s head falls back and I stop short of my normal rant.

He takes a deep breath before sitting up fully and slowly turning towards me, “Eric, you know I am always here to talk, hell we’ve been friends since birth… But what I can’t do is have this discussion for the millionth time!”

Taking a deep breath I looked at the floor, “Your right.”

Giving me a smile of reassurance, Alex turns back towards the front of the classroom. I offered a small smile in return and followed his lead. Realizing a couple side glances in our direction, I smirked and wink back at the normal group of girls. They giggle and blush before quickly turning around. I silently chuckle, typical.

The professor had begun talking at some point, so I replaced the earphone and proceeded to ignore the class. As a whole the college professors had given up scolding me a long time ago. As the next song on queue comes through my earbuds, I see a flash from the corner of my eye. Looking up towards the door, I see the object that has grabbed my attention.

We were ten minutes into the lecture when the door had swung open allowing perfection in combat boots to enter. There was no way not to stare, I mean every part of her needed time to be appreciated. Starting with her style, what a combination of ‘I don’t give a fuck’ & ‘fuck me’. Old army combat boots, Torn and paint splattered jeans that hugged her toned legs and slim/shapely hips. A wrinkled, obviously previously worn white t-shirt hung loosely around her form with just the front tucked in to define her waist, but dear god… A black lace bra was clearly visible through the thin white shirt, giving all who looked her way a clear view of what she had to offer. Did she not notice when she put it on? Even if she didn’t, the stares she was getting should have clued her in. Over the t-shirt she wore a leather jacket that somehow fit her like a glove, without that fake tightness. Just as her hot body didn’t disappoint, unmercifully it didn’t end there. Dark green eyes stared straight ahead, reminding me of a forest one could get lost in. Her dark makeup only enhanced her natural beauty. Yet what had originally caught my eye was her hair, Currently tied into a ponytail it reached just past her shoulders. A handful of deep reds with streaks of orange and gold lit a fire to her drawing all the attention.

Realizing I had been staring for what felt like hours, I tried to shake myself out of it. I could see that the professor was scolding her for being late, but this girl seemed to ignore him and continued to head across the classroom, her hips swaying all the way towards the back, a chair by the window. Sitting down she grabbed a book and what I’m assuming was gum out of her old bag that was covered in different pins.

Glancing at the board she jotted something down and reached towards her ponytail. With a quick yank her hair came tumbling down around her shoulders, giving the appearance of a living flame. Suddenly a loud whistle snapped me out of my trance causing me to take my earbuds out, my eyes shooting towards a group of football players sitting on the other side of the classroom closer to the new girl. Of Course it was that douche of a quarterback, Issac, that was behind the whistle. I was expecting her to turn around and smile or blush, but she didn’t. Instead, without even a glance up from her book to see who the culprit was, she raised her right hand and flipped him off. I couldn’t help but smirk, it looks like there is more fire to her than just her hair.

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